System Requirements of Software

These are the requirements to be able to use the software & instructions for solving problems related to the inability to use the software. software is server-based software that interacts with contractors via email and web interface.

To use the software, contractors must have an email address and satisfy the following conditions:
- Email must have free space to receive bid information.
- Non-blocking emails from [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected] .
- Messages from the above mailboxes are not marked as spam.

To know that your mailbox is not blocking messages from [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected] , the easiest way is to register yourself an account on ( if you do not have an account), then you will receive an email asking to confirm your mailbox and activate your account. If you receive this email, it means that your mailbox can receive emails from
- If you can't find the email, you should check your spam folder, if the message is in the spam folder, you should mark "Not spam".
- To be more sure, you should add [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected] email addresses to your contacts, Gmail will not mark spam for emails contained in Phonebook.

To be able to interact with the software , you must have a device that can access the software's website at (or This is a website using modern technology, which you can access with devices that meet the following requirements:
- Devices capable of accessing the internet such as Smartphone, PC, Tablet, Laptop...
- The device must use one of the modern operating systems such as Windows (8.1, 10), Ubuntu (16 or higher), Fedora (27 or higher), Android (6 or higher)
- Device needs to have one of the modern browsers installed such as Google Chrome (73 or higher), Edge (44 or later), FireFox (66 or later), Opera (58 or later), Internet Explorer (11 or higher) ).
- The device needs to be used with an IP address in Vietnam to prevent vandalism and DDoS from abroad (details here )

Because the software uses SSL to encrypt data in transit, it does not support old devices and browsers (not secure). The system has been noted not to support very old operating systems, for example Windows XP and Android 3.0 and earlier. Although not listed here does not mean browsers and operating systems are not supported. However, to use contractors, you should pay attention to choose the new operating system and browser version for good support.

Details of the browsers and operating systems currently supported by are available here:

Note: Contractors must not use external software or tools to run on system.'s protection system will automatically block IPs with unusual traffic, namely faster than 4 seconds/page.
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