The process of submitting a bidding profile for new businesses participating

Friday, 22 September 2023 9:56 AM
New contractors entering the market for public procurement bids on the National Bidding System might find themselves unsure of where to start when it comes to preparing their bidding profiles. In today's article, will provide suggestions for contractors to prepare the best bidding profiles. Stay tuned for the article.
The process of submitting a bidding profile for new businesses participating
The process of submitting a bidding profile for new businesses participating

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Usually, each organization/contractor may have different ways of preparing bidding profiles, and it also depends on the type of procurement package, which forms specific preparations for each package. The limitations of our article and knowledge may not cover all the steps and processes. However, based on surveys and experience, we summarize the bidding profile preparation process as follows:

1. Prepare legal documents

The legal documents that need to be prepared and noted include:
  • Company documents: Business registration; Valid authorization letter for signing the bidding profile; Power of attorney (if applicable). Note that for online bidding, these documents need to be uploaded to the National Bidding System under the "Capability Profile" section.
  • Financial documents: Prepare financial reports for the recent operating years as required by the bidding invitation documents (usually the last 3 years). If there are audit reports, only the audit reports are needed. Annual tax declaration forms (these are used to validate the data in the financial reports). Note: To participate in bidding, the business performance for each year must be positive (no losses). If there are no audited financial reports, you need to prepare one of the documents as instructed in our article here. For online bidding, the contractor's financial profile also needs to be uploaded to the system and attached with relevant documents. Therefore, the contractor needs to proactively upload the financial profile to the system before participating in the bidding.
  • Company capability documents: Certification documents regarding the company's capabilities (certificates, ISO certifications, licenses, etc.); Similar contracts that have been performed to prove the capabilities required by the bidding invitation documents. Note: For similar contracts, they also need to be uploaded to the system when participating in online bidding.
  • Company personnel documents: Prepare personnel qualifications, training certificates. Note that for consulting contracts, qualification certificates and personnel certificates need to be carefully prepared. For online bidding, personnel profiles need to be uploaded in advance. Personnel profiles require a lot of information, so it takes time to declare them. You need to proactively declare them beforehand and not wait until the bidding profile preparation stage to ensure you have enough time.

2. Prepare technical documents

The technical documents that need to be prepared and noted include:
  • Technical requirements: Ensure that the technical requirements are clearly understood and arrange/write the technical proposals in the correct order of the requirement items.
  • Solution and methodology (except for procurement packages of goods): Prepare the solution and methodology for the implementation of the procurement package in the event that the contractor is selected. When writing, pay attention to the technical requirements and ensure compliance with the scope of the procurement package (usually specified in Chapter V of the bidding invitation documents).

3. Prepare financial documents

  • Prepare bid bonds: Bid bonds (if required) are crucial documents that need to be provided with the bidding profile. Therefore, it is necessary to request the bank to issue the bid bond promptly and carefully check the contents of the bid bond letter (we have an article with notes on cases of invalid bid bonds, see the article here). Note that for online bidding, it is mandatory to provide bid security in the form of a bank bid bond (scan and upload it to the system).
  • Prepare the prices for the bidding profile: The bid form/financial bid form, financial proposal documents need to be prepared according to the required templates (the pricing section should be filled in by the contractor). Note that for construction projects implemented online, in cases where the bidding invitation is extensive (sometimes up to thousands of items), it is necessary to enter the data in advance to avoid the situation of logging in and entering the data at the last minute.

4. Packaging and publishing

  • After you have gathered all the documents according to section 1-3 above, arrange the documents, check again the areas with the signature of the legal or authorized representative, then make a copy file and then close it. Pay attention to originals, photocopies of documents and bidding documents when originals are required.
  • For online bidding, upload the documents, but it should be noted that for new input data on the web form, the data is recognized when there is a difference between the scanned documents map upload to the system.

Above is's article in which we summarize the most general bid preparation process, hoping to bring useful information to contractors. Sincerely thank readers for always paying attention and following.

Please follow fan page and watch a series of weekly articles analyzing and guiding bidding on the website Sincerely thank our readers for always caring and supporting us./.

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