DauThau.info was entered the TOP 60 of the National Innovation Startup Talent Competition - Techfest Vietnam 2020

Thursday, 01 June 2023 10:45 AM
At the Techfest Vietnam 2020 event (National Innovation Start-up Day), DauThau.info surpassed hundreds of other startups and entered the TOP 60 National Innovation Startup Talents.
DauThau.info was entered the TOP 60 of the National Innovation Startup Talent Competition - Techfest Vietnam 2020

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

DauThau.info is a software built on the open source software NukeViet - has been awarded the Vietnamese Talent Award 2011. Thanks to that, DauThau .info has demonstrated outstanding advantages over other closed source tools. 

While the national bidding network is closed due to the use of technology, the development team cannot master the technology. After many years of not being able to upgrade, this system is now only accessible by Internet Explorer 9 browser on Windows operating system. But with DauThau.info, the software supports contractors to access bid information on all browsers (Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Coc Coc....), devices (phones, PCs, laptops, tablets... ) and operating system  (Windows, Android, IOS, Ubuntu, Fedora...). Moreover, the software also automatically screens the bidding package that meets the contractor's requirements (by industry, field, scope, area, contractor capacity...) and then sends it to the contractor via email. It can be said that DauThau.info is a digital transformation tool for contractors, making it easier for contractors to access government public procurement projects, saving time, effort and money in continuing to work. close to bidding packages.

dauthau info top 60 techfest
List of 30 startups at the Innovation Board, including DauThau.info in the TOP 60

DauThau.info's mission is to attract public procurement contractors to the generating system Bidding mode is for private use. After 2 years, the software not only successfully completed this task when attracting more than 40,000 accounts of more than 24,000 businesses to join the system, but also brought a positive change when becoming an extension arm of the government. , helping the government promote publicity and transparency of contractor information... 

dauthau info du an startup cua cong ty vinades lot top 60 du an startup cua techfest 200 min min 1
Booth zone of DauThau.info and Bidding Ecosystem at Techfest 2020

The outstanding success of DauThau.info was attributed to Mr. Nguyen The Hung - General Director of VINADES, the incubator for the startup of the Bidding Ecosystem - It is entirely thanks to the combination of open technology with the use of public data on bidding, through which the Startup successfully created a bait effect, saving billions of dong in marketing costs for the project.

Representative of DauThau.info participating in Techfest2020
Đại diện team Hệ sinh thái Đấu Thầu tham gia Techfest 2020
cac doi startup va dauthau info chup anh ky niem cung ban giam khao trong 1 su kien ben le cua techfest 2020 1
DauThau.info took photos with the teams and judges at a "pitching" session on the sidelines of the main event, on the occasion of the launch of the Vietnam Digital Startup Investment Club(VDI)
With zero marketing costs, fully using open technology and public data, DauThau.info has helped DauThau.info have a large user base beyond the imagination of many people. . Success of DauThau.info Software & The value it brings to contractors are two of the many reasons for DauThau.info to enter the TOP 60 of the National Innovative Startup Talent Contest - Techfest Vietnam 2020.

To learn about DauThau.info, please see here: https://dauthau.asia/about/gioi-thieu-ve-dauthau-info.html

It's a brand new product for contractors who are participating in public procurement and is expected to revolutionize bidding. Let's find out what DauThau.info software can bring to your business!


To register and pay online 24/7, please visit: https://dauthau. asia/vip/?plan=1

To view pricing and feature comparisons for software packages, please visit: https: //dauthau.asia/page/bang-gia.html

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