Guide to using the web app

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 9:03 AM
The web app feature of has just been launched using Progressive Web Apps technology. This is a Google technology that allows websites to work like a mobile application. Let's find out how to install it on your phone!
Guide to using the web app
Guide to using the web app

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

Requirements to install the mobile app

Progressive Web Apps is a technology for building web-based apps. To use the App version of, you need the following conditions:
- On Android, can be used with the following browsers installed: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, UC Browser, Opera, and Samsung browser.
- On iOS (version 11.3 and up): Safari (only partially supported). 
- On Windows 10: Chrome 

How to install app version for on Android

Option 1: Access using one of the browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox, UC Browser, Opera, and Samsung browser on Android, the system will suggest "add to the home screen", you just need to press OK to finish (See picture 1)

The system suggests Add DauThau info to homescreen
Picture 1: The system suggests "Add to homescreen"

Option 2: If the automatic suggestion does not appear, do the following:

Step 1. Open your phone's browser and click "menu". (For example on Google Chrome and Opera browsers is the button with 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen - See picture 2)

Picture 2 Menu on Chrome browser
Picture 2: Menu on Chrome browser
Step 2. Select the menu "Add to Home screen" (Picture 3 - Location of the "Add to Home screen" menu on the browser Chrome).
Picture 3 Select menu Add to Homescreen Chrome Browser
Picture 3: Select menu Add to Homescreen - Chrome Browser
 Step 3: The browser will ask you to confirm the "Add to Home Screen" action, press OK (Picture 4)
The system suggests Add DauThau info to homescreen
Picture 4: Confirmation "Add to Home Screen" (Chrome Browser)​​​​​
Step 4: The installation process will take a moment. Wait until the system completes the installation (Picture 5), then check if the app is displayed on the home screen (Picture 6).
Install App - Step 4
Picture 5: App installation results
Picture 10 Uninstall the app on Android
Picture 6: App is now on the home screen. 

How to use App on Android

1. Launch the app

Select and launch the app by tapping on its icon as usual (instead of opening the browser and accessing the website). The following screen will appear:
Picture 7 App DauThau info screen at startup
Picture 7: App screen at startup 

2. Using the app

The app interface primarily uses the mobile web interface, but now without the browser's address bar, everything is full screen (picture 8).
App interface DauThau info after booting
Picture 8: The App interface after launching.

If you want to display the website in the browser instead of using the App, you can simply go to the notification bar and select "Open in Chrome" (picture 9).
Picture 9 The open in Chrome menu is displayed in the notification bar of a phone running Android
Picture 9: The "open in Chrome" menu is displayed in the notification bar of a phone running Android.
Functions on the app are the same as you use on a regular mobile browser:
- Switch to the computer interface.
- Open and close the menu with a horizontal swipe.
The login functions with Google, Facebook... still work normally (on the web version, not yet interacting with the Facebook App) 

3. Uninstall App

If you don't like using the mobile app version, you can uninstall it as usual (Picture 10).
Picture 10 Uninstall the app on Android
Picture 10: Uninstall the app on Android 

How to install app version for on iOS

Step 1: On iPhone, open Safari browser &  visit
Step 2: Press the "Share" button on the browser, then select "Add to Homescreen". The DauThau.INFO icon will appear on the main screen. (Picture 11) on iOS
Picture 11: app on iOS 

How to install app version for on Windows

Step 1: On Windows 10, open Chrome browser and visit
Step 2: On the browser address bar, click the + button (Picture 12)
Installing App on Windows
Picture 12: Installing App on Windows
Step 3: A notification pops up asking if you want to install the app; select "install" (Picture 13)
install app
Picture 13: Install app?


You will be quickly redirected to the App interface (Picture 14)
Picture 14 App interface DauThau info on Windows
Picture 14: App Interface on Windows.
After successful installation, an icon will appear on the application screen of the Chrome browser (Picture 15). You can click this icon to open the app.
Picture 15 App DauThau info on Chrome
Picture 15: App on Chrome 
On Windows, you can also switch between the Windows App interface and the browser interface by clicking on the "Customize and control..." icon represented by three vertical dots and select "Open in Chrome" from the dropdown menu  (Picture 16).
web app dauthau info
Picture 16: Switch from App interface to use on normal browser.
In the Google Chrome browser, you can also revert to the Windows App interface by clicking the app switching button at the end of the browser's address bar, and selecting "Open" from the "Open with" popup(Picture 17).
web app đấu thầu info 2
Picture 17: Switch from Google Chrome browser to Windows App.
With that, we've guided you on how to install the app on phones and computers. will automatically update after installation, so you can confidently install our trial version without worrying about app updates. will continue to upgrade the app version in the coming period to support direct notifications on the app as well as other useful features.

Author: Nguyen Thuy

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