Rules for recognizing revenue for collaborators

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How to recognize revenue

Revenue of collaborators will be recognized automatically through CTV's working tool in one of two ways:
1. Refer customers (or yourself) access through your affiliate link, to purchase.
2. Introduce customers (or yourself) access through your promotion link, or use discount code (Promotion code) to purchase.
See "Instructions for using tools for collaborators" for more details on how to use the collaborator tools!

Revenue recognition rules

  • The form of  Affiliate Marketing that applies is PPS (Pay Per Sale): Commissions are only recognized when the referrer has successfully paid.
  • Default cookie is remembered for 30 days through the visitor's browser . When someone visits through your referral link or your discount code, if they buy any software package of within 30 days, you will still get your commission.
  • Cookies are recorded on all pages. That is, you refer customers to any link: articles, information pages, registration pages... and then they run around somewhere or turn off the browser for a few days to buy goods, you will still be counted. roses.
  • Lastclick: If many people refer the same customer, the last referr will receive a commission.
  • Promotion code will override Affiliate's cookies. If other people refer to the site using your discount code to buy software then a commission will be charged to you.
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