What is Construction Bidding? Regulations on Construction Bidding

Monday, 04 December 2023 11:31 AM
The activity of construction bidding plays an important role in the economy as well as in the development of society. Therefore, regulations on construction bidding are also a crucial basis for managing bidding activities in the construction sector. In this article, DauThau.info will provide information on regulations regarding construction bidding, answer questions about construction bidding, and help you find suitable and potential construction bidding packages.
What is Construction Bidding? Regulations on Construction Bidding
What is Construction Bidding? Regulations on Construction Bidding

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1. What is Construction Bidding?

Currently, the law does not specify a concrete definition of construction bidding, but it can be understood that construction (or construction-erection) bidding is a process applied to select a construction contractor for a specific project. This process ensures transparency, fairness, and competition in choosing contractors, aiming to optimize the cost and quality of the construction project.

For contractors, bidding in construction can be seen as a competitive process to win the right to execute a construction project among various contractors. For investors and bid solicitors, construction bidding aims to find contractors with sufficient capacity, experience, and quality assurance for the project timeline.

2. Regulations on Construction Bidding

To participate in construction bidding packages, as of now, construction contractors need to refer to and understand the regulations on construction bidding in the following documents:
Regulations for construction bidding
Regulations on construction bidding
  • Bidding Law No. 43/2013/QH13
  • Law No. 03/2022/QH15 amending and supplementing some articles of the Public Investment Law, Public-Private Partnership Investment Law, Investment Law, Housing Law, Bidding Law, Electricity Law, Enterprise Law, Special Consumption Tax Law, and Civil Judgment Enforcement Law
  • Decree 63/2014/NĐ-CP guiding the Bidding Law on contractor selection
  • Circular 08/2022/TT-BKHĐT detailing the provision and publication of bidding and contractor selection information on the National Bidding Network System
  • Construction Law No. 50/2014/QH13
  • Public Investment Law 2019 No. 39/2019/QH14 latest
  • Law No. 64/2020/QH14 on public-private partnership investment
  • Decree 25/2020/NĐ-CP detailing the implementation of some articles of the Bidding Law regarding investor selection
  • Circular No. 05/2021/TT-BQP dated 12/01/2021 of the Ministry of Defense on contractor selection within the scope of the Ministry of Defense’s management
  • Circular 10/2016/TT-BKHĐT detailing the supervision, monitoring, and inspection of bidding activities
  • Circular 23/2015/TT-BKHĐT detailing the preparation of bid evaluation reports
  • Decree 15/2021/NĐ-CP detailing some contents on construction investment project management of the Government
  • Decree 10/2021/NĐ-CP on construction investment cost management
  • Decree 40/2020/NĐ-CP guiding the Public Investment Law
  • Decree 28/2021/NĐ-CP on financial management of public-private partnership investment projects
  • Decree No. 37/2015/NĐ-CP detailing construction contracts
  • Circular No. 07/2016/TT-BXD guiding contract price adjustment in construction
  • Circular No. 30/2016/TT-BXD dated 30/12/2016 by the Ministry of Construction
  • Circular No. 11/2016/TT-BKHĐT on guidelines for preparing bidding documents for design, goods supply, and construction (EPC)
  • Circular 06/2021/TT-BKHĐT detailing the collection, payment, management, and use of fees for registration, posting information, contractor and investor selection on the National Bidding Network System, Bidding Newspaper

3. 10-Step Process for Participating in Online Construction Bidding

Here are the 10 main steps for a contractor to participate in a construction bidding package:
Ten step process when participating
10 step process for participating in online construction bidding
  1. Approve design - estimate
  2. Approve contractor selection plan
(Steps 1 and 2 may be interchanged depending on the situation)
  1. Publish tender notice and prepare bidding documents
  2. Prepare bid documents
  3. Review bid documents before submission
  4. Submit bid
  5. Monitor requests for clarification from the bid solicitor
  6. Monitor invitation for contract negotiation
  7. The bid solicitor conducts approval procedures
  8. Prepare response documents upon receiving acceptance notice

Note: In case the contractor is not selected, steps 9 and 10 will not be performed. The contractor will only receive the evaluation result of the bid documents at step 10 as announced by the bid solicitor on the National Bidding System

The above is the bidding process for construction packages that almost every package has to go through. Specifically, for packages executed in a one-stage two-envelope format, there will be an additional step of approving the list of contractors meeting the technical requirements (after step 8) and opening financial bids (before step 9). Then, the ranking of contractors will be approved and negotiation for the contract will be invited.

4. Guidelines for Preparing Construction Bidding Documents

Many contractors often ask about the contents of construction bidding documents. To have a satisfactory set of construction bid documents, complying with regulations and requirements of the bidding documents, contractors need to go through the following mandatory procedures and requirements:
Guidelines for preparing construction bidding documents
Guide to preparing construction bidding documents
  • Mandatory Procedures for Preparing Bid Documents for Construction bidding packages
  1. Administrative procedures: Provide information about the enterprise, such as: Business registration; Recent financial reports; Permits (if any), operation capacity certificates; Certifications (if any).
  2. Fulfill mandatory requirements in the bidding documents for construction packages: This part requires careful reading of the Bidding Data Sheet of the construction-erection package (usually Chapter II of the bidding documents).
  3. Other valid requirements for construction packages: Authorization; Joint venture; Capability certificates.
  4. Specific capacity and experience requirements in construction bidding documents: This part is studied in Chapter III of the bidding documents for construction-erection packages.
  5. Prepare bid price for construction packages
  • Contents to be Performed When Preparing Construction Bid Documents
  1. Print documents
  2. Sign, stamp photocopies, and copy data
  3. Check and pack, seal the bid documents.
  4. Submit documents as required by the bidding documents
For details on these procedures and how to perform them, see the article: Guide to preparing bidding documents for construction and installation packages

5. How to Find Potential Construction Bidding packages with DauThau.info

After understanding the above content, for contractors who want to participate in construction bidding and find suitable packages for their business, contractors search and view construction bidding packages information on DauThau.info’s analysis and tender information hunting software.

DauThau.info uses an Intelligent Search method, helping contractors find all data in just one search box. This search method is similar to searching on Google; you just need to enter a keyword, and the system will automatically analyze and return all relevant bidding packages.

In case you want to search precisely for packages according to your company's needs, simply select or enter additional keywords and related data as required by your business.
bid search
Instructions for users to find the most

Thus, DauThau.info has provided important information as well as regulations related to construction bidding. If you wish to receive tender notices via email for construction packages that match your requirements and capabilities, you should register for the the VIP1 software package of DauThau.info. The software operates 24/7 to filter, search and proactively send information about found bidding packages to the contractor’s email. If you have any questions or issues during the bidding process, please contact DauThau.info via:

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