Instruction on using tools for collaborators

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 8:59 AM
This is the manual for the system for collaborators, including Affiliate Marketing tools and Promotion tools.
Instruction on using tools for collaborators
Instruction on using tools for collaborators

1. Affiliate Marketing Tools

1.1. What is an affiliate marketing tool

Affiliate Marketing (also known as Affiliate Marketing) is a form of business cooperation that will pay you when you refer customers to buy DauThau's software. .info. (To learn more about this form of business cooperation, please see the article: What is Affiliate Marketing?Why is it becoming a trend in Vietnam).
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Affiliate Marketing tools is a tool that helps collaborators perform affiliate marketing to increase revenue as well as track their revenue in the future. cooperation process. The goal of this tool is to be able to automate the marketing stages as much as possible, help collaborators to install once but can make money in the long run through maximum practice of passive monetization channels.  

1.2. Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Tools

1.2.1. Create a link to start marketing

By default, the system has created for you the affiliate code (Affiliate code) which is your username. You just need to attach this code to any link of the website and introduce it to others, the system will recognize that you are the referrer. And if the referred person pays for the software, a commission will be charged to you.

Assuming your username is vinades then your Affiliate code is vinades. You can append this code to any link to refer others by adding ?uid=vinades or &uid=vinades depending on whether the link already has a ? or & in there yet.

Example 1:
The following link will find bidding notices with the keyword "airfare": 
the link with your affiliate code is https:/ /
Example 2: 
The following link of the service price list: bang-gia-goi-vip1-vip2.html 
When you send it to others, attach the affiliate code as follows to credit yourself

If you are not familiar or don't understand how to do it, simply go to  then copy and paste the link you want to share and press the "Create link" button, the system will help create a link containing the affiliate code for you (see image below).
Affiliate tools

1.2.2. Share link to generate revenue for you

You can attach the created link to your own website, forum, blog or share the created link to everyone via social networks, chat... or you can also run ads with the generated link.

The secret to everyoneIf you have a lot of subscribers, you need to follow the 3 right rule:

1. Right link: the link must be reasonable with the shared content. For example, if you share a link tender notice with the keyword "airfare" then you should have a status/content that matches this link, like "Oh, here's the offer. issue a large number of air tickets, if you are a big agent, please visit:".  Or if sharing the link is a quotation, the status should be related to the price list, like: " bid information hunting software is shockingly discounted, any company specializing in bidding will definitely need it. , check prices here: /bang-gia-goi-vip1-vip2.html?uid=vinades"

Anything that is misrepresented about a link doesn't make sense (doesn't cause potential visitors to access it).

2. Correct content & context, the shared content should also have a value & meaning. If it's a status, be a unique status. If it's an article, make it meaningful to the reader. This helps to attract readers, increasing the likelihood of accessing your link. Think about it, with the same advertisement for a product, do you like to see good or bad ads? A good status may have several hundred likes, a bad status may have no one likes.

3. Right audience: right share to those who need it. Imagine if you share the link of the invitation to bid with the keyword "airfare" to the facebook group with big air ticket agents, big travel agencies, the success rate will be higher or not. Share to the group of mothers with milk, the chances that people will access it will be higher?

2. Promotion tools

2.1. Promotional Tools what

This is a tool to help you create and manage your own promotions to more easily attract customers to buy software. By deducting part of your commission to give to customers, you can reduce the commission a little bit, but will attract more buyers.
Promotion tools allows you to create promotional codes to give customers discounts. The system supports both types of promotions:
  • Discount by % of bill (Coupon, up to 30% or 10% depending on whether you are an official or unofficial CTV)
  • Discount by a fixed amount (Voucher, up to a specified amount).

2.2. How to use promotional tools

2.2.1. Create a promotion

To generate a promotional code, from the main menu, go to the menu "Contributing/Working tools/ Promotion code" then press the button "Create promotion code" or go directly to it. Continue the following link:
Create Promotion Code
Figure 2: Creating Promotion code
There are many parameters to help you create promotional codes according to your marketing intentions, we will have a detailed tutorial later, you just need to pay attention first 4 main items need to be declared at the top, including:
  1. Promo Code: An alphanumeric string of 6-50 characters long, which can be automatically generated, however you should self-declare to create beautiful discount codes. Note that these codes cannot be the same, so if you choose the right code, you need to change another code.
  2. Promotion style: You choose 1 of 2 ways: Discount by % of bill or Discount by fixed amount
  3. Promotion value: you enter the number % or the value equal to VND corresponding to the promotional style above.
  4. Use as default for Affiliate code: Select "yes" then this promotional code will be attached as default code when visitors come through Affiliate code. This will be explained in more detail in 2.2.3.
Other advanced declarations you can temporarily leave blank. Finally press the button "Perform" to be recognized by the systemand follow this code.
Manage Promotion Code
To edit, delete and other operations with this code, click the "..." button at the end of the row corresponding to the promotional code in the list.
Note that freelance collaborators can only create 1 promotional code with a maximum discount of 10%, official contributors can create up to 5 promo codes Deals with up to 30% off. For how to switch from freelance to full-time, see this tutorial!

2.2.2. Share link with Promotion code to generate revenue for you

Different from the Affiliate code that is only recorded through the link, the Promotion code has 2 ways to use it, which is to send the code directly to the customer (the customer will use this code when creating the order). customers to enjoy the discount) or activate the code directly through the same link as using with the affiliate code.

To send it directly to the customer, you just need to message the customer, for example: "I give you a discount code KHUYENMAI5, use this code when registering for the service on the website and you will receive a discount of 1 million VND".

To send the link to the customer, you can use the tool to attach a discount code to the link. You step as follows:

Step 1: On the list of generated promotional codes, you click the "..." button at the end of the row corresponding to the promotional code, then select the menu "Attach to link", the door will open. The "Tools for attaching promo codes to links" will appear.

Step 2: You paste the link in the box and press the "Create link" button. You will receive the link containing the promotional code generated below.

Step 3: Copy this link and send it to everyone so that visitors can receive the promotion and you will receive a commission from
Create link with Promotion code
Please attach the created link to your own website, forum, blog or share the generated link to everyone through social networks, chat... or you can Run ads using the created link.

If you pay attention, you will see that the rule of creating links with Promotion codes is similar to the rules of creating links with affiliate codes, you can use them manually without using a link tool. again.

2.2.3. Assign code default promotion for Affiliate to increase marketing efficiency.

By default, the Promotion code will always be associated with your Affiliate account, this means that if a person uses your promotional code, the system will treat it as default. That customer is referred by you and the order generated will record revenue for you.

You can also associate 1 Promotion code with your Affiliate code, that is, when visitors go through the affiliate link, they are also attached a discount code that you specify, so, visitors through the next link Affiliate marketers can be motivated to sign up when they see a discount. You can do this by doing the following:  you will see the interface as shown below:
affiliate marketing tools
Message "You have created 2 promo code but have not selected default promo code. , edit to select default promo code" tells me that I've created 2 promo codes but haven't selected one as default code for Affiliate code (See figure 2, section 2.2.1)

Step 2: Click on the message above to switch to the promotional code management page, choose to edit a code.

Step 3: At the promotional code editing page, the section "Use as default for Affiliate code"you choose "yes", then press the "Done" button to save the information.

You can change the default code by editing another code and choosing it as the default. To delete the link between Promotion code and Affiliate code, you delete the default Promotion code (or create a new code and choose this code as the default then delete it).

The above is a brief way to use two tools for collaborators, next time we will add advanced instructions so that collaborators can effectively use tools such as statistical tools to monitor effectively. of marketing programs, choose the places that bring good revenue to focus on, as well as how to take advantage of the resources on to do marketing, increase income  without much effort.
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