Instructions for looking up bidding information

On the national bidding network system (public procurement), it is quite difficult to find bid information, and a very high percentage of contractors will not find the bidding package they are looking for. Contractors need to use to make the search easy and accurate. This article will guide contractors to use to search for bid information on the national bidding network system.

Instructions for looking up bidding information

Instructions for looking up bidding information

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Instructions for looking up bidding information

Instructions for using the quick search function

On the main page of the website, contractors can use the quick search function

Search filter on Dauthau info
Picture 1.1 Search filter on

With the software system, the information is filtered by more criteria:

The first is to classify information for Contractors and Investors.

By selecting a Contractor then you will be able to find information such as:

- Tender notice
- Contractor selection plan.
- Contractor selection Result
- Prequalification Notice
- Result of bid opening
- Prequalification results.
Note: Depending on each bidding package posted, the above information items will be provided. Some bidding packages only have the Tender notice and the Contractor Selection Plan posted, so it is recommended that bidders search by these two information, if not, please change the type of information.

When you select Investor , the searchable information will include:

- Project list.
- Investors Invitation Notice
- Investors Prequalification Notice
- Investor selection plan.
- Investor selection results.
- Results of investor pre-qualification.

To find the Tender Notice, please select Contractor => Tender notice or just ignore it.

Next, you perform information screening by choosing the time period when the Tender Notice is posted. Here you can choose an automatic period from 7 days to the entire history to look up. Or you can also choose a separate time period by selecting another item.

Setting the search interval on dauthau info
Picture 1.2 Setting the search interval on

After setting the time period you want to look up, you fill in the main keyword with the information you want to search. Here you can enter 5 keywords, each keyword is not limited to the number of characters. To distinguish different keywords, you put each keyword separated by a comma.

For example, I will enter "Primary school, kindergarten, kindergarten, preschool" to search for construction works of primary schools, preschools, and kindergartens. Then I click search.

Search results with the main keyword
Picture 1.3 Search results with the main keyword

If you look closely at the returned results, you will see that there are many other bidding packages related to the school field such as Goods supply, consulting, supervision ...
Instructions for using the advanced search function on

You click the Click for advanced search to open the advanced search function of the software. At this point you will also see the function of filtering by field corresponding to the buyer. You just need to tick the correct field you want, and if you are not sure which field, just leave it alone, the software will automatically search by all fields.

Advanced search function on Dauthau info
Picture 1.4 Advanced search function on

To be able to filter information more accurately you enter additional keywords in the Additional keywords and Does not contain the word boxes.

Additional keywords are required keywords in the content of the invitation to bid. If you enter 3 keywords, the returned results must include all 3 of these keywords in the new bid notice. The keywords you enter in the "no words" box will not appear in the Tender Notice. Similar to the main keyword, you can enter a maximum of 5 keywords in each box and the keywords are not limited to the number of characters.

For example, because I want to find construction and installation bidding packages, I enter the keyword "construction" in the Additional keywords box and enter 3 keywords "consult, equipment, procurement" in the box Does not contain the word. Then the returned results as you see will be much more accurate.

Use additional keywords and exclusion keywords
Photo 1.5 Use additional keywords and exclusion keywords

The trick here is that if you want to search for Tenders in a particular location, you can use the additional keyword as the name of that location. For example Bac Giang, Hai Phong, Can Tho... And if you want to track the bidding packages of a specific Bid solicitor, you just need to enter the name of that bid solicitor in this field.

Search for the exact keyword: When you turn on this feature, the software will understand that you want to search for exactly the information you have filled in the information fields including punctuation, keyword content and even typing mistakes.

Bidding method: just like on Government Procurement Portal you also have 3 options: Online, offline, or unknown.

Business type: If your company is not a small or micro business, then you can select the "all" option.

Bid security amount: You can choose according to the limit that suits your business limit.

Bidding price: For this filter, you should note and compare it with the actual capacity of your company to search accordingly. To avoid duplication with the bidding package for small and micro enterprises mentioned above, the bidding price we start from is 5.0 billion VND or more.

After you have installed the filter, click Search to get the results you want.

Compare software and the free search function on the national bidding network

Using software, the lookup is easy and accurate. In particular, if you use VIP1 or VIP2 service packages, the system will automatically screen 24/24h every day and send the found information to your email, saving time, costs, and human resources for customers. the search and "hunt" for bid information.

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