Instructions and Notes for Paying Contractor Selection Fees on the New National Procurement System

Tuesday, 16 May 2023 9:12 AM
The National Procurement System (Public Procurement Portal) has just announced an update on the payment status of contractor selection fees through the online environment for the new national procurement system. Let's explore the details in the content below with
Instructions and notes when paying contractor selection fee
Instructions and notes when paying contractor selection fee

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In this regard, the system notes for users to check debt information and pay contractor selection fees online. Users wishing to perform these tasks need to access the new system through the following link: 

1. About the form and time of updating payment of contractor selection expenses online 

To check debt information for contractor selection fees online, contractors access the electronic payment function on the National Procurement System and check the debt status by Business Registration Number or Tax Identification Number.

- Electronic payment: 

Contractors can make electronic payments through the Payoo payment gateway on the National Procurement System. The maximum update time for payment status on the system is 2 working days.

- Payment at BIDV bank transaction office:

Contractors proceed to pay the fees at BIDV bank transaction offices nationwide.

- Transfer via bank-identified account, including:

  • Account name: National Procurement Network Center.
  • Contractors access the new National Procurement System at to retrieve the identified bank account number and perform transfers to this account number.
  • Based on the transferred amount, the system will deduct debt in the following priority order:
    Deduct registration fees and maintenance fees on the system in ascending chronological order.
    Deduct participation fees in ascending chronological order.
For the Payment at BIDV bank transaction office and Transfer via bank-identified account methods, contractors need to pay attention to early payment of outstanding debts and check payment status and access accounts to ensure timely processing of payment-related issues during bidding participation.

- Payment via POS machine: 

Contractors can use this method in urgent cases.
With this method, contractors pay by card via POS machines located at Room 306, Building G, Ministry of Planning and Investment, 6B Hoang Dieu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi during working hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, except holidays.

2. Instructions for handling cases where the contractor has already paid the fees but the payment status is not updated on the new national procurement system

Instructions for handling the case
Handling instructions for the case that the contractor has paid the cost but the payment status is not updated on the National Bid Marks Network

Contractors, please check the payment information on the System to confirm whether the online payment information for contractor selection fees has been successfully updated or not.

Contractors can call the hotline 1900.6126 during working hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday for support.

==> To complete the payment of fees for your business on the new National Procurement Network, please see VIDEO Details on how to make payments on the National Procurement Network 

Currently, the national procurement network system has been change a new interface, and has articles guiding you on how to pay fees on this new interface: has provided you with various methods of paying contractor selection fees on the new National Procurement System. However, these steps are only necessary conditions for participating in online bidding. You still need other software to support your bidding activities. After completing these steps, don't forget to  Register to use the "bidding information hunting" software  - to be able to get the right bid information for your business. will continue to update information and instructions to help Bid solicitor/Contractors easily participate in bidding on the new e-GP System in upcoming articles. Furthermore, if you have any questions, please contact via:

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