Instructions to fix errors while editing account information

Saturday, 13 May 2023 5:39 PM
DAUTHAU.INFO is a completely new product that returns many benefits to project developers who are participating in the field of public procurement. After you have registered an account on the website You will encounter some errors while editing your account information. Find out what the cause is, let's find out how to solve it with
Instructions to fix errors while editing account information
Instructions to fix errors while editing account information

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Describe the phenomenon of automatic refresh error and self-denial of access when correcting account information

When Customers successfully log into their account on or DauThau.Net and edit any account information, they often encounter errors:
- The browser is refreshed many times, leading to the failure to enter the changed information.
- Wait about 20 seconds, the system refuses to access.
Figure 1 Access Denied System
Figure 1. Access Denied System
- Check the verification: I am not a robot, then I am returned to the Account Information page and the browser continues to be Refreshed.

The operation performed resulted in an error

Step 1: Click on the Members menu, select Manage personal information.
quản lý tt cá nhân thành viên
Figure 2. Select Manage Personal Information
Step 2: After selecting Manage personal information, you will go to the Member page, here you click on the information of the account to change:
thông tin tài khoản thành viên
Figure 3. Account setup
After selecting the information that needs to be changed to reset the account, the error will appear as stated above.


Due to installing Google Chrome utilities such as: Extension Wappalyzer,...
Figure 4 Google Chrome extensions
Figure 4. Google Chrome extensions

How to fix

Uninstall/Disable all Browser Add-ons and re-login the system to proceed with correcting account information as desired.

Steps to Uninstall/Disable Browser Add-ons:

1. Completely remove the Extension from Chrome.

Method 1: Click on the icon extensions icon , select the More extensions icon , Select Remove from Chrome as shown to remove the Extension.
Remove utility
Figure 5. Remove utility
Method 2: Click Manage extensions ​, go to the extensions page.
Figure 6 Manage extensions
Figure 6. Manage extensions
Here, you can Remove (Completely remove the Extension from Chorme) or Disable the bieutuong3 icon to disable the Extension from working on Chrome.
Figure 7 Remove or EnableDisable the utility
Figure 7. Remove or Enable/Disable the utility
- Click Remove, Display message Remove "Wappalyzer" ? , Click Remove to remove the Utility.
Figure 8 Remove utility
Figure 8. Remove utility

2. Turn off the extension.

If you do not want to completely remove the utility but just want to turn off the utility, then drag the bieutuong3 icon to the left to turn it off.
After turning off the utility, the special extensions icon will no longer appear.
Figure 9 Turn off the utility
Figure 9. Turn off the utility
After Disabling/Removing the utility, log back into the system to edit the desired information.


This error is common on Coc Coc Browser, do not use Coc Coc Browser or if used, do not edit the account on this browser.

Above are some ways to fix errors in correcting account information. We look forward to receiving feedback from customers to improve the product better.
Thank you very much!

Author: Nguyen Thuy


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