Instructions for preparing bidding documents for consulting packages

Thursday, 14 September 2023 6:00 PM
In the article in Part 1 and Part 2, we provided instructions on how to prepare bid documents for construction and installation packages and goods procurement packages. In this week's article, we will guide contractors to submit bids for consulting packages in the form of online bidding. Let's look at's article!
Instructions for preparing bidding documents for consulting packages
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1. What is a consulting package?

The consulting package is the selection of a contractor to carry out a number of activities including: preparing and evaluating planning reports, overall development diagrams and architecture; survey, prepare pre-feasibility study report, feasibility study report, environmental impact assessment report; survey, design, estimate; prepare documents calling for expression of interest, documents inviting pre-qualification, documents inviting bids, documents of requirements; Evaluate expressions of interest, prequalification applications, bidding documents, and proposals; verification and appraisal; monitor; project management; financial arrangements; auditing, training, technology transfer; other consulting services.

Based on the bidding documents/request documents issued by the bidding party, contractors must prepare bid documents/proposal documents to be able to submit bids. A successful bidding with a contractor means winning the bid. To achieve that, the first thing necessary is to prepare a bid/proposal including administrative elements, capacity, experience, solutions and methodology, competitive bidding prices. For that reason, preparing bid documents to participate in bidding is very important, affecting the outcome of being selected or not.

2. Consulting bidding packages must be bid online

According to Clause 1, Article 29 of Circular No. 11/2019/TT-BKHDT, in 2020, consulting bidding packages with a bidding price of less than 05 billion VND will all be auctioned online, but as we know, the majority of bidding packages All consultants have bidding packages that are usually less than 05 billion, so conducting online bidding and participating in online bidding is almost inevitable, so this article of ours is only a guide for readers. dummy, the contractor performs forPrepare bid documents for online consulting packages.

3. What do you need to prepare for a consulting package bid?

3.1. Documents providing business information

In this section we need to provide information about the business:

  • Business registration (Note that if it is an online bidding, the current system requires us to declare and update the contractor's capacity profile).

  • Documents proving the capacity to perform specialized consulting, such as design consulting (certificate of consulting capacity), supervision consulting (practicing certificate)...

  • Financial statements of the most recent years. If there is an audited report, it is best. If not, provide other equivalent documents as instructed in our article here: Substitute documents for audited financial statements (Note that if it is an online bidding, the current system requires us to declare and update the contractor's capacity profile).

3.2. Declaration of personnel

For contractors working in the consulting field, the core of the business and the service provided is the participating personnel. When participating, declaration forms form the bid price, so personnel declaration is necessary (However, currently the declaration system on Muasamcong's webform does not allow links from declared data at step of declaring capacity on human resource proposal forms - We still don't understand why), the reason we still recommend readers and contractors to declare here is because we think it is logical Of course, the contractor will have to declare personnel once and use it throughout the future process (Perhaps the upcoming system will improve this content), avoiding the case where we have to manually declare the same thing. data while that data has already been declared once in the capacity step.

Standard personnel declaration form, readers and contractors can download here and make the declaration then upload to the system: Standard personnel declaration form.

3.3. How to declare in the bid form?

After logging into the system, finding the correct bidding package and clicking participate, we will have to declare some important content so that the system will automatically output the bidding form. Some necessary declarations will follow. :

  • Contract implementation time (can be chosen by day or month), in this section we need to read carefully the bidding documents, consider the maximum contract implementation time requirement of how many days (usually the content This is in Chapter II and Chapter V), in addition, we must consider the contract implementation time in the technical evaluation standards table (Chapter III - if any) to propose the most appropriate time to achieve best technical score (if Chapter III has provisions).

  • Discount rate: If we do not have a discount, note not to enter any numbers (including 0). If there is a discount rate, enter that rate here.

  • Attach the technical proposal file: We attach the technical proposal file (or Solution and methodology) here, note how to make this document, we will talk about it in Section 4 below. This.

  • After clicking commit, we move to other steps to declare technical proposals and financial proposals.

3.4. How to declare technical proposals?

At the step of declaring the technical proposal, we will have to declare through 04 forms (Form No. 07, Form No. 08a, Form No. 08b, Form No. 09), specifically:

  • Form No. 07: Declaration of joint venture. If not joint venture, we just need to check the box for not joint venture. In the case of a joint venture to participate, the steps are a bit complicated, then we have to go back to the beginning in the contractor function to find the Joint venture section to create a joint venture, after the declaration steps (also a bit complicated and time-consuming) we wait for the joint venture side to participate and confirm before we can proceed with the joint venture.

  • Form No. 08a and 08b: Declaring the number of work contents and personnel performing them. In this step, we pay attention to declaring the personnel according to the required webform. However, it is important to note that personnel on the company's payroll need accompanying documents such as labor contracts or decisions on appointment and job assignment (usually for state units); For key personnel mobilized by the contractor, there needs to be a job assignment agreement/expert contract or other forms consistent with the Labor Law to demonstrate, clearly stating the reason why the employee is mobilized. this; For other mobilized personnel, accompanying supporting documents are also required.

  • Form No. 09: Progress of consulting work, here we attach the prepared progress schedule. For progress, we need to closely follow the content of each job described in Chapter V, the contract implementation time declared in the Bid Form step (Note that these two contents must match). The progress of each job also needs to be logical with the progress of each employee declared in Form 08b.

3.5. How to declare financial proposals?

At the step of declaring the financial proposal, we will have to declare through 04 forms (Form No. 11a, Form No. 11b, Form No. 12, Form No. 13), specifically:

  • Form No. 11a: This form is very important because it will transfer and form the bid price. We declare the remuneration for each expert according to the webform, the number of experts and the month are automatically taken from Form No. 08b to.

  • Form No. 11b: Currently, this form allows declaration and receipt of data without allowing omission (?) in case the bidding documents do not require it (We also do not understand why), the declaration in this form relatively complicated because it involves many parameters (basic salary, rank, allowances...). However, if we read that the bidding documents do not require analysis of expert remuneration costs, we can Declare the lowest salary the company pays. In case the bidding documents require analysis of expert remuneration, we are required to declare the data so that the remuneration level (final total) must match the data in form No. 11a (This is a bit strange). Is it possible that the system does not allow linking and rendering back to sample number 11a?).

  • Form 12: Other expenses for experts, in this declaration form we give data for other expenses such as travel, air tickets, conferences, seminars...; The costs in this section plus the costs in Form No. 11a will constitute the bidding price.

  • Form No. 13: Summary of costs will transfer the value from Form No. 11a and Form No. 12 to the tax portion, for the normal tax portion is 10% of the total of the two values ​​above. Note that the system only allows entering values, so we must add the amount of the two items above, then multiply by the percentage to get a number and fill in this box.

4. Prepare technical proposal documents for consulting packages

As we all know, consulting bidding packages go through two envelopes of documents, the bidding party reviews and evaluates the technical aspects first, then only contractors that meet the technical requirements can open the application documents. financial output. Therefore, the technical preparation step is very important. We need to carefully read the technical requirements (in Chapter III and Chapter V) to have the best technical proposal. At that time, we need to focus on the following issues. 

Contractor experience and capacity: We need to prepare and declare according to Form No. 03, note that the information declared in this form must closely follow the information required in Point 1, Section 2 - Technical evaluation standards of bidding documents.

Solutions and methodology:In this section, it is necessary to write clearly and coherently according to each item required in Point 2- Section 2 - Technical evaluation standards of bidding documents. Depending on each bidding document, there will be different requirements. However, to achieve a high score, we need to closely follow the requirements. For each requirement, we need to write enough solutions and methodologies for each problem. This section needs to present the structure according to 3 main contents including: 1. Solutions and methodology; 2. Work plan; 3. Organization and personnel

Personnel:This is an important and "scoring" part, so when making personnel proposals, we must pay attention to everything from the required qualifications and certificates to the number of years of experience. In particular, to avoid problems that must be clarified in the consultant's curriculum vitae (Form No. 06 - Bidding documents), we need to declare content closely similar to the bidding package being implemented, accompanied by supporting documents. This person has participated in that project/construction.

5. Notes when participating in consulting bidding packages

  • During the operation process, we need to regularly press the save button on the screen so that each declaration process is saved on the system. If we do not save each step, the process may fail and we will have to start over again, which will take a lot of time.

    Lưu ý nhấn nút lưu
    Notes when participating in consulting bidding packages
  • During the declaration process, at each step (including saving) the system requires you to log in with your digital certificate and password many times. Please be patient until you submit your application successfully.

  • After successfully submitting your bid, you need to check the submission status in the "Submitted Documents" section to make sure your bid has been sent successfully.

  • You should not log in until it's close to time to submit your application. Many people still think that just preparing a full set of paper documents, then logging in and uploading the application to the system is done, in reality that is not the case. The author of the article had to actually manipulate a profile and it took about 4 hours to do it successfully on the system. Therefore, our sincere advice is to do it 1 day before.

  • If possible, please prepare all data and forms such as Form No. 06 we attach here: Model number 06, when logging in we just need to copy and paste from the prepared form into the system, it will be fast and save a lot of time.

Above is a suggested article byDauThau.INFO so that we can have an idea of ​​the problems in preparing bidding documents for consulting packages. In addition, during the monitoring process, we see that there are currently many consulting packages being bid online. To not miss out, you can register for the VIP1 membership package to receive automatic emails. Consulting packages that best suit your company's capacity and area of ​​operation. Sign up for the package VIP1 here

Sincerely thank readers for their interest and following.


Author: Nguyen Thuy

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