Milestones - foundation and development stages of

In this article, we will summarize all the events of during its operation from the date of launch until now, please have a look

Milestones - foundation and development stages of

Milestones - foundation and development stages of

2018 - the beginning of software was born in early 2018 from an internal VINADES Company project developed for the bidding department to search for state agency bidding packages. software was officially launched on April 1, 2018, and is managed by Information Center.

See more about the birth story of through an interview with Mr. Nguyen The Hung - CEO of VINADES., JSC below: software - The revolution in hunting bid information of enterprises
Frustrated that Viet Nam has entered the 4.0 industrial revolution BUT contractors are still receiving bid information in the same way they did ten years ago, Mr. Hung and his colleagues embarked on digital transformation for this field by launching DauThau. INFO - Software that analyzes bidding information from the national bidding database, allowing contractors to actively access bid information, saving time and money, and, most importantly, assisting the government in resolving problems that the public procurement portal cannot.

Here are a few highlights from 2018 that we'd like to discuss:

1. 01/05/2018 - Launching, the software proactively providing bid information

On April 1, 2018, the Information Center officially launched the software that provides active bid information This is a next-generation software system for exploiting and providing bidding information to businesses, allowing them to screen information proactively, quickly, and accurately, completely replacing the bidding process and traditional methods of receiving messages.

2. 06/07/2018 - has been upgraded to version 2.0. has recently been upgraded to version 2.0. The upgrade began in early May and was finished in early July. The goal of this upgrade is to fix some bugs found in version 1.0, as well as to adjust and optimize the software. Let's look at the most recent features of this version!

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3. 12/8/2018 - has enhanced its search and filter functions. continues to improve its search and filter functions after completing the upgrade to version 2.0 and receiving the support of many businesses. With this upgrade, can now search and filter information to meet the diverse needs of businesses. would like to demonstrate how to effectively use the search and filter functions to assist businesses in "hunting" down the exact bidding package they require!

4. 22/10/2018 - has been upgraded to version 3.0. has just been upgraded to version 3.0. This time, the upgraded features include an improved mobile interface that allows users to read news through RSS readers, the ability to filter bid packages by price range, the ability to link analysis data for data cross-checking, and many other features that improve the utility for businesses participating in the bidding.

5. 18/11/2018 - introduces VIP Package 2: Send information about the contractor selection plan via email.

The software provides real-time bid information. has just launched the VIP service package 2. If the VIP 1 package's main function is to screen and provide proactive bidding information to the contractor via email, the VIP 2 package provides information about the contractor selection plan via email, allowing contractors to access information at an early stage, resulting in a better bid preparation plan and reaching the investor sooner than other competitors.

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vip2 introduces VIP Package 2: Send information about the contractor selection plan via email

6. 06/12/2018 - has been updated to version 4.0: The VIP package registration interface has been modified, and online payment is being integrated. has recently been upgraded to version 4.0. This time, the upgraded features include: changing the VIP package registration interface, adding the VIP account transaction management function to prepare for online payment integration, and moving toward automatic transaction processing to assist contractors in actively registering and renewing the service automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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7. 21/12/2018 - launches working tool for collaborators has recently launched a working tool for collaborators. With this tool, all members and customers can become collaborators and participate in introducing software to earn extra money. Collaborators can earn between 1.5 and 3 million VND per customer for each successful referral case.

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2019 - Phase of's development's "framework" is nearly complete after one year of operation. And 2019 will be the year in which we begin to build and develop the system in terms of both content and features. Associated events include:

1. 01/01/2019 - software is being upgraded to allow for more accurate intelligent searches tender by location.

Since its launch, software has been famous for its intelligent search and filtering capabilities. This is also the feature that contractors prefer and are most interested in. Recently, at the request of contractors, the software's smart search and screening feature has expanded the scope of screening and searching, allowing the software to filter and search intelligently by location more precisely.

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2. 16/01/2019 - upgrades collaborators' working tools. has just upgraded the collaborators' working tool, adding two new features: statistics for the list of people who have used the Promotion code and a list of orders that have used the company collaborators' Promotion code.

3. 16/02/2019 - integrates the online payment system 24/24h, and automatically activates the VIP account after the contractor pays. has just finished integrating an online payment system that allows for 24/7 payments and instantly activates VIP service packages for contractors after receiving payment.

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4. 25/02/2019 - enhanced the interface of the main page and tested new search technology. software was upgraded to a new version in order to change the main page interface, and new search technology was tested in order to increase search speed 5-10 times faster than before.

5. 27/02/2019 - launches a tool to extract winning bid results data into Excel. has recently released a data extraction tool for contractors who want to export contractor selection results to Excel format for research, statistics, calculation, and contractor search. This feature was supposed to be released in June 2019, but it was made available earlier at the request of some contractors.

6. 14/03/2019 - VINADES and RADA collaborate to provide businesses with bidding information support services.

VINADES and RADA, the two companies that won the Vietnamese Talent Award in 2011 and 2017 announced a collaboration in the implementation of bidding information support services for businesses via mobile applications, with the role of "connecting" public procurement-related and bidding

7. 23/03/2019 - upgrades the access statistics feature for collaborators has recently upgraded the access statistics feature for collaborators so that the traffic statistics function by affiliate link and link website URL will now be displayed on the collaborator's page rather than the Affiliate section. This tool is also designed to function independently, providing general statistics for both Affiliate and Promotional links.

8. 16/04/2019 - has recently added a statistical tool that identifies the TOP 10 bid solicitors in Vietnam who announce the most bidding results.

The TOP 10 statistical tool has been added to the software to assist in identifying the top ten bid solicitors who publish the most bidding results in Vietnam; this data is obtained by the software from the national bidding network database.

9. 23/04/2019 - now has a feature that displays the TOP10 contractors who have been "looked at" by other contractors.

"TOP10 contractors most "looked at" by other contractors" is a statistical list of the ten most frequently queried and informative contractors on, this list is displayed and updated in real-time.

10. 06/06/2019 - adds its online support channels for contractors. has expanded its contractor support channels. In addition to the previously integrated Messenger, contractors can receive support via email, phone, Zalo, and the website's Live chat application (for those who are not convenient to log in to other tools).

11. 06/06/2019 - launches 2 international bidding information hunting software packages

On June 6, 2019, officially launched 2 software packages for foreign contractors. Foreign enterprises wishing to search for contractor information in Vietnam for the first time will have a set of software to support searching and hunting for professional bid information. Foreign contractors no longer have to search for packages manually, all have been automated by software.

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12. 19/06/2019 - now provides collaborators automated marketing tools. has recently been upgraded to allow for the transmission of Affiliate and Promotion code via RSS. This has special significance for those of you who have a website or blog and want to easily implement an automated marketing campaign to help turn into a passive income source. This article will guide and explain further!

13. 28/06/2019 - introduces the VIP5 package: providing bidding information with funding outside the scope of the bidding law.

Contractors who specialize in bidding packages with capital sources outside the scope of the bidding law, which are posted on the national bidding database, frequently want to hunt for tenders packages of this type separately and not be confused with other bidding packages. As a result, has developed a VIP5 software package that specializes in assisting contractors who want to "hunt" for these packages.

14. 30/08/2019 - Launch of Point Management on Spend points to purchase more advanced features has officially launched the point management feature to improve the capture of business bidding information. Contractors can use points to purchase more advanced features to help optimize costs in addition to upgrading VIP software packages to support automatic screening and search.

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Launch of Point Management on Dauthau info Spend points to purchase more advanced features
Launch of Point Management on Spend points to purchase more advanced features

15. 02/09/2019 - now includes a check to see if the link to download the bidding document file is broken.

Many bidders recently reported that the bid documents posted on the national bidding network could not be downloaded. However, the contractor was unsure whether the problem was due to his computer or the national bidding system. software has recently added an automatic error checking feature that displays the error report directly on the software.

16. 16/09/2019 - tested the VIP4 package - "Digital assistant for investors in the 4.0 era" with many great benefits. officially launched the VIP 4 software package - A digital assistant for investors in the 4.0 era - after a period of research and development. The first registered investors will receive a discount of up to 50% off the original price during the test run. With VIP4, investors can easily receive the most timely, proactive, and accurate information.

17. 26/10/2019 - now shows the progress of the bidding package. has just added a feature to display the progress of the bidding package with images, allowing contractors to easily know the status of the bidding package, regardless of what data you are viewing, in order for contractors to easily grasp the status of the bidding package in the most intuitive way.

18. 07/11/2019 - modifies the policy of the packages FREE1, FREE2 (replaced by package VIEWEB)

In order to better serve contractors who wish to use the software, has discontinued the FREE1 package as of November 7, 2019 and the FREE2 package has been replaced by the VIEWEB package, which costs VND 1.6 million per year and includes new features. All contractors who have a free account will be upgraded to a VIEWEB plan that is completely free.

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19. 21/11/2019 - Upgrade the Tool that use to extract data of the bid-winning result to excel format has upgraded its Data Extraction Tool to allow data to be extracted into three types of forms rather than just one (monthly data export) as previously. Users can also register online, and the system will automatically activate the service.

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2020 - A significant change in the Covid-19 pandemic

2020 has been a rather successful year for, despite the hurdles posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. Because to the confidence and support of its clients, has managed to turn these difficulties into possibilities. competed in the TOP 60 of the National Innovative Startup Talent Competition - Techfest VietNam 2020, which is also a step toward the creation and growth of the DauThau Ecosystem, this year. Here are a few examples of 2020 events:

1. 17/01/2020 - introduces a comprehensive support service for contractors and bid solicitors.

In the era of digital transformation, is still recognized as a new generation of mining and bidding information software solutions for enterprises. The program will address every issue that contractors are now having by promptly and proactively giving bid officially launched a package support service on bidding & invitation to bid, this is a comprehensive support service, provided by reputable and quality partners for contractors, contractors, investors, and bid solicitors

2. 02/02/2020 - upgrades sales statistics tool for collaborators has just completed an upgrade to its collaborator tool, which includes a sales statistics function to assist collaborators in matching sales.

3. 05/04/2020 - joins the technology community in an effort to "save" businesses from the COVID-19 pandemic., along with many other IT companies, recently joined the Vietnam Remote Workforce (#VRW) group. To assist contractors who are experiencing difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team has launched the program "Telework, repel Corona," which provides businesses with a large amount of free software (or a 70% discount or more). The Ministry of Information and Communications and the Department of Computerization are both sponsors of the program.

Dauthau info joins the technology community in an effort to save businesses from the COVID 19 pandemic joins the technology community in an effort to "save" businesses from the COVID-19 pandemic

4. 29/04/2020 - launches a total of nine software packages to assist businesses in their search for bid projects while working remotely due to social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. is currently the only software in Vietnam capable of replacing the traditional method of sending and receiving bid information via pdf, excel... Not only that, but the software has outstanding features such as the ability to "scan" the price of any bid package even if the price is not announced in the invitation to bid notice. The software also supports large file downloads of bidding documents on all browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera...) and on modern operating systems (Ubuntu, Fedora, Android, IOS), which are currently not supported by any other software in Vietnam.

5. 10/05/2020 - Ra mắt gói T0 - Tải không giới hạn hồ sơ mời thầu trên mọi trình duyệt software has recently released a tool for downloading bidding documents across all browsers. This is the only software in Vietnam that can handle the problem of the national bidding system blocking the download of bidding documents on modern browsers and operating systems (required to use Internet Explorer browser and Windows OS ).

6. 25/05/2020 - improves the feature of fast downloading bid documents on modern browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari...) has received the attention and support of a large number of contractors after officially supporting downloading of bidding documents on all modern browsers since March 2020, particularly since the launch of Software Package T0 - Unlimited download of bidding documents on all browsers on May 10, 2020. To meet that expectation, we have upgraded and added numerous new features to make it easier than ever for contractors to access bidding documents.

7. 10/06/2020 - introduces the SIEUVIP software combo package - a powerful tool for Vietnamese contractors.

To meet the needs of the Contractor in having a tool that can simultaneously solve many problems in bidding, decided to launch SIEUVIP - Super tool for Vietnamese contractors, a software combo package that integrates all the preeminent features of many VIP1 packages., VIP2, VIP3, X1, T0. Let's find out what advantages this product combination offers the Contractor with!

8. 13/08/2020 - has sponsored more than 43 billion VND to assist businesses and contractors.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, has actively supported thousands of businesses across the country with many programs, including discounts on many VIP packages and free offering VIEWEB packages, in collaboration with the Vietnam Remote Workforce (#VRW) community under the auspices of the Ministry of Information and Communications.

9. 14/09/2020 - After three months of testing, finished upgrading the new interface.

To improve the user experience, has upgraded the interface to a new version. The new interface changes every aspect of the software, making it more consistent. Since the end of June, the new interface has been tested and is now officially finished.

10. 18/09/2020 - The VIP5 package has been expanded with new features. has added a new feature to the VIP5 package to optimize the search for bidding packages with funds outside the scope of the bidding law posted on the national bidding network - providing information about bidding packages with capital sources outside the scope of the bidding law (WB, ODA, ADB, UNICEF, UNDP...)

11. 08/10/2020 - was listed as a digital conversion in Vietnam Digital Stars Showcase 2020.

a collection of digital transformation products The VCCI and VNPT-organized Vietnam Digital Stars Showcase 2020 honors and presents digital transformation tools for businesses. is proud to be listed in the Directory as the sole digital conversion tool in the field of bidding.

12. 25/10/2020 - develops a bidding system for the private sector

In order to encourage the use of the bidding method to be widely used in the private sector to bring financial benefits to buyers and boost the seller's market, is creating a bidding system for the private sector (individuals and enterprises). This will be the first commercial procurement system in Vietnam, and it will follow international norms for openness and transparency.

Dauthau info develops a bidding system for the private sector develops a bidding system for the private sector

13. 10/12/2020 - was named one of the top 60 finalists in the National Innovation Startup Talent Competition - Techfest Vietnam 2020. beat out hundreds of other startups to place in the TOP 60 National Innovation Startup Talents at Techfest Vietnam 2020 (National Innovation Start-up Day).

14. 28/12/2020 - HOT: The official launch of DauThau.Net, Vietnam's first private sector bidding platform!

DauThau.Net - Vietnam's first private sector bidding platform - was officially launched on December 28, 2020. DauThau.Net will be the first private sector bidding platform capable of bringing together thousands of Vietnamese businesses on a modern digital platform.

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2021 - A breakthrough year for

The following are some of's early 2021 events:

1. 05/01/2021 - DauThau.Net is a sponsor of a startup community event organized by Product Lab.

Product Lab hosted the event "How to Grow Your Start-up Without Funding" on January 9, 2021, at eSpace Coworking and DauThau.Net was honored to be a sponsor for this event.

2. 09/01/2021 - On January 9, 2021, attended the International Exhibition of Innovation. was present at the Innovation International Exhibition on January 9, 2021, and attracted the attention of a large number of exhibitors.

3. 12/01/2021 - software is pleased to support the Ministry of Information and Communications' Digital Technology Price and Cost Portal. is currently software that many state agencies rely on to exploit contractor information. software is proud to support the Ministry of Information and Communications' Digital Technology Price and Cost Portal in searching and exploiting tenders data in the field of information technology.

4. 10/02/2021 - introduces the VIP6 package: "Hunting" auction assets, accessible via the domain DauGia.Net's software package "hunting" for auction properties assists investors in hunting for attractive auction properties in all fields (especially real estate), making the country's property auction segment more vibrant. We have a "shocking" discount program for organizations and individuals who register to use it as soon as possible on the occasion of the launch.

5. 17/02/2021 - Notice of domain name change from to ( was temporarily locked) announces the transfer of the domain name to while the domain name registrar Pavietnam has locked and suspended it.

6. 26/02/2021 - Updated to the most recent version: integration into the private auction network that is quicker, easier, and deeper

A new upgrade to has been completed, bringing users a quicker, more fluid experience, and deeper integration into the private auction network. To ensure consistency between the system and the private bidding network, this upgrade aims to enhance features and maximize efficiency. Let's look to see what has changed in this version!

Updated to the most recent version
Updated to the most recent version: integration into the private auction network that is quicker, easier, and deeper

7. 08/03/2021 - Domain has been officially revoked and redirected to

Below is a news release from Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Corporation about the decision by the Inspector of the Hanoi Department of Information & Communications to revoke the domain name The software from will now operate on

8. 11/03/2021 - Notification about the closure of the public bid information portal

With effect from March 11, 2021, (the new domain name of will no longer offer a free public bid information lookup service. For customers to view bid information, they must log in and have an account.

9. 31/03/2021 - Improve the complete website search engine to boost the system's overall search power.

The search engine of the entire website was recently enhanced by software (website, enabling rapid searches across the entire database. To boost the effectiveness of searching the entire website in response to software's recent addition of more mining capabilities, the upgrade aims to optimize the search engine for the full website utilizing Ajax technology. projects, auctions, and soon planning data are examples of new data.

10. 25/04/2021 - received the Sao Khue Prize 2021.

The 2021 Sao Khue Award in the category of digital products and solutions of the software / information technology (IT) industry in Vietnam was given to software on April 24, 2021 in Hanoi.

11. 26/04/2021 - At MPI's request, stopped using automatic data scanning and began using manual data entering. Software is required to stop scanning data on the National Procurement Network, according to a response letter from the Ministry of Planning and Investment (reported by the Bidding Newspaper). We will officially discontinue automatic data scanning on April 26, 2021, and replace it with manual data entry.

12. 27/04/2021 - Stop offering a free bid information lookup service to unregistered users.

For free registered accounts on, will stop offering its free bid information lookup service as of April 27, 2021. Users must register and purchase either the VIEWEB or VIP software package in order to view information about bidding packages.

13. 29/04/2021 - has officially upgraded to manual entry mode and released a new price list. has finished the system update procedure to transition from automatic scanning as before to human input of bidding information into the software. At the regulator's request, we will utilize a manual tender finding. As a result, the cost of the software packages will alter (applicable to new customers only). The renewal cost for seasoned customers stays the same.

14. 11/08/2021 - In Startup Wheel 2021, the Dauthau ecosystem ranked in the top 60 Vietnamese pounds.

The final leg of the semi-finals and finals continued on August 10, 2021, when the Startup Wheel 2021 organizing committee revealed the list of the top 60 Vietnamese startups. The Dauthau Ecosystem initiative was selected to move on to the next round after beating out 2,000 other proposals to be among the top 59 Vietnamese businesses and 50 international startups.

he sinh thai dau thau lot top 60 startup wheel 2021
Hình minh họa: Hệ sinh thái Đấu Thầu lọt TOP 60 Bảng Việt Nam cuộc thi Startup Wheel 2021

15. 29/04/2021 - has completed the transition to manual input mode and announced a new price list. has completed the system upgrade to switch from automatic scanning to manual input of bidding information into the software. At the regulator's request, we will use a manual bid finder. As a result, the prices of software packages will change (applicable to new customers only). The renewal price for existing customers remains the same.

16. 25/08/2021 - HOT: Seeing bid information by using points is available to all accounts.

Recently, a feature was added to's update that enables all accounts to examine bid information by points. The system will provide points for accounts with actions like the first login of the day, online time of more than 10 minutes, initial addition of account information... on in addition to allowing users to purchase points with money as previously.

17. 15/09/2021 - Together with Ho Chi Minh City's fight against COVID-19, donates 100 food sets.

In an effort to aid Ho Chi Minh City in its fight against the Covid pandemic, recently donated 100 food sets. The Vietnam Software and IT Services Association received the gifts and worked with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City to distribute them to families that were in difficulty.

18. 14/10/2021 - attends ITU Digital world exhibition 2021

The ITU Digital World 2021 expo officially launched on October 12 with a number of great IT booths that attracted a lot of interest from the present IT community. It is an honor to have software, which is part of the DauThau Ecosystem, developed by Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Corporation as one of the standard booths at the exhibition.

19. 27/10/2021 - HOT: launched two software programs: VIP7, which does "Hunting" for contractor selection results, and PRO1, which searches automatically for basic contractor information. has officially launched two new software packages: PRO1 - basic contractor information hunting software and VIP7 - contractor selection results with many appealing features. Furthermore, offers a "shocking" discount program for individuals and organizations that want to register as soon as possible.

20. 28/10/2021 - The Dauthau Ecosystem makes a stop at the top 60 startups on the Startup Wheel 2021.

Despite consistently impressing in the competition rounds, particularly with the achievement of the highest-valued startup and the most investors at the Investment Platform Challenge, the Dauthau Ecosystem Project has come to an end at the TOP 60 startup contest Startup Wheel 2021.

21. 26/11/2021 - improves data processing technology, saving up to 90% of time and labor.

Although manual access is still required to obtain the data required by the MPI, has improved the manual data entry process to automatic processing, which helps to increase data processing speed many times while saving 90% of time and manpower. Increase data entry accuracy to 100% by not relying on human resources' copy/paste operations.

22. 26/11/2021 - reveals the secret of automatic data entry technology.

This technology reduces the need for human intervention in the data processing process by 90%, increasing accuracy to 100%.

23. 26/11/2021 - The Dauthau Ecosystem and are highlighted in Vietnam Integration Magazine.

On February 21, 2021, and the DauThau Ecosystem had the honor of being featured in an article titled "Presence of "Digital Assistant" to Increase the Success Rate of Bidding for Businesses" in the Vietnam Integration Magazine.. The article's content highlights as one of the top digital assistants for helping contractors raise their bid success rates.

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The Dauthau Ecosystem and Dauthau info are highlighted in Vietnam Integration Magazine
The Dauthau Ecosystem and are highlighted in Vietnam Integration Magazine

2022 - is acknowledged on prestigious channels

The following are some of's early 2022 events:

1. 22/02/2022 - A new bid information search engine was released by software that enables searching from the address bar.

How frequently do you use the browser address bar to enter terms to search on Google? Now that has been introduced to Chromium browsers like Google Chrome, Coc Coc, and Microsoft Edge (version 2020 and up), it will enable you to search for bid information directly from the browser's URL bar.

2. 08/03/2022 - introduces a new feature to aid in the preparation for the online bidding practice certification exam.

It will be much easier to study and prepare for the bidding practice exam from now on. Anyone can practice, practice tests online and for free on the System.

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3. 15/03/2022 - Launch of Searching for bid notices by province or city introduces a feature to search for bidding notices by province/city to assist contractors in their search for information on specific regional bidding packages. With this feature, contractors can easily determine which provinces/cities have packages and how many packages are available. would like to share the following article with you to help you better understand this new feature; please take a few minutes to read it.

4. 22/03/2022 - launching the feature that analyzes goods package bid notices on has recently introduced a new feature that enables contractors to analyze bidding notices for goods bidding packages. So, how useful is this feature for contractors? Let's find out 

5. 22/03/2022 - The software on has been modified into a fantastic tool for searching for bid data and accessing both private and public bidding packages simultaneously! has recently been upgraded to become a powerful tool for locating public and private procurement opportunities. From today, users of the VIEWEB, PRO1, VIP1, and VIP2 software packages will be able to search for private procurement information. The upgrade is free of charge for all current and future customers!

6. 24/03/2022 - Adding a new feature to that do data analysis on any Procuring Entity. has added the feature of analyzing information about the procurement entity, including information about the fields in the bid solicitation, to help contractors understand the relevant information about the procuring entity before bidding. Information such as the tender notice, the overall cost of the contractor selection plan, the savings rate, and others.

7. 15/04/2022 - improved the bid solicitor's data analysis capability and finished updating the bid announcement statistics. is continuously completing the features to assist contractors in viewing comprehensive and detailed information about the solicitor. The contractor can now access all the data that the bid solicitor has supplied because recently enhanced the data analysis capability for the bid solicitor and finished upgrading the statistics of the tender notice. To learn more about what this feature has to offer, read the article below!

8. 28/05/2022 - Announcement of the release of a feature that allows you to filter the list of paid contractors.'s VIP3 package now includes the ability to filter customer accounts by contractor payment status. This feature detects the number, list, and payment status of contractors on the national bidding network system in order to accurately capture information and actual contractor participation trends.

9. 29/05/2022 - allows you to view bidding document details without downloading them. has introduced the capability of showing information about bid documents on bid packages. This feature makes it simple for contractors to access the detailed information contained in the bidding package without having to download it first, as was the case in the past. What detail information does the viewer receive in the bid document? Together with, let's find out.

10. 17/06/2022 - updates a new feature for the X1 software.

Package X1 - Software to export bidding results to Excel has recently received an update from with additional functionality. would like to share the following article with you in order to aid consumers in using the X1 package more quickly and efficiently after upgrading. Please spend some time exploring the updated applications of the X1 package.

11. 18/07/2022 - In 2022, received the TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam - I4.0 Awards.

On July 15, 2022, Dauthau Ecosystem (including, a program for analyzing bid information, DauGiaNet, a program for finding auction properties, and, a network for private bidding) received the honor of being named one of the top 35 businesses recognized at the TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam program - I4.0 Awards in 2022. The Au Co Theater in Hanoi hosted the award ceremony.

12. 04/09/2022 - SHARK TANK 5: Watch the fundraising stage of and Dauthau Ecosystem at 8 pm tonight!

Will and Dauthau Ecosystem be successful in negotiating a good deal with the sharks? Shark Tank Vietnam will air tonight at 8:00 on VTV3.

13. 04/09/2022 - and the Dauthau Ecosystem shook hands with Shark Hung Anh's BIN Group after successfully raising funds at SHARK TANK 5.

Coming to Shark Tank Vietnam season 5, Mr. Pham Duc Tien, Director of the Dauthau Ecosystem Joint Stock Company (HSTDT.,JSC), and Mr. Nguyen The Hung, General Director of the Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Company (VINADES.,JSC), have requested an investment of VND 6 billion in exchange for a 5% share in order to find a partner to help them bring products to numerous Vietnamese businesses.

he sinh thai dau thau and the DauThau Ecosystem shook hands with Shark Hung Anh's BIN Group after successfully raising funds at SHARK TANK 5

14. 18/09/2022 - Dramatic deal closing of the Dauthau Ecosystem at Shark Tank Vietnam 2022

The season 5 finale of Shark Tank Vietnam spotlights a dramatic deal closing between the Startup Bidding Ecosystem and the "sharks." This is also a spectacular finale that inspires Dauthau Ecosystem to become Vietnam's leading B2B trading platform.

15. 25/09/2022 - VINADES & Dauthau Ecosystem collaborates with Khanh Linh Trading Consultant Co., Ltd to provide WINCA digital certificates to contractors. will directly support and provide a public USB Token (digital signature) for organizations (bid solicitors and contractors) to make it easier for them to participate in the new National Procurement Network.

16. 12/10/2022 - improves the statistics function of the bid solicitor's list of published contractor selection plans. recently upgraded some software features to better meet the needs of users. The statistical feature of the bid solicitor's list of contractor selection plans is especially notable. So, what is the purpose of this feature? Let's find out in the article below!

17. 21/10/2022 - is giving away three business class air tickets to Shark Tank Forum 5 guests.

On November 25, 2022, at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81, Ho Chi Minh City, Tank Forum 5 has been held with the slogan: "Hacking Growth In The Digital Economy". and Dauthau Ecosystem will give three (3) Business tickets to three (3) lucky VIP guests.

18.18/11/2022 - [ANNOUNCEMENT] no longer offers the TDT package - Bidding Tools to new customers. will no longer offer the TDT - Bidding Tools package to new customers beginning November 18, 2022. Customers can now directly import and export bid data into the new national bidding network system's webform.

19. 30/11/2022 - organizes three days of training for the entire company in Tay Nguyen. organized a three-day training session for the entire company in Tay Nguyen to improve working spirit, strengthen solidarity, and exchange among members.

20. 21/12/2022 - Allow customers to switch care and support specialists if they are dissatisfied. has added a new feature to improve service quality and provide customers with the best possible experience when using the software: Customers can change care and support specialists if they are dissatisfied.

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