Instructions for making bid documents (Part 1 - Construction and installation bidding packages)

Thursday, 14 September 2023 6:41 PM
To be successful in a bidding process, preparing bid documents is very important. Many new businesses and contractors often encounter many difficulties. In the article below, DauThau.INFO will tell you some steps so that all contractors can prepare better bids for construction packages.
Instructions for making bid documents (Part 1 - Construction and installation bidding packages)
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What are bid documents?

Bidding documents, based on the provisions of Clause 31, Article 4 Bidding Law 2013 It is understood that all documents submitted to the bidding party are prepared and prepared by the contractor according to the requirements of the bidding documents.
At the same time, Clause 29, Article 4 of the 2013 Bidding Law also clearly states that bidding documents are all documents used for bidding forms (open bidding, limited bidding) which clearly state contents and requirements for a project or bidding package.
Bidding documents for construction and installation packages are bidding documents for specific construction and installation packages issued by the bidding party.

Some basic concepts about bidding and construction bidding documents that contractors need to know

Bidding is the process of selecting contractors to sign and implement contracts to provide consulting services, non-consulting services, goods procurement, and construction; Select investors to sign and implement investment project contracts in the form of public-private partnerships, investment projects using land on the basis of ensuring competition, fairness, transparency and economic efficiency. international. The national bidding system at: covers all bidding packages belonging to state and other capital sources (concessional loans, private capital, enterprise capital outside the state...)

ho so dau thau
Some concepts about bidding and bidding documents for construction and installation packages that contractors need to understand

The bidding is between the Procuring Entity and the contractors. Based on the bidding documents/request documents issued by the Procuring Entity, the contractors must prepare their bids/proposals for submission. contractor. A successful bidding with a contractor means winning the bid. To achieve that, the first thing necessary is to prepare a bid/proposal for a construction package including administrative elements. , capacity, experience, technology solutions, techniques and competitive bidding prices. For that reason, preparing bid documents to participate in bidding is very important, affecting the outcome of being selected or not.

What does the process of preparing construction bidding documents include?

1. Administrative procedures

In this section we need to provide information about the business, specifically what the bidding documents include:

  • Business Registration

  • Financial statements of the most recent years. If there is an audited report, it is best. If not, provide other equivalent documents as instructed in our article here.

  • Licenses (if any), operating capacity certificates (usually for construction and consulting packages)

  • Certifications (eg ISO...)

2. Important mandatory requirements for bidding procedures for construction and installation packages:

In this part, we need to carefully read the Bidding Data Sheet of the construction package (Usually Chapter II of the Bidding Documents), which notes:

  • Bidding package name, bidding party name, project name: These contents need to be remembered accurately to avoid unfortunate confusion.

  • Bid guarantee/guarantee: Requirements on guarantee amount, bid guarantee period, special regulations (if any).

  • Bid closing time, bid opening time, bid validity period (note that this time is closely related to the bid guarantee time). DauThau.INFO has the ability to track bidding packages when there is a change in the bidding closing time in the bidding notice through membership package registration VIP1.

  • The contract implementation time required in the bidding documents may be clearly stated in the bidding documents, or the documents may be at a point level, in which case you need to read in Chapter III - Evaluation standards, or in Chapter VII - Article specific terms of the contract.

3. Other valid requirements for construction and installation bidding packages:

  • Authorization: In case of authorization, a valid power of attorney must be attached.

  • Joint venture: In case of joint venture, the parties need to have a joint venture agreement signed and sealed by both parties and enclosed.

  • Certificate of capacity: Usually a certificate of operational capacity corresponding to the project level and type of project for which the bidding party is inviting bids.

    thu tuc quan trong lap ho so dau thau de du thau
    How to prepare bidding documents to participate in bidding smoothly?

4. Requirements for specific capacity and experience in construction and installation bidding documents:

In this part, we will learn in Chapter III the bidding documents for construction and installation packages, accordingly note:

  • Financial capacity in recent years is usually 3-5 years, which means the number of years of operation of your business must also be corresponding. Read carefully the requirements on REVENUE, profit is definitely > 0, so when preparing annual financial statements, we should pay attention to accounting in every way not to make losses. Prepare audited financial statements or other equivalent documents as we instruct in the article: Are bid documents required to submit audited financial reports?

  • Requirements for financial resources to implement the contract, the current common practice is to use a letter of commitment to extend credit from the issuing bank to the contractor, with a higher commitment level than required in the bidding documents. is satisfactory.

  • Experience in implementing similar contracts, this is very important content and needs to be read carefully. We have a separate article on this issue, readers and contractors can refer to it article here.

  • Key personnel capacity and experience: In this part, we need to pay attention to the requirements of the bidding documents, so we need to declare personnel that meet the same or more requirements, especially paying attention to the declared personnel. must participate in tasks similar to the bidding package under consideration to avoid wasting time clarifying documents, which sometimes becomes a disadvantage.

  • Capacity for construction equipment: It is necessary to declare the minimum equipment according to the requirements of the bidding documents. If it is an asset of the business, there needs to be supporting documents (VAT invoice, registration, inspection, etc.). .), if it is a mobilized asset, a contract is also needed and the equipment supplier also needs documents proving ownership.

  • Detailed evaluation of the technical part (solutions and methodology): This is the part that costs the most "paper and ink", it seems simple, but many contractors are eliminated in this step, one is due to careless work. Take the file first and copy it to the file you are preparing or copy a paragraph here and a paragraph there. This content needs to be read carefully and pay attention to the following steps:

    • Read each item's requirements carefully

    • Read the drawing carefully, if possible, survey the site, see the power supply, water supply, drainage, traffic in and out locations and expected construction locations. The total area needs to be considered and arranged in accordance with the survey conditions. If the layout is not suitable, the score may not be met or the score does not meet the minimum requirements and will result in disqualification.

    • For solutions and methodologies when reading requirements, it is necessary to stick closely to the content of the request, each sentence, each line of the request document, and the solution must also be available for each content, personnel, and equipment. and the construction progress also needs to match and be in harmony with previous proposals.

    • Proposals on construction methods need to carefully study the specifics of the project, to avoid the case of many contractors copying from one project to another, leading to loss of points. Drawings of construction methods also need to match the drawings. Draw the project, avoid the habit of copying.

    • Construction progress needs to be consistent with the schedule proposed in the bid and previously written construction measures.

5 Prepare bid prices for construction and installation packages

To set up a bid price, we need to have a specialized price setting department. We will have a specific article and write it separately in the following article, within the limits of this article. Please allow me not to mention this in this article. We just need to note that when the department makes the bid price, we compile a printed copy, submit it for signature, and include the bid price in the bid form.

At this step, units usually prepare a discount letter. To ensure safety and confidentiality, the discount letter can be prepared in advance, signed and stamped, but may not be in a hurry to write down the discount value. The person who decides the bidding will be the one to give the discount number at the appropriate time to ensure the information is kept confidential to the end.

How to make construction bid documents

  • Print the entire document, then assemble it into 01 original file (folder), mark the pages that need to be signed, and stamp for submission.

  • After signing, proceed to stamp, note to stamp each page of the bidding documents (or stamp consecutively), number each page sequentially. So you have 01 complete original, from which you can publish (photocopy) into copies according to the number required by the bidding documents.

  • Copy the data to a USB (or CD), the price file should be copied to an excel file for the expert team to easily manipulate, creating "more sympathy" when evaluating bids.

  • After checking the file again, we can box the file and seal it. In case the documents have to travel long distances, to ensure sealing, you should prepare some backup seals. Before submitting, we can proceed with additional sealing.

  • Finally, submit your application at the right time and place required in the bidding documents.

Above is a suggested article byDauThau.INFO so that we can have an idea of ​​the problems in preparing bid documents for construction and installation packages. Sincerely thank readers for their interest and following. If you need support, please contact:

Author: Nguyen Thuy

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