Instruction for the bid solicitor to process bid opening on the national procurement system

Tuesday, 22 August 2023 11:07 PM
This article will guide the bid solicitor to perform bid opening operations on the new national bidding network system.
Instruction for the bid solicitor to process bid opening on the national procurement system

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The bid solicitor opens bids according to the following steps:

Video on how to open bids on the new National Procurement Network (Source: National Procurement Network)

Step 1: Login to the National Procurement Network

Go to the System homepage at User logs in as Procuring Entity and selects Electronic Procurement.

At e-Bidding Module, select Contractor selection process according to the bidding law⇒ select Prepare organization for contractor selection⇒ select Bid opening (operation 1 in Picture 1).

Picture 1 Bid opening screen
Picture 1. Bid opening screen

Step 2: Search for bidding packages to open bids

At the Bid opening screen, enter the number of bid notices or the name of the bidding package to search for (operation 2 in Picture 1). User can use Advanced Search function to search by specific field (operation 3 in Picture 1).

Step 3: Bid opening

After the screen displays the invitation to bid (Picture 2), select bid opening button in the Action column (button in position of mouse pointer)

Picture 2 Bidding Opening
Picture 2. Bidding Opening

After opening bids, the screen will display the bid opening results. Here users can view, download Web Form bids of participating bidders. 

Picture 3 View and download bidders' bid forms 1
Picture 3. View and download bidders' bid forms

*** Note: The digital certificate of bid opening must be digital letter used to post bid notice 

The above is's instructions on opening bids on the National Procurement Network with the new portal interface. In addition, to accurately verify that the contractor's profile is correct as declared, the unit can use VIP3 software package of to check the full history of that contractor's participation in bidding. will continue to update information and instructions for procuring entities/contractors to participate in bidding on the portal New national bidding network system in the easiest way in future articles. 

Besides, for private entities wishing to invite bids for their units, instead of posting on their website, they can refer to Refer to the posting of the notice of invitation to bid and opening bids on DauThau.Net Private Procurement Network will reach more bidders. 

If you have any questions, please contact immediately via:

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

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