Keyword suggestions to find bidding packages for purchasing medical goods

Tuesday, 12 September 2023 11:38 PM
Procurement of medical equipment and medicines is one of the important procurement areas of the Government recently. Let's join DauThau.INFO in providing keyword suggestions and guidance so you can find suitable bidding packages for the medical field.
Keyword suggestions to find bidding packages for purchasing medical goods
Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

Public procurement in the health sector

The world is increasingly developing and achieving outstanding achievements, but the downside is environmental pollution and climate change leading to increasingly complicated diseases and epidemics. While writing this article, our country and all over the world are struggling to fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government's public procurement sector has served the health sector in recent years. This has developed very strongly, however, the pandemic situation has also revealed many problems of lack of resources and equipment. To be able to access and participate in the medical procurement segment, DauThau.INFO Today, we provide keyword suggestions and search instructions so that readers and contractors can find bidding packages that suit their capabilities in the field of procurement of medical-related goods.

Main keyword search suggestions

We have researched and synthesized some key keywords in the medical industry through reference to 28 professions of the medical industry.National online bidding center and look up the industry code according to the National Business Registration Portal to give suggestions as in the following table:




Detailed industry

Reference keywords















Medical equipment and supplies










Medical machinery and equipment, medical and dental instruments [1] 

Orthopedic devices; Rehabilitation equipment [2]

Medical supplies




Equipment for epidemic prevention [3]

Medicine; Medicine [4]

Functional foods [5]

Search instructions

2.1. Smart search box

After we go to "Search" → "Notice of invitation to bid" follow the link here, the bid information search section is located as shown below:
Chức năng tìm kiếm thông minh
Smart search box

Note the search interval setting

In the search box, we set the time period to search for bidding packages. Normally, we should keep the time period short compared to the current time because in most goods procurement packages, once the bidding notice has been posted, the will issue bidding documents a few days later, the recommended time period is 14-30 days, choose as shown below:

khoảng thời gian công bố
Search time box

Main keyword

Next, in the "Main keyword" box, we put the data of suggested keywords mentioned in the table at the beginning of the article, for example "Medical instruments, medical and dental machinery and equipment" To search for bidding packages to supply machinery, equipment, and medical instruments, see the image below:

từ khóa chính
Main keyword

If we just use it simply with that keyword (like for example "Medical instruments, medical and dental machinery and equipment"), when clicking on the search button, bidding packages related to the keyword just entered in the search keyword box as shown above will appear. 

Advanced search

To find the right destination for medical procurement packages, we need to continue using advanced search tools to install additional keywords and exclusion keywords right in the search box area as shown below:

Tìm kiếm nâng cao
Advanced search

Additional keywords and exclusion keywords

In this advanced search box, we enter in the box "Additional keywords" suggested examples "medical"then in the search results there will definitely be additional keywords"medical" in the search results, and to be sure to exclude other bidding packages, we enter keywords that we do not want to appear in the search results such as bidding packages related to construction, consulting, supervision... Then in the box "Does not contain words" we enter the suggested keyword "Construction, supervision, construction" then the results will give us quite accurate bidding packages.

tìm kiếm nâng cao chức năng
Use supplementary keywords and exclusion keywords

Note: For some local contractors, we can use additional keywords as place names in that locality if the contractor only wants to perform a search for bidding packages in that locality.For example: Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Tra Vinh...

Other advanced searches

To conduct advanced searches, we also have some additional options such as:

  • Online or non-online bidding form, for online bidding, we need to note that from February 1, 2020, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issued Circular No 11/2019/TT-BKHDT about the online bidding roadmap, There is an article with instructions that readers can refer to here.

  • Field, there are 05 fields to choose from, in this case we can choose the field of goods procurement which will also yield similar results, however there may be some other bidding packages posted by the bidding party. is not accurate, so searching here may not be accurate.

  • Type of business, this section only applies to construction packages worth < 5.0 billion VND, so we do not care about this section.

  • Guaranteed amount Bidding can choose according to the limit appropriate to the limit of your business or this is also a way to interpolate the price of the bidding package.

Select according to bidding price is a tool for contractors to set the bidding package price/contract package estimate that best suits their business's ability to perform. This is often related to requirements for capacity and experience (Capacity and experience). financial capacity such as: Revenue, ability to provide credit; Similar contracts have been made to prove), for this filter we should pay attention and compare with our own actual capacity to find Search accordingly. Suggestion in case of insufficient capacity: In case of insufficient capacity, it is also possible to form a joint venture with another unit so that each unit can perform a portion of the work.

giá mời thầu
Bidding price setting box

3. Search results

DauThau.INFO would like to present some search results with the sample filters mentioned above as follows. Readers just need to click on the keyword name to display the search results:

In case readers and contractors want to find a contractor selection plan to prepare in advance, instead of the Bid Invitation notice search box, we select Contractor selection plan in the Information search box area. Bidding information according to the following instructions:

tìm kiếm theo
Search box for contractor selection plan

Above is's suggested article for readers and contractors who want to find construction packages in the field of medical equipment procurement that best suit their capacity and experience. , hope this article will be useful to readers. In addition, we also recommend that readers and qualified contractors should registerVIP membership package1 Let the software automatically send pre-installed bidding packages to your email every day/hour to help you not miss out on bidding packages that are being invited for bidding on the National Bidding System.

Sincerely thank our readers and contractors for your interest and follow-up. If necessary, please contact us:


Author: Nguyen Thuy

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