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Name of Tender Notice Bid Solicitor Award date Awarded Contractor
07/12/2023 13:09
IB2300354565-00 Shortened Direct Contracting
07/12/2023 13:01
07/12/2023 12:55
07/12/2023 12:47
IB2300351214-00Bidding package No. 02: Consulting on appraisal of bidding documents and contractor selection results
07/12/2023 12:39
IB2300351221-00Bidding package No. 01: Consulting on preparing bidding documents and evaluating bid documents
07/12/2023 12:37
07/12/2023 12:28
07/12/2023 12:25
IB2300354554-00Bidding package: Printing and photocopying books and forms for professional work in 2024
07/12/2023 12:25
IB2300354545-00Package 01/DVNK: External inspection services
07/12/2023 12:14
IB2300354541-00Providing sports equipment to serve teaching the first semester of 2024 Faculty of National Education and Physical Education
07/12/2023 12:11
  • Hộ Kinh doanh cửa hàng thiết bị Giáo dục – Thể thao Phương Nghi
07/12/2023 12:07
07/12/2023 12:06
07/12/2023 12:05
07/12/2023 12:02
07/12/2023 12:02
07/12/2023 12:00
07/12/2023 11:59
07/12/2023 11:59
IB2300354531-00Package No. 08: Clearance of bombs, mines and explosive materials.
07/12/2023 11:58

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