Instruction for finding and checking the value of any bidding package including hidden bid packages

Sunday, 04 June 2023 3:29 PM
The newly upgraded version 3.0 software allows to find out the Tender value of most bidding packages whether this value is published in the Tender notice or not. This is extremely valuable data to help contractors avoid the "price trap" that can cause losing bid (Currently, nearly one-third of enterprises fail to bid because their bid price exceeds the tender value)
Detailed instructions on updating project data, Contractor Selection Plan with bidding packages of mandatory spending
Detailed instructions on updating project data, Contractor Selection Plan with bidding packages of mandatory spending

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For a small number of bidding packages (Tender) which value are publicized by the procuring entity, bidders can view the information in the "Tender value" section. However, not all Tender value are announced by the bid solicitor. With such hidden value packages, to find out the package value hidden in the tender notice, follow the instructions below to see how the Tender value found by software:
Picture 1 TBMT package number 20181138737 Bid price information is not available
Picture 1: Tender Notice ID number 20181138737 Tender value information is not available.
  • Step 2: On tender notice, go to the section of Contractor Selection Plan number (circled in yellow in the picture above), click on the link at Contractor Selection Plan ID. The software searches for relevant data associated with the viewing Tender Notice. The search results will be as shown below.
Picture 2 Search results screen with data associated with the bid being invited
Picture 2. Search results with data associated with the viewing Tender Notice
  • Step 3: On the found results page, click on the top result (circled in yellow in picture 2 - is the latest result) ) to view the latest updated Tender value information. Notice the Total Investment (circled in yellow) and the Tender Value (circled in red) in picture 3 (below).
Picture 3 Bid price revealed
Picture 3: Bid price revealed
Be the leader by knowing the bid price!

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Author: Linh Hồ Thị

 Tags: contractors

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