Instructions for VIP packages renewal on

Saturday, 13 May 2023 4:27 PM
Today's article will share with you how to renew VIP packages on after they have expired. Follow up now to know how the renewal steps are done.
Instructions for VIP packages renewal on

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Renewal is the step that will be taken when the software packages you are using are about to expire. Renewing on time will help you continue to enjoy the preferential price purchased in the previous year on, if you let the software expire and then renew it, you will have to buy a new one at the current price. ..

There have been many cases where customers forgot to renew and had to accept to buy at a new price and no longer enjoy the offer. Typically, there was a customer who bought a VIP package in 2019 with a preferential price of 7 million VND/year, but in 2020, this customer forgot to renew even though it was announced by, until he bought it. Otherwise, that customer has to accept the new price at the time of 2020 which is 10 million VND/year. This is a policy that has been widely announced by to all customers when buying, allowing a permanent discount, as long as the customer needs to renew it at the right time. Therefore, you need to be very careful to ensure your discount benefits.

To renew VIP packages, please follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: Access menu Member > -> Select Manage VIP packages 

manage vip packages
Picture 1.1 Customers access the membership menu and select manage VIP software packages to proceed with expired service packages that they are using
  • Step 2: After selecting Manage VIP package on-screen interface The screen will appear the VIP service packages you are using.
Picture 1.2 Service packages customers are using on 

*** Note:

- When renewing service packages, customers need to renew before the expiration date, if it's expired, you will have to buy a new one from scratch at the current price.

- send emails reminding VIP customers about the renewal time, so customers need to pay attention. to check your email to ensure your benefits. (Time to send a renewal reminder email  is 1 month/ 7 days / 3 days before the expiration date)

  • Step 3: To renew the software packages, press Operation -> Select Renew
manage vip service packages
Picture 1.3 Selecting to renew VIP service packages near expiration
  • Step 4: After selecting Extend the screen will appear as shown below, you proceed to the following steps: necessary information in the form Extend -> Promotional code (if applicable) -> Submit registration information
Picture 1.4 Fill in the necessary information in the renewal registration form 

In case you need to issue an invoice after renewal, you need to check the box Issuing invoice and fill in all required information then proceed to authenticate, enter the promo code and submit registration information as step 4. 

issuing invoice
Picture 1.5 Select invoice request to receive service bill after payment  VIP package limit

Above are the steps to renew VIP packages on that we want to share with our customers. Contact immediately if you need advice, or support. 

For any information please contact:

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