Instructions for setting up filters to efficiently search bidding information

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 3:25 PM
Currently, when using VIP packages such as VIP1, VIP2 on software, you will be provided with 5 automatic filters that are used to screen proactive bid information and then emailed to you daily. This is a feature that saves a lot of time and assists in finding the exact bid information that you are interested in. However, to really use this feature effectively, you must understand each search function in the filter. What are those functions, how to install and use? This article will help you answer that question.
Instructions for setting up filters to efficiently search bidding information
Instructions for setting up filters to efficiently search bidding information

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Instructions for setting up filters to efficiently search bidding information

1. Install filter with software

First, you need to register an account on software. If you already have an account, log in to use the software's functions.

After successfully registering and logging in to your account, you can choose to buy packages VIP1, VIP2, VIP4, VIP5, VIP7, or VIEWEB, PRO1 to search for bidding information using automatic filters. For VIP1, VIP2, VIP4, VIP5, VIP7 you will have 05 automatic filters and the feature of receiving automatic notifications via email and many other features. For more details, you can refer to the article Look up and track information. automatic bidding; With the VIEWEB, PRO1 package, you only have 02 filters used for quick lookup when accessing the website to view information.

After using all the filters that the system allocates, you can also use points to buy more filters. Learn about Point Management to purchase additional filters at:
In addition, also recently launched an English version for foreign contractors participating in the Vietnamese public procurement market. You can first see more at VIP1, VIP2 package price list (English)

  • Step 3 - Install the filter
To install filters to serve the needs of screening, looking up and "hunting" for bidding information on software, you do it in 02 ways as follows:
Method 1: On the homepage screen, you will see Your Filter section (to the right of the Tender Notice section). Here, you choose Create New or Manage.
Picture 1 Your Filter
Picture 1. Your Filter

Method 2: At the Member menu, select Manage search filters and select Add new filter on the Manage filters page.

Search filter management interface
Picture 2. Search filter management interface

To create a complete filter, there are many information fields that you must declare for the most effective and accurate lookup. Therefore, you need to clearly understand the meaning and effects of the following information fields:
Information field Describe
Filter name Name the filter to match the keyword
Information for Select the object to search for: Contractors, Investors, Auctions
Sending email of Select the type of information to search for: Tender Notice, Contractor Selection Plan... (depending on the software package you subscribe to)
Main keyword Is the keyword that will be displayed in the returned results.
Note: This is a mandatory information field that must be entered. You can enter up to 5 keywords in this box, each keyword is separated by a comma “,”. The number of characters of keywords must not exceed 255 characters.

If you enter 05 main keywords, the returned result is a bidding package whose content contains 1 of the 5 entered keywords. For example: The main keyword is A, B, C, D, then the returned result is a bidding package with content containing A, or B, or C, or D.

In addition, you should not use single-word keywords, because the result will be many unrelated bids. When setting up any keyword, software will search and filter this keyword in all text and characters of all bidding packages. So if you leave a single keyword, there will be countless results that do not meet your needs!
Search method You tick the search type you want. If you don't tick, the system will default to "Exact match"
Additional keywords Additional keywords are required keywords in the bidding package. You can use up to 5 keywords, separated by commas (,)

Note: If you enter 05 additional keywords, the returned results will be bidding packages containing all 5 entered keywords. For example: Additional keywords are A, B, C, D, then the returned result is a bidding package containing all 4 keywords A, B, C and D.
Does not contain the word All information with keywords entered in this data field will not appear in the returned search results. Use this field when the search results contain a lot of information that does not meet your needs or is not related to the profession you need. The maximum number of keywords is 5 keywords.
Search Period Time period to search
Province/City Limit Province/City to search
Fields Select the field you are looking for: Constructions, Industy,...
Search for goods Tick the product search type you want. If you do not tick, the system will default to "Do not search by goods"
Bidding method Online Bidding or Direct Bidding, leave it alone if you want to search by both.
Fields Select the field you are looking for: Goods, Constructions, Consulting, Non-consulting, Uncategoried.
Business type You choose according to your business information. If you do not select it, the default software is "All".
Bid security amount You fill in according to the company's financial capacity
Tender value You fill in according to the company's financial capacity
Add new filter
Picture 3. Add new filter
  • Step 4 - Save filter
After filling in all the information, click the "Save filter" box to save the results.
Save filter
Picture 4. Save filter

For example you fill in: 

  • Main keywords: Construction, Construct, Design;
  • Additional keywords: software.
  • The software will produce results in which the keyword "software" is required and may or may not have the three main keywords "Construct, Construction, Design"

*** Note: You should not use too many keywords in this field, because the percentage of bidding packages with keywords at the same time will be very low, or even no results will be found. If you want to filter by area, you can leave additional keywords here as the area you need to search.

For example: If you want to find a bidding package in Hanoi, just put the additional keyword: "Hanoi", not "Hanoi City" or "Hanoi, Hung Yen" (Picture 5)

Example Additional keyword Hanoi
Picture 5. Example Additional keyword "Hanoi"
  • Step 5 - Check the filter again
You can check whether your filter meets the given criteria by clicking on the Filter Name (Picture 6)
Check the filter
Picture 6. Check the filter again​​​​
The results returned are as follows:
Filter results created
Picture 7. Filter results created
If you find that the filter results displayed are not satisfactory or not close to your needs, you can edit and adjust the information many times until you feel it is most effective. To edit the filter, click on the "Edit" icon as shown in Picture 8
Selection Edit
Picture 8. Edit filter


  • Step 6 - Enable the function Send email to filter results
For customers using one of the software packages such as PRO1, VIP1, VIP2, VIP4, VIP5, VIP7 of, the filter, in addition to proactively screening bid information, will be sent to email daily by the system. /hourly for you to easily monitor (VIEWEB package does not support the function of emailing filter results).
The Sending filter results email function will be automatically activated immediately after the user successfully creates a filter. If you want to turn off/on the function of sending bid information to email, in the search filter, click the "Email the filter results" button (see Picture 9).
Email the filter results
Picture 9. Email the filter results

2. Search for bidding information from the "Advanced search" function

For regular accounts that have not yet upgraded to VIP or VIEWEB, PRO1 accounts, you can still refer to this article to learn how to use the "Click for advanced search" function of more effectively.

To use the advanced search function, do the following:

Right on the homepage, you will see the "Bid Search" form, selection "Click for advanced search" to open the advanced search filter interface.
Click for advanced search
Picture 10. Click for advanced search
Then, you install the filter similar to the instructions in step 3, part 1 (see Picture 3).
With the Advanced Search feature, you can also search for bidding information by filter like the search results above. However, there are 3 limitations as follows:
  • Points will be deducted when viewing bid information
  • You cannot view some bidding package information if you do not register for's software package.
  • The function of creating filters and sending bid information via email cannot be used
Therefore, recommends that you register for's software package to ensure the most effective search for bidding information!

Above are's instructions on how to install filters to search for bidding information most effectively. Hopefully with the above instructions and suggestions, contractors will use search filters more effectively.
During the process of installing the filter or using other functions of the software, if you have any questions, you can immediately contact for timely support!​

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

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