Introducing's affiliate program

This is the area for collaborators, all members and customers of can become collaborators to participate in introducing customers to buy software (VIP1, VIP2 packages) , VIP1QT, VIP2QT, VIP3, VIP5...) to earn more income. For each successful referral, collaborators can be paid up to 30% of the order value (equivalent to 1.5-3 million VND depending on the order).

Introducing's affiliate program

Introducing DauThau info collaborator program
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Affiliate marketing
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What is is a software suite that "hunts" bidding information for businesses participating in bidding. The software is also for domestic and foreign businesses, in all fields... looking for business opportunities in the government procurement market and state agencies. You can learn more about software here.

What is a Contributor (CTV)?
CTVs of are those who introduce software to businesses and individuals in need. By sharing them a link or a discount code, when they sign up for an account or buy paid software. CTV will enjoy a referral commission up to 30% of the order value. You can learn more about the benefits of collaborators here.

How to become a contributor?
It's very simple, you just need to register an account (online and completely free) to become a CTV of, see the instructions here!

What will collaborators do?
3 simple steps for collaborators to work
icon 3 steps for collaborators to make money   icon 3 steps for collaborators to make money   icon 3 steps for collaborators to make money
1. Create link & promo code   2. Share link & promo code   3. Get referral commission
Create different links and promotional codes to attract visitors according to your idea   Share links and promotional codes for everyone through your own website, social network, forum, website, blog, chat, advertising...   If someone visits through your link or uses your promotional code and then buys the software, you will receive a commission.
See "Contributor Tools User Guide" for more details on how to use the collaborator tools!

To learn about the Affiliate program, please see the documents below:
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the following support channels:
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Or send contact via the following form:
Hotline: 0904.634.288
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