DauThau.info launches English version to serve foreign contractors, English-speaking contractors participating in Vietnam's public procurement market

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 9:46 PM
DauThau.info officially launched the English version to make it easier for foreign contractors, English-speaking contractors to participate in the public procurement market in Vietnam. With the software interface completely in English, the bidding data is also mostly translated into English, and the bid hunting function sent to email is also in English... will meet the speed and language requirements of users.
Lauch English Version
Lauch English Version
Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

In recent years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam has gradually become a market considered by foreign businesses as an ideal destination. When the wave of foreign investment flows moved to Vietnam, the domestic market not only welcomed foreign investors but also had the participation of more and more foreign contractors.

When participating in Vietnam's public procurement market, a mandatory requirement for foreign contractors and investors is to clearly update Vietnam's bidding information to understand the activities of foreign investors and bidding activities of the host country, thereby making research, evaluation and ultimately correct decisions when participating in a bidding package in this market.

Therefore, on June 5, 2023, DauThau.info officially launched the English version with the desire to solve the problems of foreign businesses when participating in the public procurement market in Vietnam.

Why should foreign enterprises and English-speaking contractors participating in the Vietnamese market use the English version of DauThau.info?

DauThau.info has been serving a part of customers who are foreign enterprises with the need of exploiting tender information as above. Previously, foreign contractors and English-speaking contractors could only reach public procurement information via the Vietnamese version. For foreign enterprises, this bidding information still needs to be translated. Therefore, with this English version, the person in charge of bidding in foreign enterprises can now directly manipulate, find and view the details of the bid information on the page without having to pay for the translation.

In case the contractor is an enterprise located entirely abroad and wants to participate in the bidding in the Public Procurement market in Vietnam, the English version of DauThau.info will help foreign businesses more easily access when entering the Vietnamese market. Therefore, foreign businesses can exploit information on DauThau.info's English website with the following advantages:
  • Capturing tender information quickly: For foreign businesses that do not have an English-specialized bidding website, the biggest disadvantage is that information capture is not as fast and complete as that of domestic contractors. Therefore, this English version of DauThau.info's website will help foreign businesses bridge the language gap with the same access speed as those using the Vietnamese version.
  • Easy to find information: The English website will provide necessary information about the products and services of DauThau.info software, helping foreign businesses to easily and proactively learn, evaluate and compare with other software products on the market. Besides, foreign contractors, English-speaking contractors will also easily grasp information about promotions and incentives of DauThau.info, which will also help foreign businesses have the opportunity to search. Our products/software packages are tailored to your business needs and goals.
  • There are more reputable sources to consult the information about bid solicitors/investors/contractors: Foreign enterprises can consult the information about partners, customers, and bidding packages that enterprises participate in Public procurement that have been conducted in the past on the English website of DauThau.info. This helps foreign businesses get an overview of their capacity and experience in the Vietnamese market.
  • Enjoy the power of software, do not depend on "dead documents" on Excel, or PDF translation files: The strength of DauThau.info is using software technology, data is automatically aggregated and linked to be useful information. For example, just from a bid invitation notice, the contractor will know the schedule of the bidding package, the bidding process, the bidding progress & all information related to the bidding package, information about the bid solicitor, and the investor... By that, it is easy to view reports on the procuring entity, the investor and the contractors, their relationship, the success rate of bid solicitation, etc with a history spanning over 10 years for many multi-dimensional perspectives to help the contractor. Contractors will now have more information and easier decision-making. It is different from data files that are aggregated via Excel or PDF.

About the English version of DauThau.info

Web interface at DauThau.asia

The interface of the English version of DauThau.info software will be similar to the Vietnamese interface with full features and the bidding information is completely in English. Users can switch between these two interfaces by pressing the button with the image of the national flags of Vietnam and the British flag.

The features on the English page will be the same as the Vietnamese page with similar operations.
English interface of DauThau.info
English interface of DauThau.info

At DauThau.info's English interface, users can update:
  • All bid information in English such as the Tender Notice; Contractor Selection Plan, Information on development investment projects; Result of contractor selection; prequalification Notice; Bid opening results; Pre-qualification results; Prequalification opening results.
  • Information on the bidding history of other contractors and bid solicitors in English.
  • The system of translating articles on laws, regulations and guidelines when participating in bidding in the public procurement market is handled by experts of DauThau.info.
The above information is mainly intended to help foreign contractors, and English-speaking contractors quickly and accurately update the latest bidding information, so that they can make the best decisions when participating in bidding in Vietnam.

The software packages that DauThau.info has supported the English version

In addition to launching the English version interface, DauThau.info also provides foreign contractors and English-speaking contractors with software packages to hunt bid information. These software packages of DauThau.info will help foreign contractors, English-speaking contractors actively find out bidding packages with Tender Notice & Contractor Selection Plan (both public and private capital-capitalized bidding packages) in accordance with the requirements and capacity of the contractor. DauThau.info's software works 24/24 to screen, search and proactively send found bid package information to the contractor's email according to the contractor's own settings, completely in English.

In the first phase, DauThau.info will launch two software packages VIP1 and VIP2, specifically:
  • VIP1: "Hunting" for Tender Notices of public procurement and private procurement - "Hunting" for tender notices for public and private procurement;
  • VIP2: "Hunting" for Contractor Selection Plans of public and private procurement - "Hunting" plans to select public and private procurement contractors.
  • Target users: Foreign enterprises who want to participate in bidding in the Vietnamese market.
  • Cost: 18,000,000 VND/pack/year (Equivalent to $766.5/year)
  • Link to register and pay online (choose VNPAY payment gateway to pay with international cards like VISA, MASTER...):
  • VIP1 package: https://dauthau.asia/en/vip/?form=1&vip=1
  • VIP2 package: https://dauthau.asia/en/vip/?form=1&vip=2
Tender hunting software package for foreign contractors
Tender hunting software package for foreign contractors
The above two software packages of DauThau.info are designed with the aim of helping businesses that are foreign contractors and English-speaking contractors to capture information about public procurement and private procurement bidding information in Viet Nam. So for foreign contractors, English-speaking contractors who want to participate in the Vietnamese bidding market, these two software packages will provide contractors with an important tool to be able to find information about procurement projects compatible with the contractor's own capabilities, experience and needs.

Thus, thanks to the superior search and information filtering feature, these software packages of DauThau.info will help foreign contractors and English-speaking contractors easily and quickly search for bidding projects. In addition, with DauThau.info's bidding data for many years, the software will help foreign contractors have more materials to research and update about the procedure and process of the public procurement market in Vietnam, giving contractors an overview and understanding of how to participate in the market.

With the above features, DauThau.info's bidding information hunting software in English version is an effective support tool for foreign contractors and English-speaking contractors who want to participate in Vietnamese public procurement. The English version of DauThau.info has been released, please experience it at: https://dauthau.asia/en.

Contact our team of consultants immediately for advice and to receive preferential prices:
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