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It is a completely new product for contractors participating in the field of public procurement and is expected to revolutionize bidding activities. Let's find out what benefits DauThau.info software can bring to your business!

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Report on DauThau.info Software
Broadcast at 8 pm on 4/7/2021 on VTC2 channel in the program Sao Khue shines

What is DauThau.info?

DauThau.info is a new generation bidding information analysis software system for businesses participating in the public procurement market, a tool to help businesses (contractors and investors) make the transition. in the field of searching and "hunting" for bidding information to be ready to enter the government procurement market with a completely new mindset.

DauThau.info is built on the NukeViet software platform - a product that was awarded the 2011 Vietnamese Talent Award, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Training in Circular No. 08/2010/TT-BGDDT, and prioritized by the Ministry of Information and Communications. used in state agencies and organizations in Circular 20/2014/TT-BTTTT - that's why DauThau.info inherits all the superior technologies from NukeViet products, especially the outstanding advantages technology compared to products with the same features on the market.

With 16 software packages and a combo package, DauThau.info is not just a software but a comprehensive software suite (for both domestic and foreign businesses) that need or are participating in bidding. In Vietnam. Typical functions of the "digital assistant" DauThau.info include: searching, hunting for bidding information before it has been announced and monitoring the bidding and bidding process until the bidding results are available. The software is also capable of analyzing bidding history over the past 10 years from the national bidding database, helping businesses easily have the necessary information to read competitors and bidders, and analyze relationships. between them and between contractors to find a "close" relationship (potential risk of "red and green" in bidding).

If bidding is a form of civilized economic transaction in a market economy in which the bidding party is the buyer and the contractor is the seller, then DauThau.info software is an indispensable tool for sellers. Professional in the government procurement market. Thanks to DauThau.info software, bidding is no longer a race of chance or a playground only for those with connections because when non-technical barriers are broken, the bidding is a true race of ability. 

 Why DauThau.Info was created?

DauThau.info software was born in early 2018, from an internal project of VINADES Company developed for the bidding department to seek bidding packages from state agencies in the field of website and information portal design.

At that time, like many other companies, the bidding department of VINADES company encountered very serious problems in the process of finding bidding information: the public procurement information portal was very difficult to look up, and there was no screening function. Filter and send bid information via email; Some places (including bidding newspapers) only provide information in the form of electronic bidding newsletters in the form of PDF, capable of searching, checking or synthesizing, not suitable for the small scale of human resources like that of VINADES company. In short, the current services of searching and providing bidding information do not meet the needs of contractors at VINADES. One question is: Why doesn't a technology company like VINADES write a software to solve this problem? And so DauThau.INFO was born!

See more about the birth story of DauThau.INFO through an interview with Mr. Nguyen The Hung - CEO VINADES.,JSC below:
DauThau.INFO software - Revolution in hunting for business bidding information
Frustrated that society has entered the 4.0 Industrial Revolution but contractors still receive bidding information the same way as 10 years ago, Mr. Hung and his colleagues embarked on digital transformation for this field by allowing launched DauThau.INFO - Software to analyze bidding information from the national bidding database, helping contractors proactively access bidding information, saving a lot of time and costs, and most of all , helping the government solve problems that the national procurement network cannot solve.

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What is the difference between DauThau.info software and other software & services providing bid information?

Compare DauThau.info software with traditional bidding information services

Electronic newsletters and traditional information provision services will often send contractors bidding information according to an available list. It is often difficult for contractors to arbitrarily change the list of bidding packages they have registered (if they accidentally discover that they have registered incorrectly or due to business needs, they want to change the list compared to the industry they are trying to approach). bid, you will pay a fee). If you register to receive all bidding notices, contractors will be confused in the chaos of information between hundreds of different business lines. It's very difficult to make the perfect choice!

DauThau.INFO software is completely superior to traditional bidding information services because it gives contractors full access to which bidding package information they want to receive, in which area, or from the investor. Any investor... choose the frequency of receiving information and can even choose to only receive bidding packages that match your capacity profile. Contractors don't have to worry about being swamped with messy bidding information. Any time you make changes, you just need to go to the configuration software, at absolutely no additional cost.

Traditional electronic newsletters and information provision services will often send contractors a static PDF or Word or Excel file with dead data that cannot be looked up and expanded. Contractors also have to read it completely manually by looking at all the data sent, then marking and classifying it manually, easily causing forgetting and remembering, leading to missed bid packages.

DauThau.INFO software sends contractors intelligently processed data and multi-dimensional cross-linked data, making it easy to look up expanded information. As a software, contractors can use many support features to track the bidding package the contractor wants, download bidding documents directly from the software interface. The data is linked to the bidding party, detailed information of the bidding package and related documents so contractors can easily look up information with just one click.

Finally, DauThau.INFO Software can help contractors access the national bidding database for the past 10 years to provide more useful reference information (including bidding results, database bid solicitors and contractors) something that traditional services cannot do.

Compare DauThau.info software with other mobile App & software providing tender information

DauThau.INFO software is a pioneer software in the field of bid information analysis with superior features:
  • About technology: Using the latest web-based technology that allows use on any device. Responsive technology supports both computers and mobile devices and all modern browsers today.
  • About features: DauThau.INFO software is the only software today that fully supports features such as smart search, data rendering and cross-linking, and supports downloading files on all modern browsers; Monitor bidding packages, bidding parties... analyze and make statistics on the entire database.
  • About data: DauThau.INFO software is the only software currently capable of rendering the entire national bidding database over the past 10 years to produce the most accurate statistical reports.
Using modern technology, continuously improved and upgraded, adding many other support features. DauThau.INFO deserves to be the number 1 choice of contractors.

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What benefits does DauThau.info bring to businesses?

DauThau.info software will therefore be a digital transformation tool in the field of bidding, we bring opportunities to all contractors. For small, capable contractors without relationships or new to the bidding market, we offer the opportunity for you to participate in this potential market with the smallest opportunity cost (less than marketing expenses or any other office expenses). For large contractors, we offer large contractors the opportunity to streamline their apparatus. By using software to automate the information search process, large businesses can improve efficiency. activities of the bidding department (no longer having to take personnel from the bidding department to read bidding notices).

DauThau.info software will be an effective solution to replace an employee who specializes in reading bidding notices! Less mistakes, less forgetfulness, lower costs than using manual labor!

DauThau.info software helps businesses access bidding information more proactively and easily! If before it was very difficult to find bidding information, now the software will send bidding information to your email, reducing the rate of missed bidding packages, which means increasing sales opportunities for businesses! From there, it helps businesses add a completely new sales channel to reach customers directly quickly.

Shorten the time to access bidding notices compared to before! Our digitization specialists will continuously update data every minute, sending emails every hour to the business (lower frequency can be set, depending on the software installed by the business).
Even in the free package, DauThau.info Software also allows searching for bidding notices easier and more comprehensive. Helping businesses participating in bidding access bidding information anytime, anywhere, DauThau.info will make information more accessible to contractors. There is no longer a situation where information is public but very difficult to access like before.

Have more complete and comprehensive information about the bidding party as well as its competitors. By linking information from the bidding database over the past 10 years, DauThau.info provides a panoramic view for businesses from any angle.

Businesses can see the article "Difficulties of businesses participating in bidding in Vietnam and solutions of DauThau.info" for detailed information about the benefits that DauThau.info brings. 

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Achievements and Awards of DauThau.info

After 5 years of launch with 16 Vietnamese software packages, 1 combo package (combined) and 5 English software packages, up to now, DauThau.info Software has achieved many remarkable achievements and awards:
  • Successfully raising capital at SHARK TANK 5: Coming to Shark Tank Vietnam season 5, Mr. Pham Duc Tien - Director of Bidding Ecosystem Joint Stock Company (HSTDT.,JSC) and Mr. Nguyen The Hung - General Director of the Company Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Company (VINADES.,JSC), the project incubator, has successfully "closed a deal" with Shark Hung Anh to receive an investment of 6 billion VND in exchange for 10% of shares (See more)
  • Honored TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam - I4.0 Awards 2022: On July 15, 2022, Dau Thau Ecosystem was honored to be among the TOP 35 businesses praised at the TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam program - I4.0 Awards 2022. The commendation ceremony took place at Au Co Theater, Hanoi City (See more)
  • Reached the TOP 60 Vietnamese Startup Wheel 2021 competition: On August 10, 2021, the Startup Wheel 2021 Organizing Committee announced the list of 60 best Vietnamese startups continuing the final stages of the semi-finals and finals. The Bidding Ecosystem project was honored to appear in the top list of 59 Vietnamese startups and 50 international startups, surpassing about 2,000 other projects to advance to the next stage (See more)
  • Receiving the Sao Khue Award 2021: On April 24, 2021, in Hanoi, DauThau.info software was honored to receive the Sao Khue Award 2021 in the field of digital products and solutions of the software/information technology industry ( IT) Vietnam (See more)
  • Reached the TOP 60 of the National Innovation Startup Talent Competition - Techfest Vietnam 2020: At the Techfest Vietnam 2020 event (National Innovation and Startup Festival), surpassing hundreds of other startups, DauThau. info has reached the TOP 60 national innovative startup talents. (See more)
  • Present on the Vietnam digital transformation directory Digital Stars Showcase 2020: Vietnam digital transformation solutions directory Digital Stars Showcase 2020 is organized by VCCI and VNPT to honor and announce supporting digital transformation solutions enterprise. DauThau.INFO is honored to be the only digital transformation tool for bidding to be included in the Directory (See more)
DauThau info successfully raised capital at SHARK TANK 5 1
DauThau info successfully raised capital at SHARK TANK 5
DauThau info was honored as TOP Industry 4 0 Vietnam I4 0 Awards 2022
DauThau info was honored as TOP Industry 4 0 Vietnam   I4 0 Awards 2022
DauThau info reached TOP 60 Vietnamese Pounds in Startup Wheel 2021 competition 1
DauThau info reached TOP 60 Vietnamese Pounds in Startup Wheel 2021 competition
DauThau info reached the TOP 60 of the National Innovation Startup Talent Competition   Techfest Vietnam 2020 2
DauThau info reached the TOP 60 of the National Innovation Startup Talent Competition   Techfest Vietnam 2020
DauThau info is present on the Vietnam digital conversion directory Digital Stars Showcase 2020
DauThau info is present on the Vietnam digital conversion directory Digital Stars Showcase 2020
dauthau info
DauThau.info is honored to receive the Sao Khue Award 2021 from the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA)
See the full development history of DauThau.info here!
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Điểm neoBrochure DauThau.info

Below is an introduction document about "Super bid analysis and hunting software" DauThau.info. Please refer to this to better understand the software packages that DauThau.info is providing.

Document content includes:

  1. Open letter
  2. Introducing Bidding Ecosystem Joint Stock Company
  3. Introducing DauThau.info software
  4. Achievements and awards
  5. Benefits for businesses
  6. Products of DauThau.info
  7. Contact Info
Brochure introduces super bid analysis and hunting software DauThau.info
Download the DauThau.info brochure HERE
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