International name
Views 40
Business Tax ID 3200721639
Tax ID issue country Việt Nam
Business Registration ID vn3200721639
Company Address 29 Lê Lợi, ái Tử Town, Triệu Phong District, Quảng Trị
Company Website N/A
Business Goods, Civil Works
Form of Business Other Form
Company Establishment Date
Charter Capital
The number of workers 10
Date of registration on the Public procurement system 14/12/2023
Payment Status Not yet paid.

According to Circular 06/2021, from March 3, 2022, investors and contractors will be stopped from trading if they do not pay fees for posting information, selecting contractors, investors on the national bidding network system.
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Legal representative LÊ TỰ THẮNG
Position Director
Attached files
Enterprise scale Super small business
Last Updated 15:21 13/02/2024 - 2nd update
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1 Growing rice
2 Growing corn and other grain crops
3 Planting starchy tubers
4 Planting sugarcane
5 Planting tobacco, pipe tobacco
6 Planting trees for fiber
7 Planting oilseed plants
8 Growing vegetables, beans and flowers
9 Planting other annuals
10 Planting fruit trees
11 Planting oil-bearing fruit trees
12 Planting cashew trees
13 Planting pepper plants
14 Planting rubber trees
15 Grow coffee plants
16 Planting tea trees
17 Growing spices, medicinal plants, perennial flavoring plants
18 Planting other perennials
19 Multiply and care for annual seedlings
20 Multiplication and care of perennial seedlings
21 Raising buffaloes and cows and producing buffalo and cow breeds
22 Breeding goats, sheep and breeding goats, sheep, deer, deer
23 Pig breeding and pig breeding
24 Poultry farming
25 Other livestock
26 Cultivation, mixed husbandry
27 Farming service activities
28 Livestock service activities
29 Post-harvest service activities
30 Seed treatment for propagation
31 Afforestation, forest care and forestry tree nursery
32 Wood gathering
33 Exploiting forest products other than timber
34 Collecting forest products other than timber
35 Forestry service activities
36 Sea fishing
37 Inland fisheries exploitation
38 Marine aquaculture
39 Inland aquaculture
40 Iron ore mining
41 Mining of uranium ore and thorium ore
42 Mining of other metal ores that do not contain iron
43 Mining precious metal ores
44 Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay
45 Mining chemicals and fertilizers
46 Mining and collecting peat
47 Other mining not classified elsewhere
48 Supporting service activities for exploitation of crude oil and natural gas
49 Other mining support service activities
50 Processing and preserving meat and meat products
51 Processing and preserving aquatic products and aquatic products
52 Processing and preserving vegetables
53 Production of animal and vegetable oils and fats
54 Processing milk and dairy products
55 Milling and production of raw flour
56 Manufacture of starch and starch products
57 Producing cakes from flour
58 Sugar production
59 Production of cocoa, chocolate and confectionery
60 Manufacture of pasta, noodles and similar products
61 Producing food, ready-to-eat food
62 Tea production
63 Coffee production
64 Producing animal, poultry and aquatic feed
65 Distilling, refining and mixing spirits
66 Produce wine
67 Brewing beer and brewing malt
68 Producing non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water
69 Manufacture of tobacco products
70 Yarn making
71 Production of woven fabrics
72 Finishing of textile products
73 Manufacture of knitted fabrics, crocheted fabrics and other nonwovens
74 Manufacture of ready-made textiles (except apparel)
75 Production of carpets, blankets, cushions
76 Production of braids and nets
77 Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c
78 Sewing of clothing (except fur clothing)
79 Manufacture of fur products
80 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted garments
81 Tanning and preliminary processing of leather; processing and dyeing fur skins
82 Manufacture of suitcases, bags and the like, manufacture of seat cushions
83 Producing shoes
84 Sawing, sawing, planing and preserving wood
85 Manufacture of plywood, veneers, plywood and other thin boards
86 Production of construction furniture
87 Production of wooden packaging
88 Manufacture of other products from wood; produce products from bamboo, cork, straw, and plaiting materials
89 Manufacture of pulp, paper and board
90 Production of wrinkled paper, corrugated board, packaging from paper and board
91 Manufacture of other products from paper and board n.e.c
92 Printing
93 Services related to printing
94 Copy records of all kinds
95 Coke production
96 Production of refined petroleum products
97 Basic chemical production
98 Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
99 Producing plastics and synthetic rubber in primary form
100 Producing pesticides and other chemical products for agricultural use
101 Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings; manufacture of printing ink and mastics
102 Manufacture of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, polishes and sanitary preparations
103 Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c
104 Manufacture of man-made fibers
105 Manufacture of drugs, pharmaceutical chemicals and medicinal herbs
106 Producing rubber tubes and tires; filling and recycling rubber tires
107 Producing other products from rubber
108 Producing products from plastic
109 Manufacture of glass and glass products
110 Manufacture of refractory products
111 Producing building materials from clay
112 Manufacture of other ceramic products
113 Production of cement, lime and gypsum
114 Producing concrete and products from concrete, cement and plaster
115 Cutting, shaping and finishing stones
116 Manufacture of products from other non-metallic minerals n.e.c
117 Producing iron, steel, cast iron
118 Production of precious and non-ferrous metals
119 Cast iron, steel
120 Non-ferrous metal casting
121 Production of metal structures
122 Manufacture of metal tanks, tanks and containers
123 Manufacture of boilers (except central boilers)
124 Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
125 Forging, stamping, pressing and rolling metal; metal powder smelting
126 Mechanical; metal treatment and coating
127 Producing cutlery, hand tools and common metal products
128 Manufacture of other metal products n.e.c
129 Manufacture of electronic components
130 Manufacture of computers and computer peripherals
131 Production of communication equipment
132 Producing consumer electronic products
133 Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment
134 Watch production
135 Producing radiation equipment, electronic equipment in medicine, electrotherapy
136 Manufacture of optical instruments and equipment
137 Manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers, power distribution and control equipment
138 Manufacture of batteries and accumulators
139 Production of cables, optical fibers
140 Manufacture of other electrical and electronic wires and cables
141 Manufacture of electrical wiring equipment of all kinds
142 Manufacture of electrical lighting equipment
143 Producing consumer electrical appliances
144 Manufacture of other electrical equipment
145 Manufacture of engines and turbines (except for aircraft, automobile, motorcycle and motorcycle engines)
146 Manufacture of equipment using extractive energy
147 Manufacture of other pumps, compressors, faucets and valves
148 Manufacture of balls, gears, gearboxes, control and transmission components
149 Manufacture of ovens, smelters and furnaces
150 Manufacture of lifting, lowering and loading equipment
151 Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and computer peripherals)
152 Manufacture of hand tools powered by motors or compressed air
153 Manufacture of other common machines
154 Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
155 Manufacture of machine tools and metal forming machines
156 Manufacture of metallurgical machinery
157 Manufacture of mining and construction machines
158 Manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco processing machines
159 Manufacture of machines for textile, garment and leather industries
160 Manufacture of other specialized machines
161 Manufacture of automobiles and other motor vehicles
162 Manufacture of spare parts and accessories for automobiles and other motor vehicles
163 Shipbuilding and floating structures
164 Building boats, sports and recreational boats
165 Manufacture of locomotives, trams and wagons
166 Manufacture of bicycles and vehicles for the disabled
167 Manufacture of other transport vehicles and equipment n.e.c
168 Manufacture of beds, cabinets, tables and chairs
169 Manufacture of jewelery and related details
170 Manufacture of imitation jewelry and related parts
171 Manufacture of gymnastics and sports equipment
172 Manufacture of toys and games
173 Manufacture of medical, dental, orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment and instruments
174 Other production n.e.c
175 Repair of prefabricated metal products
176 Repair of machinery and equipment
177 Repair of electronic and optical equipment
178 Repair of electrical equipment
179 Repair and maintenance of means of transport (except for cars, motorcycles, motorbikes and other motor vehicles)
180 Repair other equipment
181 Installation of machinery and industrial equipment
182 Power production
183 Power transmission and distribution
184 Gas production, gas fuel distribution by pipeline
185 Production and distribution of steam, hot water, air conditioning and ice production
186 Extraction, treatment and supply of water
187 Drainage and wastewater treatment
188 Non-hazardous waste collection
189 Toxic waste collection
190 Non-hazardous waste treatment and destruction
191 Treatment and destruction of hazardous waste
192 Scrap recycling
193 Pollution treatment and other waste management activities
194 Building houses to live in
195 Building non-residential houses
196 Construction of railway works
197 Construction of road works
198 Construction of electrical works
199 Construction of water supply and drainage works
200 Construction of telecommunications and communication works
201 Construction of other public works
202 Construction of water works
203 Construction of mining works
204 Construction of processing and manufacturing works
205 Construction of other civil engineering works
206 Collapse
207 Prepare surface
208 Installation of electrical systems
209 Installation of water supply, drainage, heating and air conditioning systems
210 Installation of other building systems
211 finish construction
212 Other specialized construction activities
213 Wholesale of automobiles and other motor vehicles
214 Retail of passenger cars (9 seats or less)
215 Car and other motor vehicle dealers
216 Maintenance and repair of cars and other motor vehicles
217 Sale of spare parts and accessories for automobiles and other motor vehicles
218 Sell ​​motorcycles, motorcycle
219 Maintenance and repair of motorcycles and motorbikes
220 Sale of spare parts and auxiliary parts of motorcycles and motorbikes
221 Agents, brokers, auctions of goods
222 Wholesale of agricultural and forestry raw materials (except wood, bamboo) and live animals
223 Wholesale of rice, wheat, other cereal grains, flour
224 Sale food
225 Beverage wholesale
226 Wholesale of tobacco and pipe tobacco products
227 Wholesale of fabrics, garments, shoes
228 Wholesale of other household appliances
229 Wholesale of computers, peripherals and software
230 Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and components
231 Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts
232 Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and spare parts
233 Wholesale of solid, liquid, gaseous fuels and related products
234 Wholesale of metals and metal ores
235 Wholesale of materials and other installation equipment in construction
236 Other specialized wholesale n.e.c
237 Wholesale synthetic
238 Retail of food, foodstuffs, beverages, tobacco and pipe tobacco accounts for a large proportion in general stores.
239 Other retail in general business stores
240 Retail sale of food in specialized stores
241 Retail sale of food in specialized stores
242 Retail sale of beverages in specialized stores
243 Retail sale of tobacco and pipe tobacco products in specialized stores
244 Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores
245 Retail sale of computers, peripheral equipment, software and telecommunications equipment in specialized stores
246 Retail sale of audio-visual equipment in specialized stores
247 Retail sale of fabric, wool, yarn, sewing thread and other textiles in specialized stores
248 Retail sale of hardware, paint, glass and other installation equipment for construction in specialized stores
249 Retail sale of carpets, cushions, blankets, drapes, curtains, wall and floor coverings in specialized stores
250 Retail sale of electrical household appliances, beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs and similar furniture, lamps and luminaires, and other household appliances n.e.c. in specialized stores
251 Retail sale of books, newspapers, magazines and stationery in specialized stores
252 Retail sale of fitness equipment and sports equipment in specialized stores
253 Retail sale of games and toys in specialized stores
254 Retail sale of garments, footwear, leather and imitation leather goods in specialized stores
255 Retail sale of drugs, medical equipment, cosmetics and hygiene products in specialized stores
256 Other retail sale of new goods in specialized stores
257 Retail sale of used goods in specialized stores
258 Retail sale of food, foodstuffs, beverages, tobacco, tobacco products on mobile or in markets
259 Retail sale of textiles, ready-made garments, mobile or market-based footwear
260 Retail sale of mobile communication technology equipment or at markets
261 Retail sale of other household appliances on mobile or in markets
262 Retail of cultural and recreational goods on mobile or at markets
263 Retail on request, mail order or internet
264 Other retail sales not elsewhere classified
265 Rail passenger transport
266 Rail freight transport
267 Transporting passengers by bus in the inner city
268 Passenger transport by bus between inner city and suburb, intercity
269 Passenger transport by bus of other types
270 Passenger transport by road within the inner city and suburbs (except for transport by bus)
271 Road passenger transport other
272 Freight transport by road
273 Coastal and oceanic passenger transport
274 Coastal freight and ocean
275 Inland waterway passenger transport
276 Inland waterway freight transport
277 Air passenger transport
278 Air freight
279 Warehousing and storage of goods
280 Direct support service operations for rail transport
281 Service activities that directly support water transport
282 Direct support service activities for air transport
283 Cargo handling
284 Service activities that directly support trucking
285 Other supporting service activities related to transportation
286 Postal
287 Delivery
288 Short-stay services
289 Other accommodation
290 Restaurants and mobile catering services
291 Providing catering services under occasional contracts with customers
292 Other food service
293 Services for drinks
294 Publish books
295 Publication of directories and directories
296 Publishing newspapers, magazines and periodicals
297 Other publishing activities
298 Software Publishing
299 Post-production activities
300 Movie screening activities
301 Music recording and publishing activities
302 Radio Activity
303 TV activities
304 Cable, satellite and other subscription plans
305 Wired telecommunication operations
306 Wireless telecommunications operations
307 Satellite telecommunications operations
308 Other telecommunications activities
309 Computer Programming
310 Computer consulting and computer system administration
311 Information technology service activities and other services related to computers
312 Data processing, leasing and related activities
313 Portal
314 Newsletter activities
315 Other information services n.e.c
316 Trading in real estate, land use rights belonging to owners, users or renters
317 Consulting, brokerage, real estate auction, land use right auction
318 Legal activities
319 Activities related to accounting, auditing and tax consulting
320 Activities of the head office
321 Management consulting activities
322 Architectural activities and related technical consulting
323 Technical testing and analysis
324 Scientific research and technological development in the field of natural sciences
325 Scientific research and technological development in the field of science, engineering and technology
326 Scientific research and technological development in the field of medical science and pharmacy
327 Scientific research and technological development in the field of agricultural science
328 Scientific research and technological development in the field of social sciences
329 Scientific research and technological development in the field of humanities
330 Advertisement
331 market research and opinion polls
332 Specialized design activities
333 Photography activities
334 Other professional, scientific and technological activities n.e.c
335 Veterinary activities
336 Motor vehicle rental
337 Rental of machinery, equipment and other tangible goods without operator
338 Leasing non-financial intangible assets
339 Activities of labor and employment agencies, consulting, introduction and brokerage centers
340 Provision of temporary labor
341 Supply and management of labor resources
342 Travel agent
343 Tour operator
344 Reservation services and support services related to tour promotion and organization
345 Private protection activities
346 System service to ensure safety
347 Investigation service
348 General support service
349 General house cleaning
350 Industrial hygiene and specialized works
351 Landscape care and maintenance services
352 General office administrative services
353 Photo, document preparation and other special office support activities
354 Service operations related to calls
355 Organization of introduction and trade promotion
356 Payment and credit support service activities
357 Packing service
358 Remaining other business support services n.e.c
359 State management activities in the fields of health, education, culture and other social services (except for compulsory social security)
360 State management activities in specialized economic fields
361 Foreign activities
362 Security activities, social order and safety
363 Mandatory social security activities
364 Kindergarten education
365 Kindergarten education
366 Primary education
367 Middle School Education
368 High School Education
369 Primary training
370 Sports education and entertainment
371 Art and culture education
372 Other education n.e.c
373 Educational support services
374 Activities of hospitals and clinics
375 Activities of general, specialty and dental clinics
376 Preventive medical activities
377 Operation of the orthopedic and rehabilitation base system
378 Other medical activities n.e.c
379 Activities of foster care facilities
380 Health care activities for people with disabilities, mental health and addicts
381 Health care activities for people with meritorious services, the elderly and disabled people who are unable to take care of themselves
382 Other intensive care activities
383 Non-focused social assistance activities for people with meritorious services, wounded and sick soldiers, the elderly and people with disabilities
384 Other non-focused social assistance activities
385 Creative, artistic and recreational activities
386 Library and archive activities
387 Conservation activities, museums
388 Activities of botanical gardens, zoos and nature reserves
389 Lottery, betting and gambling activities
390 Activities of sports facilities
391 Activities of sports clubs
392 Other sports activities
393 Activities of amusement parks and theme parks
394 Other recreational activities not classified elsewhere
395 Activities of business associations and entrepreneurs
396 Activities of professional associations
397 Trade union activities
398 Activities of other organizations n.e.c
399 Repair of computers and peripherals
400 Repair communication equipment
401 Repairing home electronic audio-visual equipment
402 Repair of appliances and household appliances
403 Repair of shoes, sandals, leather and imitation leather goods
404 Repair of beds, cabinets, tables, chairs and similar furniture
405 Repair of bicycles, watches, other personal and household goods n.e.c
406 Sauna, massage and similar wellness services (except sports)
407 Laundry and cleaning of textile and fur products
408 Service activities for weddings
409 Remaining other personal service activities n.e.c
410 Activities of doing household chores in households
411 Production activities of material products for self-consumption of households
412 Production activities of household self-consumption products and services

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Data analysis results of DauThau.info software for contractors CÔNG TY CP HỢP TÁC PHÁT TRIỂN HOÀNG GIA are as follows:

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Statistics of bidding packages that contractors have participated in
Tổng số kết quả trúng/trượt thầu qua từng năm được khảo sát
Total winning value and total value of bid packages

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List of bid packages participated

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Summarization: Bidder CÔNG TY CP HỢP TÁC PHÁT TRIỂN HOÀNG GIA participated in 2 package, of which 0 package was won, failed 0 packages, 2 packages with no results, 0 packages canceled.

List of bid solicitors in which contractors have participated in bidding
Bid Solicitor
Total number of bids
Number of winning bids
Number of losing bids
Number of non result bids
Number of cancelled bids
Total winning bid value
Ratio of winning bid price / bid value (*)
No.: 1
Total number of bids:

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Number of winning bids:
Number of losing bids:
Number of non result bids:
Number of cancelled bids:
Total winning bid value:
Ratio of winning bid price / bid value:
(*)Based only on packages with published estimate or bid price

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Summary: Contractor CÔNG TY CP HỢP TÁC PHÁT TRIỂN HOÀNG GIA is related to 1 Bid solicitor.

List of previous competitors
Total number of bids
Number of winning bids
Number of losing bids
Number of non result bids
Number of cancelled bids
No.: 1
Total number of bids:

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Number of winning bids:
Number of losing bids:
Number of non result bids:
Number of cancelled bids:
No.: 2
Total number of bids:

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Number of winning bids:
Number of losing bids:
Number of non result bids:
Number of cancelled bids:
No.: 3
Total number of bids:

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Number of winning bids:
Number of losing bids:
Number of non result bids:
Number of cancelled bids:

Summary: Contractor CÔNG TY CP HỢP TÁC PHÁT TRIỂN HOÀNG GIA competed with 3 contractors in 2 package, won 0 package, lost 0 package, 2 bidding package has no results, 0 bidding package has been canceled.

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Top contractor who participated the most in the bid

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 4961
No.: 2
Bid Package: 4949



Number of participating contractors by number of bidding packages

There are 61.754 contractor who have not participated in any bidding packages

Contractor who won the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 3219
No.: 3
Bid Package: 2691

Contractor who lost the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Bid Package: 3607
No.: 2
Bid Package: 2200
No.: 3
Bid Package: 1907
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