Suggested keywords for searching construction projects in the electrical industry.

Saturday, 09 September 2023 3:40 PM
The demand for electricity is forecasted to continue to increase in the coming years due to the strong development of the economy and Vietnam's continuous attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) into industrial production and construction. Today, DauThau.INFO software will suggest and guide valued readers and contractors in searching for construction bidding packages in the electrical field.
Suggested keywords for searching construction projects in the electrical industry
Suggested keywords for searching construction projects in the electrical industry

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1. Some main keywords for construction projects in the electricity industry

Demand for electricity consumption has increased sharply while supply has not been able to meet it, leading to the risk of serious electricity shortages from 2021. Timely supply of electrical energy to meet socio-economic development is facing many challenges. problems and challenges, especially fossil fuels that are increasingly depleted and not prioritized for use, and the impact of climate change. In addition to the power industry's determination to develop according to the adjusted Power Plan 7, the diversification of supply sources from power plants using clean energy opens up an exciting period in the development of the power industry. This is a huge opportunity for construction and installation contractors in the electricity industry. DauThau.INFO would like to synthesize some main keywords so that readers and contractors can find suitable bidding packages through the use of Automatic bid hunting software:


Field Classify Detailed industry Reference keywords
I Build      
1   Electricity projects   Thermal power projects [1], Hydropower projects, Wind power projects [2], Solar power projects [3]
        Nuclear power projects; Geothermal power projects; Tidal power projects (*)
        Waste power projects; Biomass power projects; Biogas power plant (*)
        Lines and transformer stations [4]; Generator projects [5]
        Road lighting system, outdoor electric lighting system [6]
        Renovation, repair, electrical testing [7]

Note: (*) This type of construction is less common in Vietnam.

2. Instructions on creating search filters for keyword search in the electrical construction industry

2.1. Instructions for using the intelligent search feature to find construction bids in the electrical industry

After accessing "Search" → "Invitation for Bids" through the link here, the search section for bid information, as shown in the image below:
bid search
Search information box

Note: Set the search time frame

In the search box, set the search time frame for the bidding packages. Typically, it is recommended to choose a shorter time frame compared to the current time, as most construction bid packages are released a few days after the invitation for bids is posted. The recommended time frame is 14-30 days, as shown in the image below:
Time period from posting notice inviting bids up to the time of search

Main keywords

Next, in the "Main keywords" field, we enter the suggested keywords listed at the beginning of the article, for example, "Renovation, repair, electrical testing" to search for repair bids in the electrical industry. For example, we consider the specific keyword "Renovation, repair, electrical testing" as shown in the image below:
tìm thông báo mời thầu
Search results with main keywords

These results show that there are still many other related bidding packages in the field of hydroelectric construction, such as procurement packages, non-consulting packages, supervision packages, etc.

2.2. Instructions for using the Advanced Search feature to narrow down the search scope

To find specific construction projects, we need to continue using the advanced search tool to set additional keywords and exclude keywords right in the search box area, as shown in the image below:

tìm kiếm nâng cao
Advanced search box
Additional keywords and excluding keywords

In this advanced search box, we enter the suggested keywords "consultancy, supervision" in the "Additional keywords" field. In the search results, there will definitely be additional keywords such as "consultancy" or "supervision" included. At the same time, to exclude other bidding packages, we enter keywords that we do not want to appear in the search results, such as "construction" in the "Doesn't contain" field. The results will then provide us with more accurate bidding packages on the main screen, as shown below:
từ khóa bổ sung, ngoại trừ
Use supplementary keywords and exclusion keywords

Note: For some local contractors, we can use additional keywords as the local location if the contractor only wants to search for educational projects in that specific area. For example: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Dak Nong...

Other advanced search options

To proceed with advanced search, we have some additional options such as:

  • Online bidding or non-online bidding, for online bidding, we need to note that starting from February 01, 2020, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issued Circular No. 11/2019/TT-BKHDT on the roadmap for online bidding. DauThau.INFO has an instructional article that readers can refer to here.
  • Field, there are 05 fields to choose from. In this case, we can choose the construction field, which will yield similar results. However, there may be some other bidding packages that are not accurately categorized by the inviting party, so the search results here may not be entirely accurate when selected.
  • Business type, here we need to consider the small and micro businesses as defined in Decree No. 39/2018/NĐ-CP dated March 11, 2018.
  • Bid guarantee amount can be chosen according to the appropriate limit corresponding to the business's capacity or this can also be used to infer the bidding package price.
  • Selecting according to the invitation price is a tool for contractors to set the bidding package price/estimate that is most suitable for their business's implementation capabilities. This often relates to requirements regarding experience and capacity (financial capacity such as revenue, credit supply capability; Similar contracts already implemented as proof). For this filter, we should take note and compare with our own actual capacity to search for suitable results. To avoid duplication with bidding packages for small and micro businesses mentioned above, we start setting the invitation price from 5.0 billion VND and above.
giá mời thầu
Bidding price setting filter

3. Search results

DauThau.INFO provides some search results with the mentioned filters as follows. Dear readers, you only need to click on the keyword to display the search results:

[1] Solar power projects
[2] Generator projects
[3] Electrical renovation, repair, and testing

The above is a suggested article from for dear readers. Contractors who wish to search for construction bidding packages in the electrical construction field that best match their capabilities and experience will find this article useful. We also recommend that readers and contractors who are able to do so should register for the VIP1 membership package, which will automatically send their pre-set bidding packages to their email daily/hourly, so as not to miss out on bidding packages on the National Bidding System.

Contractors interested in bidding packages in other industries can refer to the search instructions according to the 28 fields and professions classification list provided by the National Online Bidding Center. For more details, please refer to the article here.

Thank you for your attention and support, dear readers and contractors.

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