Instructions for searching of tender information using software on the national procuring system (National procurement website)

Saturday, 13 May 2023 4:36 PM
On the national bidding network (public procurement), it is quite difficult to find bid information, and a very high percentage of contractors will not find the bidding package they are looking for. Contractors need to use to make the search easy and accurate. This article will guide contractors to use to search for bid information on the national bidding network system.
Instructions for searching of bidding information using software on the national procuring system (National procurement website)
Instructions for searching of bidding information using software on the national procuring system (National procurement website)

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

I don't know what you guys think about this. To us, an auction is like a sale. For contractors, it is to find customers to sell their products and services. For the bid solicitor, it is to find the best products and services at the best prices. However, how do the sellers and buyers find each other? How do contractors find their right customers, and procuring entities find the best suppliers?

To answer these questions, in this article we will share with you how to look up bid information for free on the two most popular bidding software systems today, and

For those of you who do not know, is a national bidding network system, with the main responsibility of supporting contractors to participate in online bidding. is a software system to hunt bid information. With full functions to support contractors to look up information such as automatically filtering information according to specific criteria and then automatically sending emails to contractors. Comes with a lot of other support functions. However, in the limit of today's article, we will only guide you how to look up information for free, so if you are interested in more advanced functions, please refer to the article VIDEO: Look up and follow. Automatic tracking of bid information with software

Instructions for using to look up bidding notices on Muasamcong

The enhanced search feature of the National Procurement Network will support users to combine more search criteria, this feature has been improved compared to the old system. This is a breakthrough improvement compared to the previous search engine of the old system, but some operations are still not user-friendly, if continued to be improved, it will definitely bring good experiences. than.

First of all, there is a lack of seamless arrangement between the quick search on the homepage and the advanced search engine. When the user has set up quick search criteria but the search results are not as desired, now if he wants to add some other criteria included in the advanced search, the system will force the user to have to start over again.

Ảnh 1 Giao diện tìm kiếm thông tin đấu thầu trên Muasamcong
Picture 1: The interface to search for bidding information on Muasamcong

With page, as soon as you access the page you will see the search filter. And if you want to change the search criteria, you just need to click on Click for  advanced search to open the advanced search function of the software.

At this point you will also see the function of filtering by field corresponding to the buyer. You just need to tick the correct field you want, and if you are not sure which field, just leave it alone, the software will automatically search by all fields.

EN Bộ lọc tìm kiếm tin thầu trên DauThau info
Picture 2 Search filter on
You click to help yourself in the Click for advanced search to open the advanced search function of the software according to the search criteria. At this point, you will also see the function of filtering by field corresponding to the buyer. You just need to tick the correct field you want, and if you are not sure which field, just leave it, the software will automatically search by all fields.
Chức năng tìm kiếm nâng cao trên dauthau info
Picture 3 Advanced search filter on
After accessing each specific item on the Muasamcong page: Here the system will allow you to filter information based on information fields including:
Photo 4 Advanced search filter on muasamcong
Picture 4: Advanced search filter on muasamcong
1. Keyword filter criteria
Criteria Match all words; Exact phrase matching in advanced search is similar to Quick Search.
Match words or several words: That is, there will be at least one word in the keyword that must appear in the search results. Regardless of accented or unsigned words. The same function as the Match all words button.
For example: Typing "construction of works" will produce results containing the phrase "construction", "construction", "construction"...

2. Search by
Notification type: Select the type of notification according to your search needs (TBMT, TBMST, KQLCNT...).
Input box No. TBMT/ Bidding package name: Displayed if Notification Type is selected as Invitation to Bid. User enters TBMT Number or Package Name to search.
The same operation when you enter other types of information (TBMST number; TBMQT number….)

3. Time of posting; Bid closing time: Allow to enter date from, date to dd/mm/yyyy format (Example: 01/01/2023).

4. Investor; Procuring Entity: Enter the Code or Name of that unit

5. Field: You can select 1 or more fields

6. Location: Select Province/City or District/District

7. Type of works: Users search and select in the list of specific works.

8. Bidding package price: The system allows to enter the price range
Example: 100,000,000 – 1,000,000,000

9. Application Process: Allows to select 1 of the Application Procedures.

10. Domestic/International: Allow to choose 1 or both options: Domestic/International

11. Bidding form: Allow to choose 1 or both options: Online/ Non-Online

*** Note: For the search features in the form of contractor selection, contractor selection method or see which bidder wins, users must log in to an account on the System to use the this search function.

Users can combine search criteria according to their needs to achieve the desired search results. Finally click Search to find information according to your needs and settings above.

In addition, the national bidding network system often fails with the English interface, then users cannot switch to the English interface but can only use the Vietnamese language (Picture 4).

Instructions for looking up bid invitation notices on

With the software system, the information is filtered by more criteria ( Picture 3):

The first is to classify information for Contractors and Investors.

Selecting a Contractor then you will be able to find information such as:

- Tender notice
- Contractor selection plan.
- Contractor selection result
- Prequalification Notice
- Bid opening result
- Prequalification results.

Note: Depending on each bidding package posted, the above information items will be provided. Some bidding packages only have the Tender Notice and the Contractor Selection Plan posted, so it is recommended that bidders search by these two information, if not, please change the type of information.

When you select Investor, the searchable information will include:

  - Project Announcement
  - Investment Invitation Notice
  - Investor Prequalification Notice
  - Investor selection plan.
  - Investor selection results.
  - Investor Prequalification Results

To find the Tender Notice, you please select Contractor => Tender Notice or leave it as default

Next, do perform information screening by choosing the time period when the Tender notice is posted. Here you can choose an automatic period from 7 days to the entire history to look up. Or you can also choose a separate time period by selecting another item, depending on your search intent.
Thiết lập khoảng thời gian tìm kiếm
Picture 5 Set the search interval on
After setting the time period you want to look up, fill in the "Main keyword" section with the information you want to search.

Here you can enter 5 keywords, each keyword is not limited to the number of characters. To distinguish different keywords, you put each keyword separated by a comma.

For example, I will enter "School, kindergartens, preschool" to search for constructions such as schools, preschools, and kindergartens. Then I click Search.
Photo 1.6 Search results with the main keyword
Picture 6 Search results with the main keyword
If you look closely at the returned results, you will see that there are many other bidding packages related to the school field such as procurement, consulting, supervision ...

To be able to filter information more accurately you enter additional keywords in the Additional keywords and Does not contain the word boxes.

Additional keywords are required keywords in the content of the Tender Notice. If you enter 3 keywords, the returned results must include all 3 of these keywords in the new Tender Notice. The keywords you enter in the "Does not contain the word " box will not appear in the Tender Notice. Similar to the main keyword, you can enter a maximum of 5 keywords in each box and the keywords are not limited to the number of characters.

The trick here is that if you want to search for educational works in a particular place, you can use the additional keyword as the name of that location. For example: Bac Giang, Hai Phong, Can Tho... And if you want to track the bidding packages of a specific bid solicitor, you just need to enter the name of that bid solicitor in this field.

Search for the exact keyword: When you turn on this feature, the software will understand that you want to search for exactly the information you have filled in the information fields including punctuation, keyword content and even typing mistake.

Bidding method: just like on muasamcong you also have 3 options respectively Online or Offline or unknown.

Business Type: If your company is not a small or micro business, then you can choose all for yourself.

Bid security amount: You can choose according to the limit that suits your business limit.

Tender Value: For this filter, you should note and compare with the actual capacity of your company to search accordingly. To avoid duplication with the bidding package for small and micro enterprises mentioned above, the bidding price we start from is 5.0 billion VND or more.

After you have installed the filter, click search to get the results you want.

So we have finished guiding you on how to use the search filter on the National Tendering Network and software. If you have any questions, please leave a comment to let us know, with contact information. A consultant support staff will contact you immediately to assist you in using the software. Thank you for using software and wish you always win the bidding.

During use, if you have any questions, please contact us via:

Author: Nguyen Thuy

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