Guidelines for Writing Solutions and Methodology for Bid Documents

Monday, 25 December 2023 11:15 AM
The solution and methodology for executing a bidding package are a very important part of the bid documents. This is also a criterion for the bid solicitor to evaluate the technical capability of the contractor through their understanding of the package, thereby assessing whether the contractor meets the criteria or evaluating them on a scoring scale (as stipulated in the bidding documents). This means that even if the contractor's experience and capabilities are good and meet all criteria of the bidding documents, if the solution and methodology section is not written correctly, the risk of the bid being disqualified is very high. Today's article on will guide and share some experiences in writing solutions and methodologies for consulting package bid documents. Stay tuned for the article!
Guidelines for Writing Solutions and Methodology for Bid Documents
Guidelines for Writing Solutions and Methodology for Bid Documents

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What are Solutions and Methodology in Bidding?

Solutions and methodology are the contractor's proposals on how to execute the bidding package as per the requirements of the bidding documents. Proposals may include various contents from the contractor's understanding of the package, personnel arrangement, technical specifications of the goods provided, supply solutions, installation, warranty and maintenance services, commercial terms, technology transfer training, deployment schedule planning, etc. For construction packages, there will also be issues on construction methods, construction schedule, labor safety, fire and environmental sanitation, etc.

What Does the Solution and Methodology for a Consulting Package Include?

For consulting packages, as the technical evaluation is done on a scoring method (0-100 or 1000 points), the contractor must achieve at least 70% of the points (equivalent to 70 points or 700 points on a 1000-point scale). The solution and methodology part is very important and accounts for 30 to 40% of the total points, so failing to achieve the required points here means a high risk of disqualification. The solution and methodology for consulting packages usually include the following contents:

  1. Clear understanding of the package's purpose
  2. Approach and methodology
  3. Innovative improvements
  4. Presentation style
  5. Deployment plan
  6. Personnel arrangement
  7. Other factors

Guidelines for Writing Solutions and Methodology to Achieve the Best Score

Depending on the specific package offered by the bid solicitor, we will base our solutions on each specific requirement. Basically, the bid solicitor will also build criteria around the 7 issue groups presented in part 2 above, so to write well the solution and methodology for consulting packages, we need to understand each specific requirement for these issues and articulate the contents so that the bid solicitor understands and agrees with our proposal.

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Guidelines for Writing Solutions and Methodologies

Specifically for each issue group:

  1. Understanding the purpose of the package: The contractor should present at least the basic information about the package, such as who the investor is, where the package is implemented, the form of bidding, the duration of the package, the schedule, and the purpose of the package. Additional analysis of the package's characteristics through information provided by the bid solicitor in Chapter V of the bidding documents or information that the contractor has researched through official and unofficial channels can be included.
  2. Approach and methodology: The contractor needs to present at least some issues such as technical proposals including all work items stipulated in the terms of reference in Chapter V; The work items are divided into specific tasks comprehensively, with assignments for each proposed consulting expert to execute the package; For each task, an appropriate method of implementation is proposed. These contents need to avoid being overly general (like copying from one package to another), and should specifically address the tasks of the package.
  3. Innovations and improvements: Propose ideas to improve the scope of work of the package or to offer better, more efficient solutions that save costs for the investor if implemented.
  4. Presentation style: It should be scientifically and reasonably presented, with a clear structure for each section as guided in Chapter V, closely following the tasks set out by the investor in Chapter V to write the solution for each point.
  5. Deployment plan: The work plan includes all tasks to execute the package. Each specific task must be analyzed and described in detail and clearly; The deployment plan must be consistent with the methodology and work schedule, as well as personnel arrangement. Detailed tables and charts describing the work plan and reporting schedule should be prepared.
  6. Personnel arrangement: This is a very important part of consulting packages, requiring careful study and arrangement of personnel in a scientific and comprehensive manner for each specific task, meeting at least the personnel requirements of the bidding documents. An organizational chart and a detailed employee plan should be prepared; The timing and duration of mobilizing consulting experts should be appropriate to the deployment plan, ensuring adequate and suitable time for each expert.
  7. Other factors: Typically, if the package has its unique characteristics, the investor may have additional content in this section, depending on the specific requirements of each package, for which the contractor researches and writes solutions.

The above article on has provided guidance for contractors to write solutions and methodologies for consulting packages in the best way possible. We hope the article will be helpful to contractors still pondering over this issue. always accompanies and brings a wealth of useful information to interested contractors, and for support, please contact:

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