How to use points on (Part 1)

Thursday, 22 June 2023 9:47 AM
Each account on will have its own point fund, which can be top-up into the wallet and then converted to points or earn free points daily. The accumulated points can be used by user to buy more features or to download bidding documents.
How to use points on (Part 1)
How to use points on (Part 1)
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To know how many points your account has, you can check here: Using points on is quite simple, customers can use points to exchange for advanced features or download bidding documents. This will help you experience the special features of the VIP packages at an affordable cost. Specifically, advanced features can be exchanged for points as follows:
  • View detailed contractor information (including: Tender Notice, Contractor Selection Plan, Bid Openning Result, Bid Award,....): 1 information cost 1 point.
  • View advanced bid information in (information can only be viewed by VIP packages): 1 information cost 1 point
  • Add/change a new filter: 50 points/filter to use forever
  • Add/Change a follow of bidding news : 20 points / 1 follow-up message to use forever (**)
  • Use email feature for each filter: 200 points for 01 feature of 01 filter to use in 01 month. In case you are using VIEWEB package.
  • Quickly download the bidding document file on modern browsers in case the T0 package is not used (The number of points deducted will be calculated according to the size of the downloaded file with the formula: Minus point = 10 + {1 * number of MB / 10}
(**) Note:
  • 20 points to redeem for tracking of contractor information is only used to keep track of a single bid information forever. In case the contractor deletes the tracking of that bid information, the number of tracking will be lost, if you want to track again, you will have to spent points again.
  • The tracking number of bid information redeemed with points will be clearly distinguished through the color of the number No. on the bid information tracking statistics table (orange is the number of followers purchased directly with points)
Số lượt theo dõi thông tin thầu
The number of tracking bids that are exchanged for points is displayed in orange in the STT section of the contractor's bid information tracking statistics table

Use points to view bid information by points

With a normal account, each view of detailed bid information (including: Tender Notice, Contractor Selection Plan, Bid Opening Result, Bid Award, Invest Invitation Notice....) your account will be deducted 1 point (equal to 1000 VND).

Each view of advanced bid information (hidden information requires member accounts to register for the VIEWEB/VIP package to view) your account will be deducted 1 point (equivalent to 1000 VND). Thus, to view details and complete a bid information, you only lose about 2000 VND.

*** Note:
  • When you are viewing the details of a bid information, you need to save the information immediately because if you click on another page or reload the page, it will lose 1 point again.
  • Each bid information is exchanged for points and will have a validity period of 07 days. Within these 7 days, the contractor can revisit the bid information they've exchanged points for without any additional point deductions. However, after the 7-day period, if the contractor revisits the same bid information, points will be deducted as if viewing a new information piece (this only applies for 7 days on the same browser and provided that cookies have not been cleared)
trừ điểm xem thông tin thầu
Notice of deduction of points when viewing advanced bid information
When clicking to view any bid information, for example a Tender Notice, a popup  will mention that your account will be deducted 1 point, click confirm operation to proceed to view the details of that bid information.
trừ điểm để xem thông tin thầu
Use points to view advanced VIEWEB or VIP package information
Advanced bid information that can only be viewed by VIEWEB or VIP packages is now available to regular accounts with points. You only need to load points to be able to view advanced information such as the estimate of the bidding package, the place to receive the bids, the time to implement the bidding package, ...

Use points to buy more new filters and filter email feature

Specifically, with the automatic filter feature, you can purchase additional filters even if you haven't upgraded to a premium account by going to your search filter management section. Then select Buy more filters. With each filter you buy more you will 50 points will be deducted.
bộ lọc
To buy more filters, you need to access the search filter management menu and then choose to buy more filters
This new filter will be used indefinitely. However, if you want the software to send you information about bidding packages that are suitable for your existing filter to your email, you will need to purchase an additional email notification for the filter. You can do this by clicking on the 'Exchange Points' section to exchange for an email that receives information that your filter searches and screens. For each additional email notification you purchase, your 200 points will be deducted, equivalent to 200 thousand VND to use for a month, and 2.4 million VND for a year.

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Above is how to use the points on that we want to share with our customers. In the process of using the software, if you have any questions or need advice, please contact us immediately via hotline 0904.634.288 - 024.8888.4288 or email [email protected].

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