Automatic searching and monitoring of bidding information through software

Saturday, 09 September 2023 10:56 AM
The priority of is to save time and minimize errors in the bidding process for contractors by implementing a modern software system. Therefore, has provided automated bidding information search and monitoring solutions for its customers. The video below will guide contractors on how to use these features.
Automatic searching and monitoring of bidding information through software
Automatic searching and monitoring of bidding information through software

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In our previous article, we guided you on how to use the software to search for bidding information for free. (link to the article: If you have already viewed this article, you probably know how to set up advanced search filters. However, having to set up the filter information every time you access the system to search for information can be time-consuming. Sometimes, due to busy work schedules, you may miss out on suitable bidding packages for your company.

Understanding this issue, the software allows you to save the filter information and automatically filter relevant information and send it to your email. Along with that, there are many other helpful features to support contractors.

The software packages offered by

bảng giá
Picture 1.1: Price list of software packages of

Currently, the software has up to 3 different software packages. However, among them, there are 2 packages that have similar functions, which we will introduce to you in this article. These 2 packages include: VIP1, VIP2. These packages mainly differ in terms of support for searching and retrieving tender information, specifically tailored to each specific data need (details of the software packages and current prices can be viewed in the link:

VIP1 and VIP2 packages support domestic contractors specializing in the use of information hunting for tender notices and bidding plan in the scope regulated by the bidding law.

Since these procurement packages have similar functions, in this video, we will only introduce the detailed features of the two most commonly used packages today, which are the VIP1 and VIP2 packages.

Creating an automatic search filter and filter management

Firstly, there is the function of creating an automatic search filter. As you may know, after you have set up filters according to specific criteria and the software has produced the desired results, you can save this information to an automatic filter by following the instructions on the website. (For detailed instructions on how to create a search filter, please refer to the link: ...)

tạo bộ lọc
Picture 1.2 Instructions for creating a new filter
The website will display a new setting interface where you can rename the filter. After that, you can click Save Filter.
sửa bộ lọc
Picture 1.3 Instructions for naming and saving filters

Please note: When you subscribe to either VIP1 or VIP2 package, you will receive 5 additional filters as a bonus. Each filter can be customized to screen tender information that is relevant to a specific business sector or different service offerings.

In addition, you can inform the support staff to add 3 notification emails to your account. Once the software screens and finds suitable tender packages, it will send the information to all 3 email addresses.

After saving the filter information, you can manage and edit filters directly on the toolbar on the right side of the website under the "Your Filters" section. Alternatively, you can access the Filter Management page to perform similar tasks. Here, you can also purchase additional filters if you have used up the available quantity.

bộ lọc của bạn
Picture 1.4 Manage your filter editing

Track, manage, and update information on the tender packages you are interested in.

Once the filter is created, the software will automatically work and send you email notifications. You can click on an email to view the basic information of the tender package. If you find the tender package suitable, you can click on "View Tender Details" from any device with an internet connection.
thông báo mời thầu gửi về email
Picture 1.5 Basic information of a bidding package is sent to the receiving email
Alternatively, if you want to receive notifications for any updates, edits, corrections, or new announcements related to this tender package via email, you can copy the tender notification number. Then, click on the "Follow this News" button to access the page for managing the followed news. Enter the tender notification number in the search box to initiate the news tracking.
theo dõi tin thầu
Picture 1.6 Manage tracked news
You can also access this management section from the main menu of the website. Go to the "Member" section and select "News Tracking" => "Tender Invitation Tracking/Contract Monitoring Tracking".

Please note: The software supports tracking a maximum of 10 tender packages at the same time and for one type of information. If you want to track more tender packages, you can purchase additional ones by clicking on the "Buy More Tracking News" button. Each additional news purchase will cost you 20 points, equivalent to 20,000 VND.

You can view detailed information about the tender packages on the website when you use the VIP1 and VIP2 software packages

When you click to view the information of any tender package, you can access complete information about Contract Monitoring and Notice of Invitation to Tender. Additionally, you can also view the results of the tender opening and the results of contractor selection. Simply click on each section to view the detailed information (Note: The information in blue indicates that it has been published, while the information in gray indicates that it has not been published yet).

thông báo mời thầu
Picture 1.7 Project and bidding package information on
For the bidding documents, currently, when upgrading to a vip account, contractors can obtain the bidding documents in two ways: regular download and fast download. Regular download refers to downloading through the link provided by the National Network System. 
hồ sơ mời thầu
Picture 1.8 Function Normally download bidding documents on
Fast download, on the other hand, refers to downloading through the server of You can utilize fast download on any browser and device. However, in order to use this feature, you need to have sufficient credits to download each bidding document or register for the T0 package to avoid download size limitations.
tải về nhanh
Picture 1.9 Function Quickly download bidding documents on

We will create a separate instructional video on how to use the software for downloading bidding documents and send it to you later.

By showing you how the software operates in supporting contractors with filtering and monitoring bidding information, we aim to demonstrate its functionality. Do you find these features truly useful? Please leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below the article so that we can gather feedback. Thank you for your interest in the software, and we look forward to seeing you in our upcoming articles.

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