Keyword tip for "hunting" desired bidding package and increasing success rate to 100%

Saturday, 13 May 2023 3:32 PM
Keywords are the secret to successful search, the starting point for all activities of "hunting" for information, including bid information. Just like Google, with, If you want to find the desired bidding packages, you need to find a set of keywords for your industry and field. This article will guide you to find the desired set of keywords and how to use them effectively.
keyword tip for "hunting" desired bidding package and increasing success rate to 100%
keyword tip for "hunting" desired bidding package and increasing success rate to 100%
Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

What is "Keyword"?

"Keyword" is a word or phrase used to perform a search for information. Software such as Google or DauThau.INFO will use these provided keywords to search and return the appropriate information requested.

Step 1. Find the right set of main keywords and group them

Main keywords are keywords used for normal search activities, these are the most important keywords so you need to follow the following guidelines to find the necessary set of keywords:

- List fully the keywords related to the product, product type, industry, or field you want to search.

- If the product, product type, industry, or field you want to search for has many keywords, break them down into groups by field, industry, product type or even by product so that each of these groups should not exceed 5 keywords. (If a product also has more than 5 keywords, it is necessary to divide it into smaller groups with related keywords to ensure this criterion.)

- In order not to miss the bidding package, you need to find all relevant keywords, including:
+ Different names of products.
+ Name according to the field of the product.
+ Name according to the industry of the product.
+ Competitor's name (if your product has the potential to replace competitors).
+ Misspelled names and keywords. For example: website => wedsite
+ Names, acronyms. For example: website => web
+ Alternative names and keywords for products, industries, and fields. For example: software => app/app...; website => portal/ electronic news site/ electronic newspaper/ electronic newsroom...
+ Other keywords speculated to be related...

Step 2. Use a set of keywords

2.1. Use the main set of keywords for regular searches

You enter the main keyword to search, each keyword separated by a comma. Extend the search results to a further time in the past to evaluate how the software found the results. If missing, add keywords to the main keyword set (can create a new group if the current keyword group has more than 5 keywords). If you find it wrong, exclude keywords that are prone to errors.

By default the system will search unsigned and case-insensitive, you can search with accents to

2.2. Use an additional set of keywords for advanced searches

In case you want a special advanced search, for example searching in a range: province, district/district, even commune/ward... you can combine with the required set of keywords.

Keywords included in the additional keywords box will be considered mandatory keywords to appear in the search results. Use an additional set of keywords if you want to ensure that the search results are required to include these keywords.
You need to find additional sets of keywords for your product, product type, industry, or field if the search range of the main keyword is too broad.

2.3. Use a set of exclusions for advanced searches

You need to find a set of exclusion keywords for your product, product type, industry, and field if the search results returned (after using the main keyword) are mixed with many false results. For example, the name of the bid solicitor contains the main keyword, but the bidding packages of this party are usually never related to the field you are looking for... then you should use the exclusion keyword as the company name itself. there to remove all of their bids from the search listing.

Are keywords important?

Finding the right keywords is very important in the search process, but it is only a necessary condition.
A sufficient condition is that you need a smart search software that can help you search and filter information efficiently and accurately!

Step 3. Save the result as you like

After seeing the desired search results, you should save it as a filter for quick use next time (note that the filter saving feature is only available when you use the VIEWEB package - this package allows saving 2 sets filter).
You can also enable the software to actively hunt for bid information by using the saved filter results to "hunt" new bidding packages (note that the "hunt" feature for bid packages is only available when you use package VIP1, VIP2 - each package for saving 5 filters).

See also: Instructions for contractors to install filters to find the most effective bidding information

Is there any software on the market besides DauThau.INFO?

Currently, DauThau.INFO is the only software to search and hunt bid information on the market today, capable of searching and hunting bid information accurately and easily.

How to determine what is good software?

Services that provide bidding information in pdf or xls file type are actually advertised as software, but are essentially manual services, or very primitive tools that have not reached the level of smart and intelligent software. Specifically:
- Contractors cannot actively set and change keywords when needed. Especially when you want to find new products, services, and industries. Or, after registering, you found that the set of keywords used is not right.
- If you want to change the search keyword, you must ask the support staff to replace it manually without being provided with tools to do it yourself.
- If you want to change keywords, you will be charged extra.
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Author: Nguyen Thuy

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