Share important experiences when participating in online bidding in 2024

Thursday, 14 September 2023 8:41 AM
In 2024, almost all small and medium-sized tender packages are required to be conducted through online bidding. The online bidding process has been outlined by the Ministry of Planning and Investment since 2019, so most contractors have successfully transitioned to this method. However, there are still some contractors who may not fully understand issues related to online bidding. In today's article on, we will share important experiences for contractors participating in online bidding. Let's take a look at the article together.
Share important experiences when participating in online bidding
Share important experiences when participating in online bidding
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At the end of 2022, the Ministry of Planning and Investment officially operates the new National Procurement Network System (e-GP) at and runs on many browsers. It's not as restrictive as the old system, which only runs on the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. At the same time, the interactive working environment on the new system is also very friendly, easy to use, and especially error-free like on the old system. This is really a very good thing for contractors and investors/bidders, however, for new contractors or contractors who have participated before but have not participated in the new system yet, they will encountering certain obstacles, today's article will provide instructions to make online bidding simpler.

Set up the appropriate environment

The new national bidding network system also needs to install a suitable environment, that is, install the latest version of VNeGP Client Agent Software (currently 1.0.2), to do so we do as follows:

Home page > User manual > Download VNeGP Client Agent software version 1.0.2 > Install
cai dat moi truong phu hop 2
Need to install suitable environment

Register for a public digital certificate

Public digital certificate, also known as digital signature, electronic signature. This is a form of encrypted Token on a storage device (USB) provided by developers. Public digital certificates can be used on the same device for tax, insurance or customs declarations. Therefore, in cases where it is not necessary, it can be used together. In cases where many operations are needed, the unit can purchase one (or more) separately to use for bidding, after having the contractor's public digital certificate. Need to declare public digital certificate. The steps are as follows:

Log in to the system > Select Personal page > Account information and digital certificates > Select the Digital Certificate tab > Click on the Digital Certificate box
khai bao chung thu so
Account information and digital certificates
Digital certificate registration section:
dang ky chung thu so
Register digital certificate
Please note, the digital certificate must be valid and on the list of 23 digital certificate providers compatible with the National Bidding System.

Declare capacity profile

To declare your capacity profile, follow these steps:

Step 1: Home > Electronic bidding > Business module > Capacity profile
ke khai ho so nang luc
Declare capacity profile
Step 2: In the capacity profile section > Select General information, in this step you need to declare the required information (marked with a red *), please note that this step requires an accurate financial year declaration ( Usually January 1 - December 31).
khai thong tin chung
Declare general information
After declaring general information, the following items will be declared:
  • Financial capacity
  • Similar contracts (Contracts that have been/are being implemented)
  • Key personnel
  • Construction equipment
To declare the above content, you only need to fill in the content according to the webform, then confirm the information and it is complete.

Check that you do not owe any fees

To check fee debt information, we do: Home > Electronic payment, then go to find the following items:
  • Registration costs/Maintenance costs
  • Costs for submitting bid/bid, winning bid, using e-invoice
thanh toan chi phi
Payment costs

Find a suitable bidding package

Finding a suitable bidding package can be done in 2 ways:
  • Method 1: Search for bidding package information on the National Bidding Network System
tim kiem 1
Search from the toolbar of the National Procurement System
  • Method 2: Search for bidding package information using Software, this is an effective way to search and at the same time offers a variety of smart search methods through a huge data processing process, It can be said that every "nook and cranny" of information of the bidding package, investor and contractor is clearly illuminated by the software.

Proactively submit tender documents early

Once all the steps mentioned above have been completed, we can proceed with the steps to participate in the tender. However, it is crucial to note that we need to prepare complete documents and submit the tender early to anticipate situations where the bidding system may encounter errors. Although the new system has significantly fewer errors than the old system (running on outdated IE), encountering issues such as the inability to upload documents is not uncommon.

In the event of preparation and declaration (upload) of documents on the national bidding system encountering errors, we should call and report the error status to the hotline number of the switchboard (19006126) for inspection and adjustment of the bidding closing time, as stipulated in Article 6 of Circular No. 01/2024/TT-BKHDT, specifically:

1. In case of a breakdown that renders the system inoperable, the online selected tenders with closing and clarification deadlines for E-Bidding Documents, E-Technical Proposals, E-Price Proposals during the period from the system breakdown until 02 hours after completing the troubleshooting will be automatically extended to the new closing time. The new clarification deadline for E-Bidding Documents, E-Technical Proposals, E-Price Proposals will be after 06 hours from the time of completing the troubleshooting.

2. If the new closing time and clarification deadline for E-Bidding Documents, E-Technical Proposals, E-Price Proposals as per the provisions in clause 1 of this Article are after 17:00 and before 11:00 the next day, the system will automatically extend until 11:00 the next day.

3. If the system automatically extends the closing time as specified in clauses 1 and 2 of this Article, the evaluation of E-Bidding Documents, E-Technical Proposals, E-Price Proposals is carried out based on the closing time stated in E-Bidding Methodology Documents, E-Technical Methodology Documents, E-Price Methodology Documents before the system encountered the breakdown.

4. In case of a breakdown that makes the national bidding network system inoperable and the troubleshooting is expected to take a long time, the Ministry of Planning and Investment will announce on the national bidding network system about the organization of contractor selection during the period when the national bidding network system encounters issues and the resolution of these issues, including organizing contractor selection not through the network.

Above, has shared important experiences when participating in online bidding in 2023. Hopefully this article will help contractors who are wondering about this issue. always accompanies and brings a lot of useful information to interested contractors. If you need support, please contact:

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