Difficulties of businesses participating in bidding in Vietnam and solutions of DauThau.info

Tuesday, 06 February 2024 3:37 PM
DauThau.info is a software system for exploiting and providing new generation bidding invitation information for businesses. For the first time in Vietnam, contractors can proactively receive bidding information according to their needs without having to work hard every day to hunt for bidding information and have difficulty accessing bidding information like before. Join us to learn about this software solution.
Difficulties of businesses participating in bidding in Vietnam and solutions of DauThau.info

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

1. Difficult to access bidding information

Accessing and exploiting bidding information on the government's electronic bidding website (managed by the Ministry of Planning and Investment) faces many difficulties because the software is old and incompatible with modern browsers (only running Internet Explorer). The search function is unstable and ineffective. Many bidding packages cannot be found using the search function on the website! Even Google cannot find bidding information on these websites!
Solution of DauThau.info
DauThau.info's software is built with the most modern technology available today, allowing use on most browsers and devices, all popular operating systems today. Helps businesses access anytime, anywhere whether using a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. It is even possible to find bidding package information through Google thanks to technology that helps Google index more quickly.

2. Confusion in information of all types of bidding packages

Every day, on average, 200-500 bidding documents are issued, with the same number of bidding notices posted in all fields. To filter bidding packages that businesses are interested in, businesses usually have to Read all invitations to bid on the Bidding newspaper or electronic bidding website. This is truly a torture for the company's bidding documents department.
Solution of DauThau.info
DauThau.info has a smart search function, especially the advanced search section is extremely powerful and detailed, capable of helping businesses find the exact bidding package they need.
DauThau.info can also synthesize bidding packages according to the bidding content that you are interested in, you do not have to read information about any other unrelated bidding packages.

3. It takes a lot of effort and expense to filter information

To filter all bidding information every day, businesses usually have to have at least one full-time employee in charge of reading, synthesizing, researching, screening and sending reports to leaders to decide on the job. participate or not participate in any bidding package. Just screening the bidding package to suit the business field takes an incredible amount of effort from the bidding department.
Solution of DauThau.info
DauThau.info can completely replace manual human resources in reading, synthesizing, researching, screening and sending reports to leaders. Screened information can be sent directly to business leaders and relevant personnel via email. The entire job is done by the machine, thus ensuring it is faster and more accurate than any manual workforce can do, while the cost of the service package for receiving proactive news via email is only about 2,000 VND/month. day, much cheaper than using manual labor.

4. High delay in synthesizing information

While bidding time is often not leisurely enough for businesses, bidding information is delayed 1-2 days from the time it is posted until the information reaches business leaders. So does your business still have any chance while your competitors may even have information a few days earlier?
Solution of DauThau.info
DauThau.info updates information hourly, the screening is done almost instantaneously, thus making the time from when the bidding information is posted until it arrives at the business's email extremely short, helping businesses access information. invitation to bid as soon as possible!

5. Completely passive in receiving bidding package information

Not to mention the case where the contractor colludes with the investor or consulting unit to obtain bidding information in advance, most businesses participating in bidding today are completely passive in receiving bidding package information based on their bids. Go to the company's bidding department, through reading the Bidding newspaper or viewing the National Bidding Network System (the government's electronic bidding website).
Solution of DauThau.info
With DauThau.info, a report of the list of bidding packages that businesses are "hunting" for is sent to the business, which is proactively screened according to the business's requirements, according to the business's needs. Only when information is available will the report be sent, so business leaders do not need to worry about wasting time reading an empty report or a list of bidding packages that are not relevant to them.
By helping businesses participating in bidding access bidding information anytime, anywhere, DauThau.info will make information more accessible to contractors. There is no longer a situation where information is public but very difficult to access like before.
DauThau.info has 2 types of accounts: regular account (free) and VIP account. With a VIP account, businesses can proactively receive bidding invitations via email.

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

 Tags: bid hunting

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