Keyword suggestions and filters to find bidding notices for the transportation construction field

Wednesday - 20/09/2023 07:25
In today's article will share with contractors how to find suitable bidding packages for the transportation construction industry. Follow along to learn about keyword suggestions and filters to find bidding notices for this industry group.
Keyword suggestions and filters to find bidding notices for the transportation construction field

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

Please note,Classification table of 28 fields and industries according to the classification list of the National Online Bidding Center Only used for reference because the classification is not accurate & complete, it is easy to miss many bidding packages due to incorrect selection by the bidding party. To create a filter that can accurately find bidding notices according to the industry your business operates in, please contact experts for advice & support.





- Construction of bridges, roads, wharfs and ports; [1] [2] [3

- Construction of pedestrian paths and works on the road surface; [1] [2] [3] [4]

- Spread asphalt; Road paint and other types of paint, sidewalk paving; [1] [2] [3

- Pipeline construction, railway and underground construction; [1] [2] [3]


User manual:

  • Click on the name of the job group calling for bids to refer to the sample filter and see the corresponding bidding packages that has searched for for each group to get ideas for choosing keywords & create a search filter corresponding to the job group. that work.

  • You can also change and adjust the filter parameters to get the right results.

  • Suggest:

    • If the search results/filter results contain many unwanted bid notices, use exclusion keywords to eliminate it until you get the desired results!

    • To see typical bidding packages (numbered in square brackets), click on the numbers. The number of typical bidding packages evaluates the popularity of bidding packages in the bidding work group.

For example:

Filtering results of bidding notices for bidding packages providing repair and auxiliary services for construction works.

Keyword suggestions and filters to find bidding notices for the transportation construction field
Filtering results of bidding notices of bidding packages provided to the transportation construction industry group

Some reference bidding packages from search results:

[1] Package No. 33: Construction of Muoi Toi bridge

[2] Construction of village road 17, Hoa Bac commune to Hoa Ninh commune and construction of La On bridge on the route Dinh Trang Hoa - Hoa Trung - Hoa Bac

[3] Construction and installation of sidewalk renovation items

[4] Package No. 03: Construction costs for items: ground leveling, road base, drainage system, water supply

[5] Package No. 33: New construction items: Asphalt pavement + Sidewalk + Technical trench + Domestic drainage system + Water supply system

[6] Construction and installation of sidewalk renovation items

[7] Construction of pipelines, installation of emergency reservoir pumps - Centralized wastewater treatment station in Thuy Van Industrial Park

[8] Supervising the construction of upgrading and renovating the Nhat Fund water plant and building the main transmission pipeline connecting the water supply network for 04 communes and 01 town in Nghia Hung district

[9] Construction of transmission pipeline from node 24.02 to node 64

Above are keyword suggestions and bidding notice filters for the transportation construction and installation industry group that wants to share with you. In addition, we also recommend that readers and qualified contractors should register VIP membership package1 Let the software automatically send pre-installed bidding packages to your email every day/hour so you don't miss out on bidding packages that are being invited for bidding on the National Bidding System.

For any information, please contact us:

Author: Nguyen Thuy

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