Instructions for receiving mail from DauThau.INFO system

Saturday, 13 May 2023 5:33 PM
Recently, many contractors have reported not receiving emails from DauThau.INFO, with many emails ending up in the Spam folder, causing them to miss out on important information. In the article below, DauThau.INFO will assist contractors in managing their mailboxes more efficiently to fully receive system emails, effectively addressing the above issue!
Instructions for receiving mail from DauThau INFO system
Instructions for receiving mail from DauThau INFO system

Nhấn VÀO ĐÂY để chuyển bài viết sang bản tin tiếng Việt

I. Gmail inbox

To use Gmail mailbox, you must first have a Google account, Sign up/login to a Gmail account on Google at:

Once logged in, you can see the interface displayed as tabs. To be able to manage tabs in Gmail in the smartest way, we send you these instructions on how to use Gmail inbox:

1. Instructions for using mailboxes (managing tabs in Gmail)

Basically, If gmail splits into "tabs" There will be the following groups:

Primary: Direct messages and conversations do not appear in other tabs. All direct emails exchanged by friends and colleagues by default will be included in the Main tab.

Social: Messages from social networks, media sites, online dating services and other other social sites. For example, notification emails from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, ...

Promotions: Offers, promotions and other marketing emails.

Updates: Automatically generated individual updates, including confirmations, compilations receipts, invoices and statements.

Forums: Messages from online groups, discussion forums, and mailing lists. The most common are messages sent to a group email (eg googlegroups).

Inbox User Guide (managing tabs in Gmail)
Inbox User Guide (managing tabs in Gmail)

This arrangement is relative. Sometimes the same message is sent by email marketing software, there are cases that fall into Primary, there are cases that fall into Promotions or Updates.

Except for the Main tab which cannot be deselected, you have the right to organize showing or hiding tabs as you like. If you do not check all 4 boxes below, your Gmail box will be the same as before. And when you "tick" at least one box to make a "sub" tab appear, a new option immediately appears for Starred Messages - Starred Messages allows messages even in the "sub" tab, but if starred, the message will also appear in the Main tab.

Staring messages from DauThau info
 Staring messages from
​​​​​Users of want's mail to go to the main tab then how?
Emailing for contractors using software is fully automated. Therefore, there will be cases where the mail does not fall into the main tab but in other tabs, leading to the contractor not being able to find and not receive the necessary bid information. To overcome this situation, the contractor can follow the following ways: 

The easiest way is to turn off tab mode.

​​Just go to Settings, under Inbox tab, you can uncheck all options in Category, except for Main (default). 

Inbox User Guide (managing tabs in Gmail) (2)
Disable Gmail Tab Mode

However, if you want your Gmail to still be neatly arranged and logically tabbed, you can refer to the following 4 ways:

1. Stars

You can star important messages so that they automatically appear in the Main tab. (as mentioned above). This is a temporary way, only applicable to a specific email.

2. Drag & Drop

This is the easiest way introduced by Gmail itself during the first acquaintance with the new Gmail. To forward mail, do the following:
Step 1: Hold down the mouseand hold the email to drag it from tab to tab.
Step 2: Release the mouse so that the email falls into the newly selected tab. Once dropped, the Gmail screen displays a yellow box asking if you want to change it permanently. 
Step 3: Select Yes to agree that from now on all messages from the same address will appear in the selected tab.

3. Right click

You select the message, right-click (right-click) on the message to appear a list of options. You select Move to tab to go to the next list of options. You click and select the tab you want to move the email to.

Note: This only works on some specific browser.

Like drag-and-drop, after switching tabs for an email, a yellow box will also appear again for you to set up rules later for emails from the same address.

4. Filter

This function has more advanced options for you. For example you can filter by subject, by keyword, and have many email handling options besides tab switching.

Click the checkbox before the email you want to tab => Action More (More) => Filter messages based on these messages (Filter messages like these).

Filter DauThau info emails in mailboxes
 Filter emails in mailboxes

The task of the above command is that Gmail will gather all emails with the same address to give the results page, and open a next task page. Just click on the last line: Create filter with this search (Create filter with this search).

Create filter with this search
Create filter with this search

In the next table, you will see at the bottom of the table there is a Categorize as (Categorize as) section and a drop-down box. To include email in the Primary tab, you select the category Main (Primary).

Create filter with this search (2)
Create filter with this search

You can drag and drop messages between tabs so that messages from the same sender will automatically go to the tab you want next time.

2. Instructions for handling when incoming mail is put in spam

Gmail filter will automatically filter out messages sent from unknown sources into the Spam folder. However, this filter sometimes works too "productive" to mistakenly mark emails that are essential to you. There is a case that the contractor has missed important bidding emails or information about the package they are monitoring because the letter from sent to you has been included in this blacklist. 

To avoid a similar situation, contractors can follow's steps on How to find, view and deal with spam ( spam) in Gmail:

Step 1: After accessing and login to Gmail, look to the left, click on the expanded list of books, then click on the "Spam" section.

This will be the place to store all messages that Gmail considers spam. According to Gmail's regulations, all these emails that are in the spam folder for more than 30 days will be automatically deleted.

Step 2: Next you find the message you want to read in here and click on it, at the top will display:

You find messages from, or messages where the information in the message is important and useful to you, you can click: Reportis not Spam, then this message will be unmarked as spam and moved to the Inbox.

If the content inside is important and you do not want the following messages from that sender address to be included in the Spam folder, you can:

  • Add sender to contacts;

  • Filter these messages.

Step 3: If you think the messages here are exactly spam with inappropriate content. then you can tick the trash can icon or click on the email and select Delete permanently to delete.

You can delete all messages in this folder by selecting the line: Delete all spam now. Immediately all emails in this folder will be deleted.

If you accidentally delete important messages, you can choose Undo to restore. Undo time from 5,10, 20 or 30 seconds later, depending on the settings in your undo settings. After the specified time, you will not be able to undo the message.

3. Instructions to prevent mail from from going to spam

To prevent emails from going to spam, you should save the following 2 email addresses of in your gmail account's contacts: 

[email protected];

[email protected].

Or download this scv file and import it into your Google account: hope that the above article will help you to use your Gmail mailbox optimally, especially not to miss any email. What's important of 

II. Other mailboxes

For non-Gmail mailboxes, or you use mail checking applications like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird to check mail instead of using the web directly Gmail's mail, you still need to pay attention to the above problem, because the mail entering the spam filter will be blocked by Gmail before reaching the mail checking software.

During use, if you have any questions, please contact us via:

Author: Nguyen Thuy

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