Guidelines for writing solutions and methodologies for bids

Sunday, 04 June 2023 3:27 PM
The solution and methodology for implementing the bidding package is a very important part of the bidding documents, this is also the criterion for the bid solicitor to assess the contractor's technical capacity through understanding the bidding package, through then evaluate the bidders pass/fail or score points on a scale (for bidding documents specifying a scale). That means, even though the contractor has good experience and ability, meeting all the criteria of the bidding documents, but the solution and methodology are not written correctly, the risk of the bid being rejected is also very high. . Today's article will guide and share some experiences in writing solutions and methodologies for bids for consulting packages, let's take a look at the article!
Guidelines for writing solutions and methodologies for bids
Guidelines for writing solutions and methodologies for bids

What is the solution and methodology in bidding?

Solutions and methodologies are the bidders' proposals for the implementation of the bidding package as required by the bidding documents. Proposals can include a wide range of content from the contractor's understanding of the bidding package, staffing arrangements, specifications of the goods to be provided with the package, supply and installation solutions, and services. warranty, maintenance, commercial conditions, training, technology transfer, implementation schedule... For construction and installation bidding packages, there will also be issues of organizational measures. construction, construction progress, labor safety, fire prevention and environmental sanitation...

What are the contents of the consulting bidding package solution and methodology?

For consulting bidding packages due to technical evaluation standards will be done by scoring method (0-100 or 1000 points), bidders must achieve at least at least 70% of the points (corresponding to 70 points or 700 points with a scale of 1000), the solution and methodology are very important and account for 30 to 40% of the points, so if you don't get the score here, The risk of disqualification is very high. The solution and methodology of the consulting bidding package usually include the following contents:
  • Understand the purpose of the bidding package
  • Approach and methodology
  • Improvement initiative
  • Presentation
  • Implementation plan
  • Personal arrangement
  • Other factors

Guide to write solutions and methodology to get the best score

Depending on each specific bidding package offered by the bid solicitor, we will rely on each of those specific requirements to write appropriate solutions. Basically, the bid solicitor will also build criteria around 7 groups of problems that the article has presented in part 2 above, so to write well the solution and methodology for the consulting bidding package, we We need to understand each specific requirement for each of those issues and interpret the contents so that the procuring entity understands and agrees with its proposal.
Guide to writing solutions and methodology
Specifically, each group of problems follows:
  1. Understand the purpose of the bidding package: The contractor should present at least basic information about the bidding package as the investor is Who, where is the bidding package performed, the form of bidding, the time to implement the bidding package, the progress of the bidding package and the purpose of the bidding package is to choose a contractor for what? At the same time, it is possible to further analyze the characteristics of the bidding package by reading the information provided by the bid solicitor in Chapter V - the bidding documents or information that the bidders themselves find out through official channels. as well as unofficial.
  2. Approach and methodology: The contractor should present at least a few issues such as an all-inclusive technical proposal work items specified in the terms of reference in chapter V; The work items are divided into specific tasks in a complete manner, and at the same time, each consultant is assigned to propose the implementation of the bidding package; For each job task, the implementation method suitable to the tasks of the bidding package is stated. These contents should be noted to avoid general rambling (type of copying from one bidding package to another), it is necessary to speak correctly to the specific task of each job of the bidding package.
  3. Innovations, improvements: Suggest ideas to improve the scope of work for the package or give ideas and solutions better, or better, way to save money for investors if you follow this plan.
  4. Presentation: Need a scientific, reasonable presentation, clear structure of each item according to the instructions in Chapter V, stick to the tasks service provided by the investor in chapter V to write a solution for each idea.
  5. Deployment plan: The work plan includes all the tasks to execute the contract. Each specific task must be analyzed and described in detail and clearly; The implementation plan is consistent with the methodology and work schedule as well as staffing. It is recommended to make detailed tables describing the work plan and report submission schedule.
  6. Human resource arrangement: This is a very important part of the consulting bidding package, it is necessary to research and arrange reasonable personnel, scientific, sufficient subjects to perform each specific task and meet the minimum personnel requirements of the bidding documents. There should be a complete and detailed organizational chart and staff plan; The time and time to mobilize consultants are appropriate to the implementation plan, and the time for each expert's work is adequate and appropriate.
  7. Other factors: Normally, if the bidding package has specific characteristics, the investor may have more content in this section, Depending on the specific requirements of each bidding package, the contractor researches and writes a solution for this content.
The article on has guided contractors to write the best solution and methodology for the consulting bidding package. Hopefully the article will help contractors who are still wondering about this issue. always accompanies and brings a lot of useful information to interested contractors, in case of need, please contact :
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