Instructions for preparing bid documents for goods procurement packages

Thursday, 14 September 2023 6:12 PM
In the article in part 1, we provided instructions on how to prepare a bid for a construction and installation package. In this week's article, we will guide you on how to prepare a bid for a goods procurement package.
Instructions for preparing bid documents for goods procurement packages
Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

1. What is a goods procurement package?

Goods procurement is carried out by investors/bidders through goods procurement packages to find contractors to provide machinery, equipment, raw materials, fuel, materials, supplies, and spare parts. pine; consumer goods; medicine and medical supplies for medical facilities.

Based on the bidding documents/request documents issued by the bidding party, contractors must prepare bid documents/proposal documents to be able to submit bids. A successful bidding with a contractor means winning the bid. To achieve that, the first thing necessary is to prepare a bid/proposal including administrative elements, capacity, experience, technological solutions, techniques and competitive bidding prices. For that reason, preparing bid documents to participate in bidding is very important, affecting the outcome of being selected or not.

2. What do you need to prepare for a bid for goods procurement?

2.1. Documents providing business information

In this section we need to provide information about the business:

  • Business registration (Note that if it is an online bidding, the current system requires us to declare and update the contractor's capacity profile).

  • Financial statements of the most recent years. If there is an audited report, it is best. If not, provide other equivalent documents as instructed in our article here: Substitute documents for audited financial statements (Note that if it is an online bidding, the current system requires us to declare and update the contractor's capacity profile).

  • Sales and service provision licenses issued by the manufacturer (if any).

  • Certifications (eg ISO...).

2.2. Important data required for the bidding procedure:

In this part, we need to carefully read the Bidding Data Sheet (Usually Chapter II of the Bidding Documents), which notes:

  • Bidding package name, name of bidding party, project name: These contents need to be remembered accurately to avoid unfortunate confusion, especially when issuing guarantees and bid applications.

  • Bid guarantee/guarantee: Requirements on guarantee amount, bid guarantee period, special regulations (if any).

  • Bid closing time, bid opening time, bid validity period (note that this time is closely related to the bid guarantee time). In case the bidding notice changes the bid closing time, it must be updated immediately to adjust the bid guarantee letter. Only DauThau.INFO has the feature to remind contractors when there are changes in bidding notices when participating in the VIP1 package and tracking the bidding package, reference feature at:

  • The contract implementation time required in the bidding documents should be read in Chapter III - Evaluation standards, or in Chapter VII - Specific conditions of the contract.

2.3. Other valid requirements:

  • Authorization: In case of authorization, it is necessary to take note of the form, signed and stamped by both parties (if any).

  • Joint venture: In case of joint venture, the parties need to have a joint venture agreement signed and sealed by both parties and enclosed.

2.4. Specific capacity and experience requirements:

We will learn about this part in Chapter III, accordingly noting:

  • Financial capacity in recent years is usually 3-5 years, which means the number of years of operation of your business must also be corresponding. Read carefully the requirements on REVENUE, profit is definitely > 0, so when preparing annual financial statements, we should pay attention to accounting in every way not to make losses. Prepare audited financial statements or other equivalent documents such as annual tax finalization declarations.

  • Requirements for financial resources to implement the contract, the current common practice is to use a letter of commitment to extend credit from the issuing bank to the contractor, with a higher commitment level than required in the bidding documents. is satisfactory.

  • Experience in performing similar contracts, this is very important content and you need to read carefully, find contracts with similar nature to the bidding package you are participating in to submit the same documents.

  • Detailed evaluation of the technical part (solutions and methodology): This is the part that costs the most "paper and ink". It seems simple, but many contractors are eliminated at this step. Therefore, to avoid errors, it is necessary to read and sign each technical requirement in detail in the bidding documents, compare it with the equipment catalog you are planning to bid to see if the parameters meet the requirements.

3. Step to complete bid documents for goods procurement package

  • Print the entire document, then assemble it into 01 original file (folder), mark the pages that need to be signed, and stamp for submission.
     After signing, proceed to stamp, note to stamp each page of the bidding documents (or stamp consecutively), number each page sequentially. So you have 01 complete original, from which you can publish (photocopy) into copies according to the number required by the bidding documents.

  • Copy the data onto a USB (or CD) to submit with the bid.

  • After checking the file again, we can box the file and seal it. In case the documents have to travel long distances, to ensure sealing, you should prepare some backup seals. Before submitting, we can proceed with additional sealing.

  • Finally, submit your application at the right time and place required in the bidding documents.

Above is a suggested article byDauThau.INFO so that we can have an idea of ​​the problems in preparing bids for goods procurement. Sincerely thank readers for their interest and following.

Author: Nguyen Thuy

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