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16:52 23/11/2023
11:21 17/11/2023
15:28 04/10/2023
IB2300235957-00 Bidding package No. 01. Hiring international experts to carry out a series of activities: Activity Identifying barriers in people's access to legal aid, Activity Develop training materials on Legal Aid for groups of officials with important roles in the community such as village elders, village heads, reputable people and Activity Develop skills training materials for legal aid providers/ Package No. 01.2023: Recruitment of 01 international expert to perform the following activities: Activity Identification of barriers against people's access to legal aid services; Activities Development of training materials on legal aid for community officials who have an important role in the communities such as village elders, village heads, trustworthy people, etc.; and Activity Development of training materials for legal aid practitioners.
00:41 19/09/2023
11:31 08/09/2023
09:21 31/08/2023
09:04 28/08/2023
11:46 15/08/2023
09:17 15/08/2023
09:25 09/08/2023
09:15 09/08/2023
10:51 07/08/2023
17:23 03/08/2023
16:06 03/08/2023
10:46 26/07/2023
13:42 19/07/2023
10:03 19/07/2023
17:19 07/07/2023
14:30 30/06/2023
16:36 29/06/2023

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