Công ty cổ phần Mai Linh Đông Đô

Company name Công ty cổ phần Mai Linh Đông Đô
International name
Views 73
Business Tax ID 0101410563
Tax ID issue country Việt Nam
Business Registration ID vn0101410563
Company Address 47 Kim Đồng, Giáp Bát Ward, Hoàng Mai District, Hà Nội
Company Website N/A
Form of Business Joint Stock Company
Company Establishment Date
Charter Capital
Date of registration on the Public procurement system 20/09/2023
Payment Status Never paid fees.

According to Circular 06/2021, from March 3, 2022, investors and contractors will be stopped from trading if they do not pay fees for posting information, selecting contractors, investors on the national bidding network system.
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Legal representative Hồ Chương
Position Chairman of the Board of Directors
Last Updated 14:43 20/09/2023 - First update.
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1 Growing rice
2 Growing corn and other grain crops
3 Planting starchy tubers
4 Planting sugarcane
5 Planting tobacco, pipe tobacco
6 Planting trees for fiber
7 Planting oilseed plants
8 Growing vegetables, beans and flowers
9 Planting other annuals
10 Planting fruit trees
11 Planting oil-bearing fruit trees
12 Planting cashew trees
13 Planting pepper plants
14 Planting rubber trees
15 Grow coffee plants
16 Planting tea trees
17 Planting other perennials
18 Multiply and care for annual seedlings
19 Multiplication and care of perennial seedlings
20 Raising buffaloes and cows and producing buffalo and cow breeds
21 Breeding horses, donkeys, mules and breeding horses and donkeys
22 Breeding goats, sheep and breeding goats, sheep, deer, deer
23 Pig breeding and pig breeding
24 Poultry farming
25 Cultivation, mixed husbandry
26 Farming service activities
27 Livestock service activities
28 Post-harvest service activities
29 Afforestation, forest care and forestry tree nursery
30 Wood gathering
31 Mining and collecting hard coal
32 Mining and collecting lignite
33 Crude oil extraction
34 Natural gas extraction
35 Iron ore mining
36 Mining of other metal ores that do not contain iron
37 Mining precious metal ores
38 Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay
39 Processing and preserving meat and meat products
40 Processing and preserving aquatic products and aquatic products
41 Processing and preserving vegetables
42 Sawing, sawing, planing and preserving wood
43 Manufacture of plywood, veneers, plywood and other thin boards
44 Production of construction furniture
45 Production of wooden packaging
46 Manufacture of other products from wood; produce products from bamboo, cork, straw, and plaiting materials
47 Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
48 Producing plastics and synthetic rubber in primary form
49 Producing pesticides and other chemical products for agricultural use
50 Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c
51 Producing products from plastic
52 Producing building materials from clay
53 Production of cement, lime and gypsum
54 Producing concrete and products from concrete, cement and plaster
55 Producing iron, steel, cast iron
56 Production of precious and non-ferrous metals
57 Production of metal structures
58 Manufacture of automobiles and other motor vehicles
59 Other production n.e.c
60 Repair and maintenance of means of transport (except for cars, motorcycles, motorbikes and other motor vehicles)
61 Building houses to live in
62 Building non-residential houses
63 Construction of railway works
64 Construction of road works
65 Construction of other public works
66 Construction of other civil engineering works
67 Wholesale of automobiles and other motor vehicles
68 Retail of passenger cars (9 seats or less)
69 Car and other motor vehicle dealers
70 Maintenance and repair of cars and other motor vehicles
71 Sale of spare parts and accessories for automobiles and other motor vehicles
72 Agents, brokers, auctions of goods
73 Sale food
74 Wholesale of solid, liquid, gaseous fuels and related products
75 Wholesale of metals and metal ores
76 Wholesale of materials and other installation equipment in construction
77 Other specialized wholesale n.e.c
78 Wholesale synthetic
79 Retail sale of food in specialized stores
80 Retail sale of motor fuel in specialized stores
81 Other retail sales not elsewhere classified
82 Transporting passengers by bus in the inner city
83 Passenger transport by bus between inner city and suburb, intercity
84 Passenger transport by road within the inner city and suburbs (except for transport by bus)
85 Road passenger transport other
86 Freight transport by road
87 Coastal and oceanic passenger transport
88 Coastal freight and ocean
89 Inland waterway passenger transport
90 Inland waterway freight transport
91 Warehousing and storage of goods
92 Direct support service operations for rail transport
93 Service activities that directly support water transport
94 Cargo handling
95 Other supporting service activities related to transportation
96 Trading in real estate, land use rights belonging to owners, users or renters
97 Consulting, brokerage, real estate auction, land use right auction
98 Advertisement
99 market research and opinion polls
100 Motor vehicle rental
101 Travel agent
102 Tour operator
103 Reservation services and support services related to tour promotion and organization
104 Remaining other business support services n.e.c

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Data analysis results of DauThau.info software for contractors Công ty cổ phần Mai Linh Đông Đô are as follows:

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Contractor ability score
The above scores and rankings were analyzed by DauThau.info Software based on bidding history and business size. However, this scoring is only relative and cannot accurately determine which bidder's capacity is stronger or weaker or determine the likelihood of winning the bid. When comparing, you should carefully consider many other factors such as the specific content of the bidding package and the field and industry of each business. To better understand the scoring criteria, see the following article: Capability Assessment indicator set
Evaluation criteria Evaluation score
Experience capacity
Financial capacity
Enterprise scale
Violation history

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Statistics of bidding packages that contractors have participated in

Tổng số kết quả trúng/trượt thầu qua từng năm được khảo sát
Total winning value and total value of bid packages

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This contractor is also listed on DauThau.Net Private Procurement Network with the business profile name of MAI LINH DONG DO JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

Top contractor who participated the most in the bid

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 5246
No.: 2
Bid Package: 5119



Number of participating contractors by number of bidding packages

There are 62,020 contractor who have not participated in any bidding packages

Contractor who won the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 3435
No.: 2
Bid Package: 3010

Contractor who lost the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Bid Package: 3737
No.: 2
Bid Package: 2275
No.: 3
Bid Package: 2020
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