Notes when attending any bid opening ceremony

Thursday, 14 September 2023 4:23 PM
After many days of hard work preparing bid documents, many people must be nervous until the day they submit their bid documents. So when we are assigned to submit bids, what do we need to prepare? Please join DauThau.INFO in sharing your experiences when attending the bid opening ceremony of the bidding package.
Notes when attending any bid opening ceremony
Notes when attending any bid opening ceremony
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The difference between online bid opening and traditional bid opening

When opening bids online, at the time of bid closing, the system will automatically allow the bid solicitor to open bids and download bids of participating contractors to the computer for storage, evaluation, and opening results. The bid opening record (through the bid opening minutes) is also automatically updated and announced by the system after the bid solicitor completes the bid opening procedures. Therefore, there is nothing for readers to note about opening bids online. We only have a previous article to remind readers not to miss submitting bids online due to technical and operational factors. The article readers can review here: experience when participating in online bidding.

Traditional bid opening is a ceremony organized by the bidding party with a time and location specifically stated in the bidding documents, usually during working hours and working days (Note that you need to follow the invitation notice). bidding because there may be a change in the time of bid opening and registration of the package's bid tracking function VIP1 to automatically receive emails when there are changes). So what issues do we need to prepare and pay attention to when attending? In this article, we will go deeper into sharing experiences to help readers prepare to attend the traditional bid opening, and things to note when participating in the traditional bid opening.

4 things to do to attend the traditional bid opening ceremony

  1. The first thing is the bid documents. Be sure to preserve the bid documents in the best condition and seal them carefully. In case you have to move far away, you can seal them later.

  2. The next necessary thing is to prepare a letter of introduction from the agency/company when attending the bid opening ceremony. The letter of introduction should fully state the tasks "internal bid documents and attend the bid opening ceremony". ".

  3. After preparing the necessary documents and papers, we need to review the time and location of the bid opening so that we can plan to attend on time, for bid packages with remote bid opening locations, to If we are proactive, we should go to that locality first. If the bid opening is in the morning, we should consider being present at that locality the night before. In addition, to avoid late submission of bids, you can submit bids immediately upon arrival or wait until the bid opening time, you need to arrive at the location earlier (30-45 minutes) to avoid problems. force majeure (traffic jam, wind and rain, forgotten documents...). 

When submitting bids, it is necessary to request a record of delivery and receipt of bids, clearly stating the time of receipt of bids, quantity (sets, boxes, boxes...), sealing status. , the delivery and receipt record needs to be signed by someone, clearly stating the full name and position of the bidding party's organization. After receiving the bid delivery record, it should be kept carefully.
4 things to do
4 things to do to attend the traditional bid opening ceremony

5 important notes when attending bid opening

At the time of bid closing, we need to be present at the ceremony to witness and sign the bid closing record. At that time, we need to grasp and know the information about how many contractors are participating, which contractors are included, Pay attention to the documents submitted by other contractors. Are there any unusual situations reported?

At the time of bid opening, we need to attend and listen to the bidding party explain the implementation procedures and regulations during the ceremony. Some implementation procedures need to be noted:

  1. According to regulations, the bid opening is carried out for each bid dossier in alphabetical order by the name of the contractor (Point b, Clause 4, Article 14 Decree No. 43/2014/ND-CP), this is a small thing but many contractors do not pay attention. This has a deep hidden meaning of the lawmakers that is to create fairness and transparency for participating contractors, avoid chaos or setup. There is a (certain) intention of the bidding party, so if any bidding party does not follow this order, comments should be made right at the bid opening.

  2. Next, according to regulations, the bidding party must "Request the representative of each contractor attending the bid opening to confirm whether or not there is a letter of discount attached to their bid.". This can happen in two situations, one is that the contractor may submit a separate letter of discount. At that time, it should be noted in the bid opening record that there is a letter of discount submitted and the sealed status of the letter of discount. Second, the contractor may include a letter of discount in the sealed document, which the person opening may or may not know. In case the bidding party does not take this seriously, the bidder Participants need to have suggestions for implementation according to this content.

  3. The next step will be to check the seals of the bids when opened. The scientific way to do this and ensure fairness is to let the contractor (whose next bid is opened) check the seal status. of bids are preparing to be opened. Note the sealing condition, especially the sealing of the discount letter (if submitted separately from the bid boxes/boxes). If the bidding party has an issue that the bidders do not feel comfortable with in this section, they should propose a solution as the author of the article suggested above.

  4. After going through steps 1-3 above, the file will be opened, then we need to use the means to accurately record the information:Contractor name; number of originals and copies of documents;Bid price stated in the bid form; valuediscount (if any);Validity period of bid documents; duration of contract;value and validity of bid security; Other related information (if any).Completely record each opened bid in turn. For your bid, you need to compare it with the published information. All of the information announced above will be made into a bid opening record, so when the bidding party issues the record, it needs to check and compare it with the information it has recorded, after seeing it. If it matches, then sign on the participation page. Each participating bidder will receive 01 copy of this minutes. Note that the minutes need to be stamped in duplicate. If the bidding party does not do so, the participating individual can initial each page to ensure consistency. of the bid opening minutes.

  5. For bidding packages implemented according to the 1-stage, 2-envelope method, the financial proposal documents will be sealed by the bidding party. At that time, it should be noted: To ensure absolute confidentiality of the bid price, you should Collect the financial proposal documents and put them in 01 box/box, then use sealing paper. On the sealing paper, participants in the bid opening ceremony need to sign. When you sign the seal, you need to seal it carefully. It's best to take a photo of each seal you signed so that when you open the financial proposal, you can compare it.

Firmly grasp the five steps that the author shared above, Bidding I believe that it will be more or less helpful to readers who are confused and have never attended the bid opening ceremony or have attended but sometimes do not fully grasp all the steps. Hopefully's article on notes when attending the opening ceremony will be useful for contractors. If you need support in providing software solutions related to the bidding field, please contact:


Author: Nguyen Thuy

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