The difference between traditional bidding and online bidding

Saturday, 09 September 2023 1:11 PM
With the strong development of the telecommunications technology industry, especially the 4.0 revolution is changing the way the world operates. The field of bidding is no exception to that trend. Online bidding contributes to improving the efficiency of bidding, creating a competitive, fair, transparent environment and saving time and costs. greatly reduces administrative procedures for both contractors and bid solicitors. In today's article we compare the differences between traditional bidding and online bidding, please read's article!
The difference between traditional bidding and online bidding

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What is online bidding? Online bidding route

Implementing the Government's resolution on e-government, on July 13, 2016, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 1402/QD-TTg on overall approval and online bidding roadmap for the 2016 period - 2025. Accordingly, it is also very clear what is the nature of online bidding? Let's learn about the concept of online bidding:
“What is online bidding? Online bidding is an important component of e-government, through the application of information and communication technology in the interaction process between relevant parties including: Investor/bidder, contractor. contractors, supervisory agencies, state management agencies, service providers, and civil society organizations in public procurement activities and contract implementation management to improve the ability State governance, effective use of state budget, contributing to socio-economic development, reforming administrative procedures, increasing openness, transparency, competition and economic efficiency of bidding work ; help prevent and fight corruption effectively”
Or to put it more simply, online bidding is the use of the internet system to carry out bidding procedures for selecting contractors and investors online.
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Understand clearly what the concept of online bidding is
Besides understanding the content of online bidding regulations, what are they? Also according to the content of the above Decision, the Government has clearly assigned tasks to relevant ministries and branches in the period 2019-2025 to apply the online bidding roadmap as follows:

"2. Period 2019 - 2025
Based on the actual situation, the Ministry of Planning and Investment adjusted to increase the application rate for each year to meet the target by 2025:
- 100% of information during the process of contractor selection and contract implementation is publicly posted on the National Bidding Network System;
- At least 70% of bidding packages within the scope of the Bidding Law will be implemented on the National Bidding Network System;
- 100% of regular procurement activities are carried out on the National Bidding Network System, applying centralized procurement on the National Bidding Network System."

Distinguish between traditional bidding and online bidding

Going back to the history before 2016, if we go to any project management unit (usually with the function of inviting contractors), the first impression that catches our eyes is the floor, Layers and layers of documents, especially bidding documents. There are even many places that have to arrange many separate rooms just to store records, but the "odd thing" is that these records have to be stored for many years, many generations, because sometimes they have been inspected and audited many times. , but even after the inspection team still had related matters and had to query the records, they did not dare to "golden" those records.

If bidding is done online, obviously this will be fundamentally minimized, because most of the records are digitized through the network environment, some are stored on the network environment, some data is stored on the Internet. computer. Whenever needed, you can easily search and view through a computer connected to the internet.
What is the difference between online bidding and traditional bidding
What is the difference between online bidding and traditional bidding
Going into the comparison between traditional bidding and online bidding, we start from the preparation stage until submitting the bid documents, there is a huge difference, we can see the difference between bidding. traditional and online bidding through the following comparison table:
Traditional bidding Online bidding
Must get a referral, contact to buy documents, pay and receive documents Easily download documents online, no need for paper copies because the online version is the one recognized as having the highest legality
Documents that need to be prepared require a lot of printing, arranging, photocopying, and stamping. Sometimes it leads to confusion and errors Profiles are standardized, some key competency profiles just need to be uploaded to the system and used forever. Some forms use standard forms on the system, just need to declare using a computer connected to the internet. Processes are electronic.
It is necessary to submit bids before the bid closing time. Most contractors choose to submit their bids until the bid closing time, rarely submitting in advance because of concerns about many negative issues arising; Many contractors, due to force majeure reasons such as traffic jams, not being able to find the correct submission address, having their documents stolen during the submission process, being threatened... leading to submissions past the bid closing time or not being able to submit them at all. Bids are submitted online. You can sit anywhere with a computer connected to the internet and submit your bids without worrying about any problems related to document loss.
Through the above comparative analysis, we see a clear difference between the two forms of online bidding and non-online bidding. Online bidding brings enormous benefits, making bidding much simpler and more convenient, helping businesses save costs and troublesome procedures in bidding. However, online bidding is not without challenges when we are not used to changing our habits and thinking like our recent article "Online bidding: Advantages and challenges for contractors" . Typically, downloading bidding documents on Public Procurement requires using IE browser, Windows operating system and installing many environments to download.

However, DauThau.INFO software has recently overcome the above situation that Public Procurement has not been able to overcome in the past 10 years. That means downloading online bidding documents on any modern browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari,... and does not require using the Windows operating system or setting up the environment. Contractors can learn about the T0 package (Coming soon) - Unlimited downloads of bidding documents on all browsers to solve the above problem!

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Author: Nguyen Thuy

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