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Business Tax ID 0105661409
Tax ID issue country Việt Nam
Business Registration ID vn0105661409
Company Address Số 1-N07A, Khu Đô Thị Mới Dịch Vọng, Dịch Vọng Ward, Cầu Giấy District, Hà Nội
Company Website N/A
Form of Business Limited liability company with two or more members
Company Establishment Date 22/11/2011
Charter Capital
The number of workers 12
Date of registration on the Public procurement system 18/12/2017
Payment Status Paid

According to Circular 06/2021, from March 3, 2022, investors and contractors will be stopped from trading if they do not pay fees for posting information, selecting contractors, investors on the national bidding network system.
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Legal representative NGUYỄN VĂN THƯỜNG
Position Director
Last Updated 13:36 29/09/2023 - 34th update
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1 Rental of machinery, equipment and other tangible goods without operator
2 Organization of introduction and trade promotion
3 Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and components
4 Retail sale of audio and video tapes and discs (including blank tapes and discs) in specialized stores
5 Post-production activities
6 Road passenger transport other
7 Creative, artistic and recreational activities
8 Supply and management of labor resources
9 Rental of sports and entertainment equipment
10 Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and spare parts
11 Management consulting activities
12 Film, video and television program production activities
13 Music recording and publishing activities
14 Printing
15 Wholesale of computers, peripherals and software
16 Sports education and entertainment
17 market research and opinion polls
18 Dịch vụ hỗ trợ liên quan đến quảng bá và tổ chức tua du lịch
19 Rental of video tapes and discs
20 Remaining other business support services n.e.c
21 Art and culture education
22 Movie screening activities
23 Advertisement (Main industry)
24 Movie, video and TV show distribution activities
25 Other education n.e.c
26 Other professional, scientific and technological activities n.e.c
27 Copy records of all kinds
28 Provision of temporary labor
29 Tour operator
30 Agents, brokers, auctions of goods
31 Travel agent
32 Retail sale of computers, peripheral equipment, software and telecommunications equipment in specialized stores

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Data analysis results of software for contractors HT COMMUNICATION AND PICTURES COMPANY LIMITED are as follows:

The software compiles and analyzes information from the national bidding database
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Statistics of bidding packages that contractors have participated in
Tổng số kết quả trúng/trượt thầu qua từng năm được khảo sát
Total winning value and total value of bid packages

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Chart of the difference ratio between bidding package price and winning bid price
Formula for calculating % difference:
Tender package price - Winning bid price
Tender package price
x 100
Grouping Quantity
>20% 0
(10,20]% 0
(5,10]% 0
(1,5]% 0
(0,1]% 0
0% 1
[-1,0)% 0
[-5,-1)% 0
[-10,-5)% 0
<-10% 0
Unknown 0
  • Negative ratios indicate winning prices higher than bidding prices.
  • Positive ratios indicate winning prices lower than bidding prices.
  • (0,1]% means From 0 to 1%, (1,5]% means From over 1 to 5%, excluding the case of 1. Apply similar meanings to other ratio groups.
This contractor is also listed on DauThau.Net Private Procurement Network with the business profile name of HT COMMUNICATION AND PICTURES COMPANY LIMITED.

Contractor Activity

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List of bid packages participated
Bid Package
Bid Solicitor
Bid Value
Contractor role
Province / city
No.: 1
Bid Value: 292.000.000 VND
Time: 14/04/2023
Result: Won
Contractor role: Standalone
Province / city: Undefined

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Summarization: Bidder HT COMMUNICATION AND PICTURES COMPANY LIMITED participated in 1 package, of which 1 package was won, failed 0 packages, 0 packages with no results, 0 packages canceled.

List of bid solicitors in which contractors have participated in bidding
Bid Solicitor
Total number of bids
Number of winning bids
Number of losing bids
Number of non result bids
Number of cancelled bids
Total winning bid value
Ratio of winning bid price / bid value (*)
No.: 1
Total number of bids:

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Number of winning bids:
Number of losing bids:
Number of non result bids:
Number of cancelled bids:
Total winning bid value:
Ratio of winning bid price / bid value:
(*)Based only on packages with published estimate or bid price

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Summary: Contractor HT COMMUNICATION AND PICTURES COMPANY LIMITED is related to 1 Bid solicitor.

Top contractor who participated the most in the bid

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 4961
No.: 2
Bid Package: 4949



Number of participating contractors by number of bidding packages

There are 61.754 contractor who have not participated in any bidding packages

Contractor who won the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Contractor:PVI Insurance
Bid Package: 3219
No.: 3
Bid Package: 2691

Contractor who lost the most bids

Bid Package
No.: 1
Bid Package: 3607
No.: 2
Bid Package: 2200
No.: 3
Bid Package: 1907
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