Post - Telecommunication Joint - Stock Insurance Corporation

Company name Tổng Công ty cổ phần Bảo hiểm Bưu điện
International name Post - Telecommunication Joint - Stock Insurance Corporation
Views 6023
Business Tax ID 0100774631
Tax ID issue date 25/08/2010
Tax ID issue country Việt Nam
Business Registration ID vn0100774631
Company Address Số 95, Phố Trần Thái Tông, Dịch Vọng Ward, Cầu Giấy District, Hà Nội
Company Website
Form of Business Joint Stock Company
Company Establishment Date 03/12/1998
Charter Capital
The number of workers 2.615
Date of registration on the Public procurement system 24/06/2021
Payment Status Paid

According to Circular 06/2021, from March 3, 2022, investors and contractors will be stopped from trading if they do not pay fees for posting information, selecting contractors, investors on the national bidding network system.
Legal representative Nguyễn Kim Lân
Position General Director
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Last Updated 06:21 27/01/2024 - 36th update
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Data analysis results of software for contractors Post - Telecommunication Joint - Stock Insurance Corporation are as follows:

The software compiles and analyzes information from the national bidding database
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Statistics of bidding packages that contractors have participated in

Tổng số kết quả trúng/trượt thầu qua từng năm được khảo sát
Total winning value and total value of bid packages

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Chart of the difference ratio between bidding package price and winning bid price
Formula for calculating % difference:
Tender package price - Winning bid price
Tender package price
x 100
Grouping Quantity
>20% 947
(10,20]% 215
(5,10]% 219
(1,5]% 338
(0,1]% 297
0% 709
[-1,0)% 9
[-5,-1)% 14
[-10,-5)% 6
<-10% 38
Unknown 1
  • Negative ratios indicate winning prices higher than bidding prices.
  • Positive ratios indicate winning prices lower than bidding prices.
  • (0,1]% means From 0 to 1%, (1,5]% means From over 1 to 5%, excluding the case of 1. Apply similar meanings to other ratio groups.