Copyright statement

This document provides you (the visitor and user of the website/software) with detailed information and policies regarding the copyright of data used on this website/software.

Article 1: Collection of tender data

The website of the Information Center (we) is operated by a system of many software, including many modules such as:
  • The interface to interact with users via the address is built based on NukeViet open source software.
  • The tender data entry software is automatically installed on the input computer.
  • Bid data analysis server system for statistics, analysis, processing and data association to enrich more information for users.
  • The software installed on the user's machine (depending on the software package)...
Bid data collection is carried out by the Bid Data Entry Software automatically installed on the data entry computer. Bid information data sources and related data are collected from public, legal and censored data sources of government and state agencies, subject to permission under article 10 , Article 17, Point a, Clause 1, Article 18 of the Law on Access to Information (Law No. 104/2016/QH13 promulgated by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on April 6, 2016 and took effect from July 1, 2018). Details are as follows:
  • Article 10 of the Law on Access to Information stipulates how to access information: “ Citizens have access to information in the following ways: 1. Freedom of access to information disclosed by state agencies; 2. Requesting state agencies to provide information. "
  • Article 17 of the Law on Access to Information stipulates that Information must be made public, including information that is widely publicized, including information required to be disclosed (Clause 1) and information that the host state agency public action (Clause 2).
  • Clause 1, Article 18 of the Law on Access to Information stipulates the forms of information disclosure, including: " Posting on electronic portals, websites of state agencies " (Point a)
Public data sources that the software system of the DauThau.INFO information center has approached and exploited:
  • The national bidding network system ( is accessed according to the provisions of Clause 1, Article 61 of the Law on Bidding 2013.
  • National portal on business registration:
  • Tax data of enterprises are provided on the website of the General Department of Taxation:
  • ... and other legitimate data sources.
With the above public data, we, the software we use, our customers, the software we provide to our customers to use... are completely free, free to access public information as required by law without permission. As for the procurement data source, due to a request from MPI not to use software to access it , this data is currently being accessed manually before being processed automatically , with this process we I still ensure that the data is processed as much as possible automatically and without human intervention in the original data collected.

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Article 2: Data copyright & usage license

The copyright of tender data (including but not limited to data such as: bidding notice, contractor selection plan, contractor selection result, notice of invitation for pre-qualification...) belongs to the Procurement Center. through the National Network (Ministry of Planning and Investment) and related units. We (the governing body of do not hold the copyright of these contents but have the right to access and exploit (copy, share, exchange, use directly or use in commercial products. and its non-commercial) in accordance with the legal provisions described in article 1 above.
Copyright of other data (news, articles, documents and images) is clearly stated and licensed separately for each type.

Other data of is licensed by default under the Creative Commons CC-BY open data license (allowing full use but subject to attribution, stating the original source) except Licensed under another license will be specified in the document.

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Article 3: No guarantee of content provides filtering and data processing tools (including search software and mailing systems), we do not buy, sell or create data: employs a team of digital experts. enter data and use data aggregation software that has been imported from public, official and reputable data sources.

All bidding data (including but not limited to data such as: bidding notice, contractor selection plan, contractor selection results, notice of invitation for prequalification...) is processed by the software system. automatically, without human intervention. However, since we do not hold the copyright to the content of the bid data , we do not guarantee or imply any guarantee of its accuracy. If you have any questions about the accuracy of the data, please look up at the e-procurement system of the National Online Procurement Center: for verification, or contact the Department Procurement management (Ministry of Planning and Investment) according to the information below:

Address: Room 306, Building G, Ministry of Planning and Investment 6B Hoang Dieu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Phone: 19006126
Email: [email protected]

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Article 4: Data integrity and accuracy

Because we use 100% machine technology, we ensure that the bid data is not edited by experts of the Information Center However, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee 100% that the data will not be corrupted during the collection process. Especially the error is caused by the National Procurement Network System itself (which cannot access all public data and use all functions using modern browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Edge). Data can also be hacked and manipulated from the outside. however we will try to keep these issues to a minimum as committed.

Due to technology limitations and the requirement not to automatically scan data into the National Procurement Network, there will be cases where the data is posted to the National Procurement Network but is modified or deleted without the system being able to do so. The software system of could not be updated in a timely manner.

Since the data on the National Procurement Network is unlinked, DauThau.INFO converts them into linked data based on the analytic information from the database. Due to technology limitations and inaccuracies from the original data, this data association may not be 100% accurate. The user is solely responsible for checking and comparing the accuracy of the data and is solely responsible for any damages (if any) arising from the use of this data (See also " Terms and terms of service" for more details)

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