Frequently asked questions from collaborators

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 8:49 AM
Below are frequently asked questions for the Affiliate program of about how to calculate affiliate commission, how to receive money and all other issues related to Affiliate benefits.
Frequently asked questions from collaborators
Frequently asked questions from collaborators

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

What are the conditions for being a contributor?

✨ All members and customers of can become collaborators to participate in introducing software to earn extra income. You just need to have an account on to become our collaborators. 

I don't have an account on, how can I become a collaborator?

✨ You just need to register open an account on here is able to become our collaborator. It only takes a few minutes and is completely free!

I'm an individual, want to be a collaborator but don't have corporate tax code then how to register collaborator?

✨ You enter the tax code 0104480086 (of Vietnam Open Source Development Joint Stock Company) so that we understand you are collaborator.

Can the collaborator give me a discount?

✨ Yes! You can create a discount code to use for yourself.

In which case do I get a commission: the referrer opens an account member, referred person subscribes to software, referred person pays for

✨ You are paid a commission when the referred person pays for VIP packages services on In the following cases you will not receive a commission:

-  Referee opens a member account without purchasing software or using someone else's discount code to buy software => commission charged to others.
- Referee registers to buy software but does not complete the payment procedure for registered order.

10% discount is too low, do how to enjoy high discount more?

✨ You need to upgrade to an official collaborator account.

How is the official collaborator different from the freelance collaborator?

✨ Official collaborators get up to 30% commission while freelance collaborators only get 10% commission. 

What are the conditions needed to become an official collaborator?

✨ You must satisfy one of the fishc the following conditions to be able to register to become an official collaborator:

- You are a customer of (using VIP service pack)
- You have referred customers to buy VIP packages on

How to make freelance reporter become official collaborator?

✨ If you are eligible as prescribed, You can upgrade to an official collaborator account provide us with information like instructions here

How can freelance writers get commissions?

✨ The first time you receive money, You provide us with information like instructions here to receive commission and upgrade to official collaborator account. From the next time, the commission will be paid according to the information you provided on the 5th of every month.

I referred a guest but "forgot" not to use the discount code or visit If you access via promotion/affiliate link, will the system record revenue?

✨ No! The system will not be able to know who referred if the customer doesn't use a discount code or access via promotion/affiliate link. In case you register for a guest, you must do the same as a guest, otherwise the system will not be able to recognize this.
In short, if the revenue is not recorded for you by the software system you are not entitled to it even if the guest actually registers, so if you register for a guest or register for yourself, you must note that  hey. 

Where is my revenue recorded?

✨ The system recognizes your revenue automatically through the collaborator's working tool:

How revenue recognition system?

✨Affiliate revenue will be recognized automatically through collaborator's working tool with a in two ways:

1. Refer customers (or yourself) visit through your affiliate link, to purchase.
2. Introduce customers (or yourself) visit through your promotion link, or use discount code (Promotion code) to purchase.

View "How to use the collaborator tools" for more details on how to use the collaborator tools! 

What are the revenue recognition system rules?

✨ You can see "How and rules for revenue recognition for collaborators" for more details on how and rules the system recognizes revenue for the community author!

How can I make sure the guests I refer will be recognized revenue for me?

✨ You can register yourself to help guests and support them to pay to make sure the revenue is recognized for you! See instructions here!


If you have other questions, please Chat with us via Facebook Messenger:
Or send via the following form:

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

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