DauThau.info was honored in TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam - I4.0 Awards in 2022

Thursday, 01 June 2023 10:51 AM
Last July 15, 2022, DauThau Ecosystem (Including DauThau.INFO - Bidding information analysis software; DauGia.Net - Auction property hunting software; DauThau.Net - Bidding network for private sector) was honored to be in the TOP 35 enterprises honored at the TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam program - I4.0 Awards in 2022. The commendation ceremony was held at Au Co Theater, Hanoi.
DauThau.info was honored in TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam - I4.0 Awards in 2022

The program is organized by Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, Vietnam Automation Association, Institute of Innovation and Digital Transformation implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Information and Communications. This is also the first year of implementing the program to honor TOP Industry 4.0 in Vietnam - I4.0 Awards. 

The program is organized with the desire to celebrate the development of manufacturing enterprises, connect supply and demand for digital technology solutions, build and develop smart production; Promote the application of IT, digital technology, digital transformation and innovation to help improve the competitiveness of localities and businesses, develop the digital economy; Create opportunities to exchange, learn and share experiences in the implementation of smart factory construction, digital factory, smart production, S&T research, innovation, and quality improvement. products, business administration capacity; Connecting, connecting the community of scientists, research institutes, universities and businesses, together supporting, consulting, training, transferring technology, developing the digital economy, achieving success. high volume.

After 3 months of receiving, the Organizing Committee has received 156 entries in all components according to the program structure. Through the process of preliminary and final evaluation, which is fair and objective, the Organizing Committee has selected 35 businesses with 48 digital products and solutions to be awarded and honored. And the Bidding Ecosystem is honored to be one of 35 enterprises honored in TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam - I4.0 Awards 2022 in category 3: TOP enterprises with smart digital products and public solutions. Industry 4.0 technology. Through the following criteria: Evaluation of products, digital technology solutions (CNS), plans and strategies for promotion and market development for products or solutions, management models and business environment, and business plan. plan to build and develop human resources of the enterprise, evaluate the results, and develop the enterprise's development strategy with products and solutions.    

Video Tender Ecosystem honored TOP Industry 4.0 Vietnam - I4.0 Awards 2022

Bidding Ecosystem is the maximum support platform for private enterprises to participate in the public procurement, private procurement and auction markets. The core of the Ecosystem is the Private Tender Network - DauThau.Net and the Bid Information Analysis Software - DauThau.info. 

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