Instructions to top-up points into your accounts on DauThau.INFO

Saturday, 13 May 2023 5:26 PM
Many customers will wonder how to use functions with the lowest cost before switching to using a software package? This article we will show you how to buy and use points to exchange for features of software
Instructions to top-up points into your accounts on DauThau.INFO
Instructions to top-up points into your accounts on DauThau.INFO

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

In the article how to quickly download bidding documents using our software, it mentions the use of points to download bidding documents and buy more  other features of the software. So, how do you deposit money and exchange points for this to be automated, quickest, and without the need for staff support?"

Step 1:  Top up your wallet .

To top up your wallet, first you need to access the Members menu => select Cash Balance => Deposit money into your wallet.

nạp tiền
Deposit money into your wallet

New interface appears, you choose to top up via VNPAY Payment Gateway. Notice appears below you click Continue.

VNPAY Payment Gateway


Next, select the amount you want to deposit, then get verifed as required by the system and press accept.

nộp tiền vào ví
Deposit funds via Online transactions 24/7

New interface appears so you should choose the appropriate payment method. Here you choose to scan VNPAY code, QR code appears, open smart banking app scan and proceed to confirm payment according to the instructions of the bank.

Select Payment Method

After the system confirms the payment successfully, you can access your wallet.

xem ví
Wallet information

If there are no errors during the operation, the system will immediately record the amount in your wallet here. Then you move on to step 2.

chi tiết ví
Wallet details

Điểm neoStep 2: Change wallet to points.

Access the Members >> Point Management >> Buy points

mua thêm điểm
Buy points

The point management page interface appears, where you can see full information about how much money you have in your wallet, how many points have been exchanged, and what those points have been used for.

To add more points, click on Buy more points. Choose the amount of points you want to buy, the minimum amount of points you can buy 1 time is 100 points equivalent to 100 thousand VND. 

mua điểm
Buy more points

Step 3: Exchange points for software's features advanced features.

Once you have purchased points, you can exchange them for advanced features, which will help you experience special features of VIP packages at an affordable cost. Specifically, advanced features can be exchanged for points as follows: 

  • View detailed bid information (including: Tender Notice, Constructor Selection Plan, Bid Openning Result, Bid Award, Investment Invitation Notice....): 1 information exchange for 1 point.
  • View advanced bid information in (information can only be viewed by VIP packages): 1 information exchange for 1 point
  • Change a new filter: 50 points/filter use forever
  • Change one more new tracking message: 20 points/01 tracking message use forever (If remove tracking bid information, contractors will lose tracking, to re-tracking contractor information will lose points as before)
  • Use email feature for each filter: 200 points for 01 feature of 01 filter used in 01 month. In case you are using package VIEWEB. 
  • Quick download  bidding document file on modern browsers in case the T0 package is not used (The number of points deducted will be calculated according to the size of the downloaded file with the Formula: point deduction = 10 + {1 * number of MB / 10})

1. View bid information by points

For a normal account, each view of detailed bid information (including: Tender Notice, Constructor Selection Plan, Bid Openning Result, Bid Award, Investment Invitation Notice...)  1 point will be deducted from your account (equivalent to 1000 VND).

Each view of advanced bid information (hidden information requires member accounts to register for the VIEWEB/VIP package to view) your account will be deducted 1 point (equivalent to 1000 VND). Thus, to view details and complete a bid information, you only lose about 2000 VND.

Note: When you are viewing a detailed bid information, you need to save the information immediately because if you click to another page or reload the page, it will lose 1 point again.

trừ điểm xem tin thầu
Notice: You have been deducated 1 points for viewing bid information

When clicking to view any bid information, for example a Tender Notice, a pop up message will mention that your account will be deducted 1 point, click confirm operation to proceed to view the details of that bid information. .

thông tin
You will be deducated 1 points

Advanced package information that can only be viewed by VIEWEB or VIP packages now allows regular accounts to view with points. You only need to load points to be able to view advanced information such as the estimate of the bidding package, the place to receive the bids, the time to implement the bidding package,...

2. Buy new filters and filter email functionality

Specifically, with feature feature autofilters, you can purchase additional filters even if you haven't upgraded to a premium account by accessing your search filter manager. Then select Buy more filters. For each additional filter you buy you will lose 50 points.

quản lý bộ lọc tìm kiếm
Manage search filters

This new filter will be used forever. However, if you want the software to send information about suitable bid packages according to your existing filter to your email, you will need to purchase additional notification emails feature by clicking on 'exchange points'. This will allow you to get one notification email for each result found by search filter. For each additional notification email you purchase, it will cost 200 points, equivalent to 200,000 VND for one month and 2,400,000 VND for one year."

3. Buy more information tracking bids

After finding the bid packages suitable for your company, you will want to follow updates, modifications, corrections, and earliest notifications of the bid package. To use this feature, you need to register for VIP1 or VIP2 packages depending on the bid package information you want to monitor. When you register for the VIP1 or VIP2 package, you will be given an additional 10 follow-up notices. After you have used up these 10 follow-up notices, the software will suggest you buy more. For each additional notice you buy, it will cost 20 points, equivalent to 20,000 VND.

nâng cấp VIP1
Upgrade to a VIP1 account

Using points to purchase and use features of software is only suitable for small and very small contractors with not very high information needs. For contractors with higher needs, using points will be much more inconvenient compared to purchasing a software package with all features. However, if you are a small contractor and do not want to incur high costs all at once, or want to experience it before deciding to purchase VIP software packages, this will be a reasonable choice for you

During the process of making a deposit to your wallet, if you want to issue an invoice, please contact the person in charge or call  hotline: 0904634288 - 024.8888.4288 for support.

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