Guide contractors to make the best bids

Friday, 15 September 2023 9:59 AM
As a contractor, both individuals and organizations want their bids to be prepared in the best possible way, so what do you need to prepare to get the best bids? Let's analyze the article below with DauThau.INFO.
Guide contractors to make the best bids
Guide contractors to make the best bids

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Some instructions for preparing bid documents and the process of preparing bid documents

In previous articles, we have had a series of instructions on making bid documents, which are listed with the following instructions:

1. Instructions for making bid documents for construction and installation packages: See article here.
2. Instructions for making bid documents for goods procurement packages: See article here.
3. Instructions for making bidding documents for consulting packages: See article here.

3 ways to prepare the best bids

First: Read the beginning of the article carefully

Carefully reading the beginning of the article here means carefully reading the requirements in the Bidding Documents. Normally, careful reading should prioritize and select the prerequisites and key things to see in advance whether your business has enough capacity and experience. Participation test no. Key factors are often located in the following categories:
  • Financial capacity requirements (Number of years of financial operation; Revenue)
  • Requirements for contracts similar to the bidding package: This section needs to be read and analyzed very carefully, especially related to the type of project, project level, and similar nature of the contract. In case it is unclear or the Bidding Documents are not clear, take notes and immediately request clarification of the Bidding Documents.
  • Personnel requirements (especially consulting packages), qualifications, professional qualifications and pay attention to the proposed personnel's experience participating in similar projects.
  • Requirements for technical characteristics of goods (Goods procurement package). For procurement packages of goods with special and specific characteristics, it is most common to "bid" here, so it is necessary to carefully read and look up information about the characteristics of the goods (usually in Chapter V of the Documents). invite bids), compare and contrast with the goods that your unit is capable of providing. In case of detecting inadequacies (almost only one type of goods has satisfactory characteristics while the actual needs of the bidding package do not require such requirements), it is necessary to note it down and send it in writing. petition (Note that for effective petitions, please refer to our article here).
  • Equipment requirements: Is there any special equipment?
  • For bidding documents using the scoring method, you need to carefully read the requirements with the minimum score.

Second: Assign the work to a focal point who understands bidding

Having a chairperson who is knowledgeable about bidding is very important. This implementation focal point will be responsible for assigning work to relevant departments, work groups include:
  • Legally responsible person: Gather legal documents of the contractor including documents related to the company, practice capacity, certifications achieved by the company, similar contracts performed, certificates and documents related to individuals participating...
  • Person responsible for finance: Prepare bid guarantee, credit commitment letter, and bid financial plan based on the data provided in the Bidding Documents.
  • Person in charge of engineering: Prepare proposed solutions and methodologies; Prepare a table of bid volumes and bid prices (in case the finance implements the price, provide the finance with the volume table); Prepare technical proposals related to machinery and equipment (goods procurement packages).
In some small businesses, the person preparing the bid documents prepares all three of the above tasks without having the personnel to do each task separately. After gathering, the person in charge also needs to have a way to arrange and present the bid documents in a scientific and easy-to-look-up manner (usually, they should be presented and arranged according to each content required in the Bidding Documents), note the page numbering, sign and stamp the pages that require a legal representative of the contractor.

Third: Final control before release

The final check of the file before release is extremely important, the person checking is also very important. The inspection requires an understanding of the bidding documents, paying special attention to the key parts mentioned in section 1. The inspector also needs to be able to judge whether his or her documents can pass/ How many technical points are not met or achieved (if scored according to the technical scale), only when judging by self-scoring, this is the score that once again reminds the controller about the completeness and suitability. reason of the dossier.
The above article by DauThau.INFO is based on conclusions and working with experienced experts and contractors in bidding, hoping to bring useful information to contractors. Sincerely thank our readers for always paying attention and following.
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