Instruction for trying bidding test on the National procurement Network

Friday, 19 May 2023 1:04 AM
Perhaps many readers and contractors do not know that there are currently many trial bidding codes for contractors to practice before officially participating in bidding. The same goes for the bidding party, it is possible to create projects, contractor selection plans, and announce test bidding packages. Let's also learn about this feature from DauThau.INFO.
Instruction for trying bidding test on the National procurement Network

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

A lot of online bidding fails because of lack of experience

Recently, we have had many readers and contractors share that they have missed opportunities by not successfully bidding on online bidding packages or not being able to participate in time before the bid closing time. Especially when a customer's consulting bid recently cost up to 12 billion, there was a bid closing time at 3:00 p.m., when the customer called us during lunch break at 12:35 p.m., then the contractor contacted us. The system logged in and prepared the steps but encountered many problems. In the end, the bid was not submitted in time, missing a very unfortunate opportunity even though there had been previous preparations.
Previously, we had an article that many readers were interested in regarding preparation for online bidding and experience in participating in online bidding. However, there are still many contractors who are not really well prepared. In addition to learning and preparing, contractors should attend trial bidding sessions on Public Procurement to familiarize themselves with the system, avoiding unfortunate situations when bidding on real bidding packages.

How to participate in trial bidding packages?

Test bidding packages are bidding packages created by new bidding parties participating in the national bidding system to "rehearse" and also so that the bidding party is not surprised when implementing. Currently, in most fields we see trial bidding packages. To find this type of bidding package, after logging into the system, for example, select construction bidding package -> In the Information type section. Let's find "Test Notification" -> After adding other information, we press "Search", the illustration is as follows:
Search for testing packages
Search for testing packages
After pressing the search button, we will see a long list of trial bidding packages appear, then we can participate in any bidding package that feels suitable by clicking on the "Participate" button. , the illustration is as follows:
List of testing packages
List of testing packages
Although the biddings are experimental, all procedures are the same as real bidding packages, so readers and contractors should attend these bidding packages to gain experience and prepare for real bidding packages. Better yet, avoid confusion leading to cases of not being able to submit bids or exceeding the submission deadline.
For bidding parties, in case it is necessary to carry out trial bidding packages, they can use the bidding document templates issued with Circular No. 08/2022/TT-BKHDT.
Thank you readers and contractors for your interest and support of DauThau.INFO in the past, in case you need support with issues related to bidding or finding bidding packages that best suit your capacity and experience. experience of your company, please contact us at Hotline: 0904.634.288 or 024.8888.4288
Sincerely thank you!

Author: Linh Hồ Thị

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