Sale up to 40% when purchasing VIP7 package - "Hunting contractor selection results" English version

Monday, 23 October 2023 8:03 AM is introducing a discount program offering up to 40% off to celebrate the launch of the VIP7 software package—"hunting" contractor selection results in its English version. This discount is available until the end of the day on 15/11/2023. Customers are encouraged to register promptly to seize this exciting offer from!
Sale up to 40% when purchasing VIP7 package - "Hunting contractor selection results" English version

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

Following the release of the English versions of the VIP1, VIP2 and VIP3 software packages, is now rolling out the VIP7 software package in English to users.

Outstanding features of the VIP7 software package in English

VIP7 primarily helps subcontractors attempting to find main contractors who recently won contracts relevant to the subcontractors' industries and fields of interest, all in English.

VIP7 inherits the feature to set up filters and receive emails about Tender Notices and Contractor Selection Plan from the VIP1 and VIP2 software packages. VIP7 aids subcontractors in hunting and receiving Contractor Selection Results via email at a more affordable price, aligning with the usage criteria of most current subcontractors.

Specific outstanding features of the VIP7 package include: 

  • List of Contractor Selection Results

  • Advanced search functionality to locate Contractor Selection Results (CSR);

  • Set up search filters for Contractor Selection Results based on contractor requirements;

  • View the information about the winning contractor.

  • See the Contractor Selection Results list from the same Bid solicitor.

  • Receive hourly email updates on Contractor Selection Results, according to your settings;

  • View detailed information on the bidding package per Contractor Selection Result.

  • Get email notifications about new Contractor Selection Results (CSR) matching search criteria (saved in the filter);

  • View detailed information on Contractor Selection Results for each bidding package;

  • VIP7 encompasses all features of VIP1, VIP2, including proactive information filtering and automatic email updates, saving time and effort for subcontractors seeking Contractor Selection Results.

Enjoy up to a 40% discount when purchasing the English version of the VIP7 package:

To celebrate the launch of the English version of VIP7, is offering an exceptional discount of up to 40%. Details are as follows:

  • Eligibility: For all customers when purchasing the new English version of VIP7.

  • Discounted Price: 7,200,000 VND (Original price 12,000,000 VND/package/year).

  • Discount Period: Until 15/11/2023.

*** Note: This discount will permanently apply if you renew before expiration (annual renewal required).

Get a 30% discount when buying a combo or adding the English version of VIP7:

Customers wanting to purchase a combo of the VIP7 package in both English and Vietnamese or current users of the Vietnamese version of VIP7 wanting the English version will be supported by with a discount of up to 30% of the total order value. Specifically, as follows:

1. For COMBO PURCHASE of VIP7 (Both English and Vietnamese versions):

  • Discounted Combo Price: 15,400,000 VND (Original price 22,000,000 VND/year; Vietnamese version priced at 10,000,000 VND/year and the English version at 12,000,000 VND/year).
  • Promotion period: Until the end of the day 15/11/2023

2. For customers currently using the Vietnamese version of VIP7 wanting to ADD the English version:

  • Discounted Price: 8,400,000 VND (Original price 12,000,000 VND/year).
  • Discount Period: Until 15/11/2023.

Support for deducting corresponding amounts when fully switching to the English version of VIP7:

For those currently using the Vietnamese version of VIP7 wanting to FULLY SWITCH to the English version (i.e., only use the English version), will offer a deduction equivalent to the remaining days of use of the Vietnamese version.

For example: If you are using the Vietnamese VIP7 package (10,000,000 VND) with 6 months remaining (equivalent to 05 million VND) and wish to convert the remaining 6 months to the English VIP7 (half-year price is 06 million VND), you will receive a 05 million VND discount. Thus, you only need to pay an additional 01 million VND to switch to the English VIP7 for the remaining 6 months!

*** Note:

  • Promotional programs mentioned in this article are not cumulative.

  • The validity of the English VIP packages is independent of the Vietnamese VIP packages that customers are currently using.

  • All of the above promotions only last until the end of the day 15/11/2023

Hurry and REGISTER FOR VIP7 PACKAGE  to grab the exciting discounts offered by today!

With a shockingly reduced price, nearly half of the original, why hesitate? Get in touch with to seize this fantastic offer!

To receive advice and register to use the English version of the VIP7 software package, please contact:

Author: Nguyen Thuy

 Tags: vip package, vip7

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