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Business Tax ID 0108820424
Tax ID issue country Việt Nam
Business Registration ID vn0108820424
Company Address Số 2, Ngõ 132/12/22 Đường Cầu Diễn, TDP Nguyên Xá 1, Minh Khai Ward, Bắc Từ Liêm District, Hà Nội
Company Website N/A
Form of Business Joint Stock Company
Company Establishment Date
Charter Capital
Date of registration on the Public procurement system 22/02/2024
Payment Status Paid

According to Circular 06/2021, from March 3, 2022, investors and contractors will be stopped from trading if they do not pay fees for posting information, selecting contractors, investors on the national bidding network system.
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Legal representative Nguyễn Văn Hùng
Position General Director
Last Updated 10:21 22/02/2024 - First update.
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1 Growing vegetables, beans and flowers
2 Planting other annuals
3 Planting fruit trees
4 Grow coffee plants
5 Planting tea trees
6 Growing spices, medicinal plants, perennial flavoring plants
7 Planting other perennials
8 Multiply and care for annual seedlings
9 Multiplication and care of perennial seedlings
10 Raising buffaloes and cows and producing buffalo and cow breeds
11 Pig breeding and pig breeding
12 Poultry farming
13 Cultivation, mixed husbandry
14 Afforestation, forest care and forestry tree nursery
15 Exploiting forest products other than timber
16 Collecting forest products other than timber
17 Forestry service activities
18 Inland aquaculture
19 Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay
20 Mining chemicals and fertilizers
21 Mining and collecting peat
22 Other mining not classified elsewhere
23 Other mining support service activities
24 Processing and preserving meat and meat products
25 Processing and preserving aquatic products and aquatic products
26 Processing and preserving vegetables
27 Milling and production of raw flour
28 Manufacture of starch and starch products
29 Manufacture of plywood, veneers, plywood and other thin boards
30 Production of wooden packaging
31 Manufacture of other products from wood; produce products from bamboo, cork, straw, and plaiting materials
32 Printing
33 Services related to printing
34 Copy records of all kinds
35 Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
36 Manufacture of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, polishes and sanitary preparations
37 Producing products from plastic
38 Manufacture of electronic components
39 Manufacture of computers and computer peripherals
40 Production of communication equipment
41 Producing consumer electronic products
42 Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment
43 Producing radiation equipment, electronic equipment in medicine, electrotherapy
44 Manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers, power distribution and control equipment
45 Manufacture of batteries and accumulators
46 Production of cables, optical fibers
47 Manufacture of other electrical and electronic wires and cables
48 Producing consumer electrical appliances
49 Manufacture of other electrical equipment
50 Manufacture of beds, cabinets, tables and chairs
51 Repair of electronic and optical equipment
52 Repair of electrical equipment
53 Production and distribution of steam, hot water, air conditioning and ice production
54 Extraction, treatment and supply of water
55 Scrap recycling
56 Building houses to live in
57 Building non-residential houses
58 Construction of railway works
59 Construction of road works
60 Construction of electrical works
61 Construction of water supply and drainage works
62 Construction of telecommunications and communication works
63 Construction of other public works
64 Construction of water works
65 Construction of mining works
66 Construction of processing and manufacturing works
67 Construction of other civil engineering works
68 Installation of electrical systems
69 Installation of water supply, drainage, heating and air conditioning systems
70 Wholesale of automobiles and other motor vehicles
71 Retail of passenger cars (9 seats or less)
72 Car and other motor vehicle dealers
73 Maintenance and repair of cars and other motor vehicles
74 Sell ​​motorcycles, motorcycle
75 Maintenance and repair of motorcycles and motorbikes
76 Sale of spare parts and auxiliary parts of motorcycles and motorbikes
77 Agents, brokers, auctions of goods
78 Wholesale of agricultural and forestry raw materials (except wood, bamboo) and live animals
79 Wholesale of rice, wheat, other cereal grains, flour
80 Sale food
81 Beverage wholesale
82 Wholesale of computers, peripherals and software
83 Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and components
84 Wholesale of solid, liquid, gaseous fuels and related products
85 Retail of food, foodstuffs, beverages, tobacco and pipe tobacco accounts for a large proportion in general stores.
86 Other retail in general business stores
87 Retail sale of computers, peripheral equipment, software and telecommunications equipment in specialized stores
88 Retail sale of audio-visual equipment in specialized stores
89 Retail sale of electrical household appliances, beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs and similar furniture, lamps and luminaires, and other household appliances n.e.c. in specialized stores
90 Retail sale of garments, footwear, leather and imitation leather goods in specialized stores
91 Retail on request, mail order or internet
92 Other supporting service activities related to transportation
93 Providing catering services under occasional contracts with customers
94 Film, video and television program production activities
95 Music recording and publishing activities
96 Cable, satellite and other subscription plans
97 Other telecommunications activities
98 Computer Programming
99 Computer consulting and computer system administration
100 Information technology service activities and other services related to computers
101 Portal
102 Financial services support activities n.e.c
103 Architectural activities and related technical consulting
104 Advertisement
105 market research and opinion polls
106 Specialized design activities
107 Travel agent
108 Tour operator
109 Reservation services and support services related to tour promotion and organization
110 General office administrative services
111 Photo, document preparation and other special office support activities
112 Service operations related to calls
113 Other recreational activities not classified elsewhere
114 Repairing home electronic audio-visual equipment
115 Repair of appliances and household appliances
116 Service activities for weddings

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Data analysis results of software for contractors ECOLIFE TECHNOLOGY SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY are as follows: software synthesizes and analyzes information from the national bidding database
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Statistics of bidding packages that contractors have participated in
Tổng số kết quả trúng/trượt thầu qua từng năm được khảo sát
Total winning value and total value of bid packages

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This contractor is also listed on DauThau.Net Private Procurement Network with the business profile name of ECOLIFE TECHNOLOGY SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

Top contractor who participated the most in the bid

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 4961
No.: 2
Bid Package: 4949



Number of participating contractors by number of bidding packages

There are 61.754 contractor who have not participated in any bidding packages

Contractor who won the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 3219
No.: 3
Bid Package: 2691

Contractor who lost the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Bid Package: 3607
No.: 2
Bid Package: 2200
No.: 3
Bid Package: 1907
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